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The Sunday Salon

On Friday I made an important discovery. I discovered that I could listen to podcasts while doing other stuff…like cleaning. Before I had to sit down and focus but now I can clean while firing up my faves (so far) podcast!

Speaking of fave podcasts have any y’all heard S-Town yet? I listened to all seven episodes on Friday. The Dr had to ask me to please pause the podcast until after the appointment was done. THAT was how enthralled I was with it. I hadn’t heard Serial because that was before I had my implant, so I have no idea about that one yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar I am going to listen to it now.

I had pre-op on Friday where they asked me a bunch of questions to which all the answers was no, no, no, o they said I passed the physical for the surgery. I will be getting my second CI  on the 17th. The Dr says since I did so well with the first one they expect the second one to do as well.

I had to take a break from the gym as I pulled the ligament in the bottom of my foot while running. I did not even think that was possiv=ble. Yes, it hurt and my friend forced me to go to the DR where they told me. They said the only cure was rest SO rest I did. It feels all better now, so I am going to try to go gym tomorrow.

I think my reading slump is going away. I hope… I have been listening to audiobooks. Audiobooks used to frustrate the hell out of me. Now though like with podcasts I can listen while cleaning.  I have been listening to audiobooks that I have already read in print but now I am branching out to books I haven’t read in print yet. Speaking of audiobooks, why do some people insist on playing music in the background? I mean if I wanted to listen to a song I would fire up my Spotify. I was listening to Anne Lamont Stitches, and there is what I think is organ music in the background, and it irritates me.

When you read this, I will be in church. That’s right I got my sorry behind back to church. My faith used to be a big part of who I was and I sort of think that the mild unease that has been an undercurrent in my life is due to me not putting my faith up front and center as I should. So I called my friend, and I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when I show up.

Later when I get home, I am going to read The Cozy Life. I know it is spring, but we can be cozy in the summer also, right? I hope so. I meant to read it waaaayyyyy back but reading slump. I am glad THAT seems to be ending.



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  1. Congratulations on getting back to church. I hope it went well for you…and also congratulations on the pre-op for the second CI surgery. Can’t wait to hear how well it goes for you.