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Hi!!! I am Hillary. I began this blog when I was first diagnosed with bipolar one back in 2007. I needed to do something and not sit around all day feel sorry for myself. I loved so I started this blog. My earlier posts are fractured, but that is how my brain worked at the time. I am now symptom-free, and I write a LOT better than I did back then. I have bipolar as you may have guessed. I also love to read, and I love fashion. Loved fashion BEFORE I got sick but during the decades that I was battling my demons, I barely took a shower. I am back to loving fashion so that’s why you will find a few fashion posts scattered here and there. I am also a Mary Kay consultant. I love their products and have used the products since I was 13.


This is first a book blog. I scatter some other posts about fashion and other things but mostly it is a book blog. I love books. ALL.THE.BOOKS.




 I am also a freelance writer/blogger I write about books mostly. Again ALL…THE..BOOKS.


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