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1-Where did spring go? It was warm then it became cold and rainy. Perfect reading weather yes, but my one million Audiologists appointments have started up again and I WANT IT WARM. I hate going out in less than ideal weather and last Tuesday was miserable. It probably because it was 35 degrees and raining and my dumb ass  was in a summer dress and flip-flops. I have renewed my subscription to Gywenniee Bee and I want to wear all my nice clothes and yes, i like to look good when i leave my apartment and it is hard when you are freezing. You would think after five years of living in Cleveland I would be used to this by now but yet May comes and I am all like  WHY IS IT STILL COLD?!  I had to laugh when my parents came up from KY in summer outfits. I at least still have my winter stuff out but was just to dumb to dress for the weather.

2 I got my second implant last Tuesday and I have another appointment on Monday and a million more for the next year. As with the first I really did not like the sound when they first turned it on but almost a week later and It is growing on me. It is not connected with my bluetooth thingies yet. That will happen tomorrow then I can hear my podcasts and music out of both ears. I now own all the stuff that Advanced Bionics make for their implants. My fave is the TV Link thingies. You hook it up to your TV and it streams straight into the implants. I have been binge watching Netflix with it. Before I was always afraid of annoying my neighbors with the sound turned up but now I can have the TV on mute but It can be as loud as I want it through my implants. I gotta play around with the other toys I got.  I have a microphone that so far I have given my Weight Watchers leader and OMG that person voice straight into my implants. I have thought about going around and handing people the microphone and be all like talk in this please but I havent went there..yet…

3-  Speaking Of Weight Watchers I finally manged to get back on it. After surgery I was eating everything that wasnt nailed down it seemed like. Apparently, when I am in pain I stress eat. I was even proud of myself for getting a small pizza at dominoes and no brownies yesterday. #progress I am waiting to get down to at least 200 before 2017 so I need to get moving. literally. I can’t seem to drag my butt to the Gym so I got a free trial to Beachbody on Demand that I am gonna try again. I ma hoping that with all the workouts on there I will never get bored again. I seem to have burnt out of running to nowhere at the Gym and I get bored fairly easy so we shall see if the workouts on BOD is enough to keep me going every day.

4- Those of you who have read this blog for a while know that I read and reviewed #GirlBoss a couple of years a ago and loved it.  I was searching Netflix and found out that #girlboss is now a series! I know what I am binge watching next!

5- I realized last week that i need to get my butt in gear if I want the rest of the year to be amazing. Surgery is over and I am all recovered so I am ready to rock all of my goals.  That includes fitness and writing goals. I seriously cant belive that it is May. It is like i blinked and half the year has went by. I am no where near where i want to be for this year bit i got six months to make the rest of this year rock. I intend to do it hard. I have a list of things I want to carry out maybe I should make a vision board thingies and when I am tempted to goof off I will look at that and get back to business.

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