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The Sunday Salon

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The Sunday Salon

The Sunday Salon

This last week I felt all better. Antibiotics seem to help my teeth not hurt along with the big horse pill of Advil my dentist gave me. This Wednesday I get to have a double root canal. I am shaking in my socks as I even think about it but like everything else I will live through it. I haven’t felt sick which is a big relief. I have started taking vitamins, eating healthy and made sure I have good karma in stock for the rest of the year. I figure I can still make my goal of reading 200 books as long as I don’t get any more illness.

I went to the library and got some books. Mostly on how to get started freelance writing. Would anyone be interested in hearing reviews on those kinds of books? I found them very informative. I also discovered the Writers Market and came home and ordered my own copy. It has a lot of beneficial information such as editors phone numbers and guidelines for each publication and things like that.

I also made a new Facebook page for my blog. I have seen other people so it so I decided to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon. You can see it here. I know some people prefer to have content on Facebook so I made that option available for them.

I have watched the Walking Dead season 1 and 2 on Netflix. I can’t wait til season 3 comes out. I have also watched a lot of stand up comedy. There is something to be said about people making you laugh when you’re not feeling well. I love the way they can take a situation that most of us would find embarrassing and humiliating and turn it into comedy gold. I plan to watch Downton Abbey as since I am done with the Walking Dead.

I so can’t wait until spring arrives so I can read and write outside. My new apartment has a balcony I am just dying to try out. It will be nice not to be stuck inside all the time.

Today I am reading Outlaws of Gor. I read the first in the series Tarnsmen of Gor and really enjoyed it.Being me I researched it and found people actually live the lifestyle as depicted in the novels. There are I think about 27 novels so I have a long way to go to catch up but they are the perfect blend of erotica and science fiction. I wish some one would make a TV series out of those books.

What are you reading today? Whatever it is I hope you have a good Sunday!



Riffle: A Review

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There are many sites out there that claim to help you find your next perfect read. There is one site Riffle that list new books and even has user generated book lists. I have seen some people say that there needs to be a site that is curated by librarians but I disagree. I feel that anyone with a strong knowledge of books and genres can put together a reading list that will help other readers find a book based on their taste.

When I first got my invite to Riffle I went to set up my profile and I found the site to be a little confusing. After I figured out how to set up lists and such I began to explore the site more thoroughly. At first I thought it was an ok site to find books on. I saw list that users had made and clicked on various lists. I even found where you could save the books you found interesting. Ultimately I had to concede that it wasn’t as good as finding books similar to the one you wanted as Goodreads.

Riffle faces much competition from sites like Goodreads and LibraryThing among others. It failed to deliver anything new or even better than it’s competitors. I was hoping for it to be so much more than it is.