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The Sunday Salon

On Friday I made an important discovery. I discovered that I could listen to podcasts while doing other stuff…like cleaning. Before I had to sit down and focus but now I can clean while firing up my faves (so far) podcast!

Speaking of fave podcasts have any y’all heard S-Town yet? I listened to all seven episodes on Friday. The Dr had to ask me to please pause the podcast until after the appointment was done. THAT was how enthralled I was with it. I hadn’t heard Serial because that was before I had my implant, so I have no idea about that one yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar I am going to listen to it now.

I had pre-op on Friday where they asked me a bunch of questions to which all the answers was no, no, no, o they said I passed the physical for the surgery. I will be getting my second CI  on the 17th. The Dr says since I did so well with the first one they expect the second one to do as well.

I had to take a break from the gym as I pulled the ligament in the bottom of my foot while running. I did not even think that was possiv=ble. Yes, it hurt and my friend forced me to go to the DR where they told me. They said the only cure was rest SO rest I did. It feels all better now, so I am going to try to go gym tomorrow.

I think my reading slump is going away. I hope… I have been listening to audiobooks. Audiobooks used to frustrate the hell out of me. Now though like with podcasts I can listen while cleaning.  I have been listening to audiobooks that I have already read in print but now I am branching out to books I haven’t read in print yet. Speaking of audiobooks, why do some people insist on playing music in the background? I mean if I wanted to listen to a song I would fire up my Spotify. I was listening to Anne Lamont Stitches, and there is what I think is organ music in the background, and it irritates me.

When you read this, I will be in church. That’s right I got my sorry behind back to church. My faith used to be a big part of who I was and I sort of think that the mild unease that has been an undercurrent in my life is due to me not putting my faith up front and center as I should. So I called my friend, and I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when I show up.

Later when I get home, I am going to read The Cozy Life. I know it is spring, but we can be cozy in the summer also, right? I hope so. I meant to read it waaaayyyyy back but reading slump. I am glad THAT seems to be ending.




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The Sunday Salon Jan 3 2016

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The Sunday Salon

Hi, Everyone!! Happy 2016! I am back in My apartment in Ohio after spending a month at my parents. I came back on Greyhound but no HorrorBus this time. Well maybe there was but I was too sick to know. No, I am not sick sick again. I am back on Paleo and doing the Whole30 again and yesterday was just..ughh. I felt like I was gonna puke and I had no energy and I was all achy. Trust me The first few days of Whole30 and travel don’t mix. I am DETERMINED to get this weight off so I can travel so it is what it is. I made it to my apartment but not without the help of a nice Uber Driver. By the time, I had gotten to Akron I was DONE. I could hardly lift my suitcase to put it in the car. So the nice driver helped me then did not freak out when I thought I was actually going to puke. I didn’t and I came to my apt changed into my PJ’s and called it a day. Well, I read of course. My First book of the year was The Fire Starter Sessions. I love me some Danelle Laporte. I have even been using my planner like crazy. I want to really live my life this year instead of mindlessly clicking on links on the internet so I have been trying to think of things. I am undecided if I want to go the whole sticker route. Maybe I will lol. I will have to look and see if I can find stickers I like. Anyone know of any cute stickers?

I am going to try and plan out my reading this year. I am hoping that if I actually PLAN on what I am going to read then maybe I will get to more of what I want to read. Or At least, read more. Ok so 75 books last year is nothing to take lightly but I used to read way more than that.  I feel as if most of the last year has gone down the internet rabbit holes.

I have also started an editorial calendar for this blog. I found out at the tail end of last year that If I had a plan then I would actually sit down and write. I have read that if you make things easier then you will be more likely to do it. So far that has been holding true.

I have made plans to go to the Library on Wednesday after my shrink appointment. This will be the first time I have been back in over a year. I am telling you, me paying off that library fine was a damn good Christmas present to myself.

The only thing I MUST do today is to go to the food store then I am gonna read Dumplin





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Sunday Salon December 20 2015

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I haven’t been writing on either this blog o my work website. Mostly cause I am sick of the internet and it is the holidays and no one reads blogs on the holidays. I managed to crack the secret of Pinterest smart feed. HAHAHA PINTEREST! Basically, it involved sitting your ass down and pinning thousands of pins with a pin scheduling tool. I WAS using TailWind but the I discovered board booster and got better results with that so. I was pinning so much I was pinning in my sleep. Pininterst WAS my all time favorite site but now. ugh. So I decided to give myself a break from the internets. I can feel myself starting to warm up to the idea of doing it all again come the new year. I want to follow more book bloggers on Pinterest, though. I will go through all the blogs and follow all of you or if you want to leave me a link that will be fine also. I have about all I can take of 10 ways to grow your Instagram followers.  On the other hand, maybe I will tackle Instagram next, hee.

I have been reading up a storm. My hold of the Opposite of Loneliness came in and OMG I can’t BELIVE the author is dead. I want to write to her family and beg them to release everything she has ever written. If they can do it with Haper Lee they can do it for Marinia Keegan. That girl can write. It was so good that my mom had to tell me to “put my damn kindle down” at my stepfather’s birthday dinner. That dinner was good. The best damn bbq I had in my life with a damn good brownie a la mode and a good book. HA I guess the people were ok. I wouldn’t know I just mostly ignored them and held my kindle under the table and read.

I finally convince mom to put the tree up. I help decorate and honestlyI wanted to decorate it with purple but mom is a traditionist and it ended up being in red.

2015-12-07 18.03.31 2015-12-07 18.03.49

It is still a pretty tree, though. Maybe next year I can convince her to go with pastels.

My mom also FINALLY got gas for the fireplace so I could read by the tree and fireplace. It was still in the 70’s the day she got it and I was all like I don’t give a damn it is Christmas and I am gonna wear my Christmas PJ and read by the tree and fireplace and drink my eggnog. I won that one. Two days after she had it delivered the temp dropped 40 degrees overnight and it snowed. Ha wished DO come true. I managed to capture a photo of me reading.

2015-12-17 17.13.39

That book was for an online book club I am in and it was very thought provoking. It mostly talked about how we have an Upper Limit Problem and we uncousinly make ourselves sick and stuff when  we reach it. Like I said it is something to think about. A review will be on here after the New Year.

This week is Christmas. I had asked for the Desire Map Planner. You can read my review of the Desire Map here. Basically, it was life changing. Instead, of goals, I am going to do things to achieve my core desired feelings. This will be the first year in my life I won’t make goals per se so This time next year we will know how this experiment went.

I know one of the things that REALLY helped before was to embrace the whole Paleo Lifestyle. I know I said before I don’t really like meat, but that’s not true. I love beef. And if the chicken is cooked right, chicken. And I can eat other things if I don’t dwell on what it is exactly. The point is I like meat enough to go back on Paleo. I have found thousands of beef recipes on the internet so I am set for a really long time. I have decided that this is the year I finally learn to cook. I love looking in recipe books and I know once I get over the hump of being frustrated I will love to cook. I just have to stick it out until I get decent at it. There is a point I give up on stuff. I know this so I gotta stick it out more. I mean take photoshop. Before I couldn’t do shit with it. Then I sat down and watched youtube and figured out the  basics and now I am making blog graphics! And I LOVE it! So I gotta get over that hump with cooking.

There will be some changes coming to this blog in the new year. I will still blog about books and have reviews, but I also want to make it more of a lifestyle bloggy.  The Dr found the magic combo of pills that made me want to join the land of the living again and my interests are expanding. So be on the lookout for new and different types of posts!



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Sunday Salon Dec 12 2015

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The Sunday Salon

This has been a strange reading week. A bunch of ebooks came in for me, and I was all like OMG I HAVE WANTED TO READ THIS FOR FOEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Then I would put down my current read which strangely enough was a book I had wanted to read and then the next day it would repeat itself. So I am in the middle of like six books. I usually and a one book at a kind person so this is new for me. I had forgotten how much better Ohio ebook selections are and how fast a book comes in.

Shelia of Book Journey is hosting a first book of the year challenge. I have been putting an LOT of thought into this. I want it to be inspirational somehow.  I am in a really good place at the moment, and I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be wonderful, and I want to kick it off with a great book. I will have to think on this some more and narrow it down. I still got 2 weeks or so. I know I can pick out a book before then.

I saw this article about book bloggers wanting to make money. I guess in a way I can support that but for me, this is strictly a hobby and will remain one. I couldn’t handle the pressure of writing a review that was fit to be a paid one. Ughh that would take all the fun out of it. I write them the way I WANT TO and that how it will remain. I also read books as I damn well feel like it, so no amount of money is enough to get me to drag my ass through a book that I don’t want to read. I get there are some people who may not mind that so I can support OTHER people doing that, just not me. It is an interesting discussion, though.

I have also been thinking about my goals for the new year. This year I managed to stop smoking. With that accomplished I feel like I can manage to lose 100 pounds this year. I feel like I am on an upward spiral. I will just do like I did with smoking take it one day one meal at a time. I will tell myself that for THIS meal I am eating healthy. If stopping smoking is any indication them I should be fully locked into the healthy way of life around July. I don’t even think about cigarettes now. I never thought I would reach that point, but I did. Now I feel like I can take on anything I set my mind to. ha.

It is getting closer to the surgery for a cochlear ear implant. I am excited to get it be able to listen to music again, but it makes me nervous about someone cutting my head open. I know I am in good hands as this is one of the top CI implant centers in the country.


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Sunday Salon Dec 6 2015

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First of all, if you were one of the people who left comments on my blog this week, I promise I did not ignore you. I did not get any emails, AND the comments thingie on my dashboard did not show comments. The way I found out was I was checking the blog to see how it looked to a visit and I saw people had commented and was like.. well..shit.. I hate it when people do not reply to comments, and I really do love interacting with people. I am calling Bluehost today to see if they can help. I am not sure what the problem is, but hopefully I can get it resolved today. crosses fingers

I have recently discovered or rather rediscovered Pinterest. I never realized what a minefield of ideas that site is. My mom had been telling me about it, but I was like I am not crafty, but it has a wealth of other info that I like blogging tips. I have been sucked into that site all week.  I was looking at home offices to get ideas on how to decorate my “home office” in my apt. It is a corner of my living room but whatever. I can still decorate. I realized that my desk here at my mom’s office looked ALMOST good enough to be on Pinterest. I even have the cool screensaver.

I just realized my desk looks almost like the cool ones in Pinterest all I need is the Mac

A photo posted by purplemoonmyst (@purplemoonmyst) on


I was like well damn… Then I realized that I had my life exactly as I planned it a year ago. I am now going to upgrade my dreams. I know that sounds wacky but as I said on Twitter this week, the hedonistic treadmill is never ending, got to keep coming up with new goals and dreams. Or maybe I am just reading to many wacky books…who knows?

As I said in a post this week, my Christmas present to myself was paying off a 250 dollar fine to the library. I can now use the library again, and I am back to my happy place. I am lucky to live in Ohio, which has a damn good system. The library in Ky is horrible. I am not sure why. Maybe some librarians can tell me why one state has a glorious system and one state should just stop calling it a “library” and get some damn books and librarians that know how to “library.” hmmph

I am stuck in KY until at least after Christmas. I am getting a Choclaer Implant, and the DR want two more tests before the surgery. I told them I wanted the appointment after the holidays, and they made it Jan 4.. OOOKKKK I was picturing more in the middle of Jan, but Ok Jan 4 will work.  Getting ready for this implant has been a long and tedious process. I have lost count how many tests I have had done. I never knew there were so many ways to test a person’s hearing. Jesus. I think it is well established that I can’t hear by now.

I have been taking it easy and reading lots here at my parents house. I just realized that I get most of my book recs now from fellow book bloggers, and I have to say Y’all have excellent taste. All the books that I have read have been really good. The ARCS that I have read have been a different story. I seem to have really bad luck with ARCS. Ughhh Maybe I will just stop requesting them. They SOUND good when they are pitched then I get the actual book, and it is just like ugh.  I am not sure what to do.



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Sunday Salon and Sunday Post Nov 22 2015

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The Sunday Salon


Yesterday I came to my parents hours for the holidays. It was uneventful expected for the drive through the twilight zone. I admit that as a writer and a prolific reader that I tend toward the hyperbolic but seriously. On the bus ride from Columbus OH to Ashland KY, My phone would not receive or send messages, the bus wi-fi wouldnt download or upload anything. It wasnt just me either. Someone sitting in front of me scribbled on a piece of paper asking if my phone was sending messages; I was all like no. Then my brain started conjuring up “possible” scenarios.

The bus driver was a diabolical being who had kidnapped us and was driving us all to Hell

The bus driver was part of ISIS, and we were all going to be killed then our grisly and cut up bodies were going to be on TV stations the world over. (I am strange, it is not the death that bothers me but the fact I won’t be looking my best for my TV début that sends chills down my spine)

It was Horrorstor Greyhound Style! HorrorBus!

It was then I told myself that I needed to get a grip. So I dug out my Kindle and thankfully I had downloaded Pema Chadron’s  The Places That Scare You. Umm ok. I was like I am in a places that is starting to FREAK ME THE EFF OUT so basically the same thing so I started reading. It was really good. I love Pema Chadron. I am not sure why the buddhist have the best writers but they do. IMHO a lot of Christian writers come across as self-righteous assholes. I mean you read about a Christian saying no to sex and 8 times out 10 there will be an…assholeness quality to it. You read Pema Chadron saying we need to “conserve our karmic energy and to not hurt people with sex (which is holy) and you are all like I am NEVER having sex again unless it is to express cosmic oneness with my soul mate. They are basically saying the same thing but the Buddhist have the quality of not pissing non-Buddhist off.

So ANYWAY I read my Pema Chadron book and forgot all about that maybe I was on my way to the beehive (a Hororrstor reference) when all of a sudden my phone started vibrating with all my missed messages. Mostly my mom wanting to know where the hell i and the bus was as the bus was not showing up on Greyhound;s bus tracker app.  See I TOLD you something wired happened last night. So I sent mom a text telling her I was fine for the moment then we pulled into my stop and I got the hell off that bus. I told my parents my twilight zone theory and mom agreed that the bus not showing up on the app AT ALL was really weird.  Al in all I have no solid explanation but with the power of a good book I was able to keep my wits. And people make fun of me for always having my Kindle with me and loaded with books. So folks ALWAYS have something to read with you.

As for today, I am just going to read and work on my book blog for this week. I will be taking part in #thankfully reading. This may be my last Thanksgiving that I can pull the whole I can’t UNDERSTAND anyone so I will be in my room reading thingie off. The whole damn family shows up to my parents house and well. I always get my food and go to my room and read, They are estimating that I will have surgery for my implant in January so next year I may have to break down and be all like I just don’t like Y’all so I will be in my room reading. heh. I have already got my Thanksgiving Pajamas. Mom hates it that I refuse to dress up, but I love to put on Pajamas I have bought just for Thanksgiving. They allow for the most stretch and food intake. I get it fancy cause after all it IS a holiday. Then I get my books ready, and I am all set.


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Sunday Salon and Sunday Post March 15 2015

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The Sunday Salon SUNDAY POSTThis week has been better than..I am not sure.. It seems that my life is going well these days. I am working on my memoir; I am doing freelance writing and some other stuff. If I could just keep my apartment looking like houses on those lifestyle blogs, I will be all set. This week I am going to engage in some serious spring cleaning. I want my apt to look goo and even if it kills me it will. heh

Last week I wrote about how you can never have too much reading material. I admit I am a bit much when it comes to books but as my mom says, as long as they stay on your Kindle and not take up more rooms in her house that is fine.I live in a tiny apt so Every so often I send books to her house for safe keeping. She has told me her house is not a storage facility, but she hasn’t done anything radical like throw them away or donate them, so I still ship them there.

I have a writing coach now! This has been good for getting me back to writing every day as I have to have something to show him every week. I have been reading books about writing and right now I am just in love with the process.

I need to get caught up on my reviews, but don’t we all? I cant wait for Bloggiesta then I will buckle down and get my review archive in order. I have a few more things that I want to do, but that will be the main thing for the next Bloggiesta.

I am reading Writing Down the Bones for today. What are you reading?


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I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

Sunday Salon 8-17-2014

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I wrote about my depressed episode before. I am happy to report that it seems to be lifting. The new pill is FINALLY working. I felt like working on the blog and everything. Hopefully that will be the last for a long long time.
I haven’t been reading as much as I have been working on getting my freelance business up and running. I was going to create another blog, but everyone that I have been working with always refers other people to this one to get in contact with me so even though it is not the most professional thing in the world I will just encompass my writing here. Don’t worry, this will always be a book blog first and foremost as that is my first love.
I have read about people using Mail chimp so I decided to give it a try. I got the basic RSS thing working, but I am struggling to make it pretty. I need a Mail chimp for dummies book. If any of you know how to do this let me know.
Speaking of struggling I decide to conquer Gimp as I am finding picmonkey to be too limiting for what I want to do. I have found tutorials online so hopefully in time I will become an expert. I love learning new things so this is right up my alley.
The only bad thing that has happened this week is that my laptop crashed. Thank God that all my writing is backed up to the cloud so it is not the catastrophe that it once was. Even though I kinda like my mom big ass computer screen, I also like the portability of a laptop. I like to go to coffee shops and stuff to work and you can’t carry a big computer screen with you. I am not sure what is wrong with my computer. It will turn on and stuff, but it claims it can’t detect the hard drive so I will have to take it to the shop. I hope that they can fix it. I am crossing everything I can that that hard drive is not messed up.
I need a better to do thingie that remember the milk. I gave Asana another go and so far I like it. It will take me a long time to get everything transferred as I have hundreds of items on my list.
Today I will be reading Paleo Woman Don’t Get Fat. I had to laugh because it is a based on the book French Woman Don’t Get Fat. Since I am firmly encompassed in the paleo lifestyle this book is better suited for me.
Well, I am off to read and comment on blogs. Have a Happy Sunday!


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Sunday Salon Aug 3 2014

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The Sunday Salon


Last Friday I wrote about my struggle with depression these last few months and what I plan to do about it.  I was feeling fine and it took me a while to admit that I was depressed. I know that Bipolar is an illness that waxes and wanes but damn, sometimes I get so tired of dealing with it. Instead of moping around this time I am pressing on ahead and I am going to attempt to be productive.

I am in KY visting my parents. I thought I could pretend I was in a mountain hideaway and read and write and that would make me get better faster so I have to take advantage of it.  I was attempting to access the online catalog and it was down for more than a week so finally, I got fed up and called to see what was up. They said they are migrating it to a new website so that you could order ILL books online! Yay! No more typing out a list and handing it to them. The mountains are FINALLY getting into the 21 century.

I was reading on how to grow your blog and it said to post regularly. I looked at mine and I am like duh…I post like twice a month. So for this month at least I am going to try and post everyday. I pay for it so I should be more active on it. I even made me an editorial calender.

I noticed that I have been reading mostly non-fiction and all of a sudden I got a craving for real honest to goodness stories. So I am going to check those out at the library when the online catalog comes back on line on Monday. I have a hankering for books that mind fucks you. Does anyone have any recs?


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Sunday Salon

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I have been thinking about my reading and blogging goals for this coming year. I know I said before that I wanted to read 200 books but I have given thought as to which kind of books. I want to branch out from my usual literary fiction. After reading some young adult blogs I have decided this is a genre that I want to explore. Plus I like sci-fi and fantasy and other kinds of books. I think it is good to read a wide verity of genres to keep up with what the book world as a whole has to offer. The one thing I want to read at the moment is horror. I am not sure where to start. Any one have any books they would like to recommend.?

I also want to read classics this year. I have not read any since high school because I remember being forced to read them and to be honest my reading skills really improved in college and in high school I felt that they was over my head. So now that it has been years I want to see if I can enjoy them now that I don’t have a teacher saying “well HEARING people read this and understand it”. Yeah talk about killing the reading sprit.

For blogging goals I want to post every day if I can. I need to get back in the writing groove and I think this would be a good way to do it. I love to write but I fall out of the habit and it is hard to get back in the groove once that happens.

So these are my goals for this year. What are your goals?

Hope everyone has a happy Sunday!

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