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Five books I thought I would hate but didnt

Posted April 20, 2017 by Hillary in bookish life style / 0 Comments

Here are 5 books That I thought I would hate but ended up loving them. Click Through to see what they are.
The Desire Map

I FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS ONE in one of the business groups that I am in on Facebook. People were singing the praises of Danielle Laporte, and I read the description on Amazon and was all like bullshit. But for some reason, I bought it and read it, and now I LOVE that woman. I have read both her books multiple times I have her planner, and I buy her candles. I am obsessed.
A New Earth

iI forgot where I heard about this book, but it sparked my interest, so I got it from the library. My first read through I was like this dude is fucking nuts. But he has a style of writing that just gets under you skin, and you can’t let go, so I needed up reading it like three times and then…..It all made sense. I had to return the library copy so I bought my own and now I am one of those woo-woo people who is all like we must evolve the collective conciseness. I started meditating with headspace, and yes my life has changed for the better ok. If you DO read this book, you gotta read it more than once to really”get it.”
American Housewife

I must admit that it was the name that put me off at first. Then I heard that it got dark and twisted fast and we all know how much I love dark and twisted. I read it and fell in love with i. I know it got mixed reviews on book blogs but I firmly in the camp of LOVED IT!

Lumberjanes was the first comic that I ever read as an adult, and it paved the way for me to become a comic freak. At first, I thought that comics were for freaks and little kids then I read this one and fell in love. Now I can tell you what comic is set in what universe and I read a LOT of comics now. I even went to a comic shop and started a pull list.
Getting Things Done

I read this for the first time in Grad School.I was a perpetual mess at the time trying to handle all that Grad school was throwing at me. I was forever forgetting meetings and appointments and even classes. Then a professor handed me this book and told me to read, and I was like, really a book on the organization? Hahahaha then I read it like two times in one weekend, and it forever changed my life.


You can never have to much reading material

Posted March 6, 2015 by Hillary in bookish life style / 2 Comments

Like most people these days, I realized that I needed to gain control of my money. It seemed to flow out of my pockets into the wild yonder never to be seen again. It had gotten to the point where even I couldn’t tell where the money was going. I asked a friend who had majored in Economics to help me build a budget.

After looking through all my purchases, she asked me a vital question. Do you REALLY need a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, Oyster, AND Scribed? Yes, yes I do. I know on the surface this seems a little excessive to allow me to explain. I know I can’t be the only one who does this.

The Kindle unlimited allows me to read e-books from my favorite bloggers. Most of these are like little books that are a companion to their blogs. If I paid 4 dollars or whatever they are charging for it, then my Amazon bill would be a LOT higher.

Oyster has a million backlist books. Almost anything you can think of that is older than 3 years it has. I know they have newer books, I am just telling why I get all three services.

Scribed has books that Oyster does not have PLUS comics and romance books.

After defending myself, I started to wonder if three subscription book services were, indeed, excessive, but them I rationalized it by saying that a lot of people get Netflix, Hulu plus and Amazon Prime. So I am just the bookish version of overconsumption.

Plus the more you read the smarter you get. Right? RIGHT?! I like to tell myself this when someone starts talking about Gilmore Girls and I am all like huh? What’s that? I know I should not feel morally superior but that what I like to tell myself.

It seems that no one really understands the obsession that I have with reading material. I have this deep-seated fear of running out. Seriously, the mere thought of that happen sends anxiety straight down to the core of my being. So with THREE subscription services I can have like 30 books downloaded on my Kindle at once and even if the world ends, I will still have something to read. Or at least I will for 10 hours, which is how long my Kindle battery lasts. I know what you are thinking, Why not just hoard up on paper books? Well, what if I had to flee in a disaster or something. I can’t take my 2,000 books with me. But I can always grab my kindle and hope that somewhere there will still be electricity even if for short bursts of time.