How To Work From Home Like A Boss

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how to work from home like a boss

Hi, my name is Hillary Roberts, and I am a self-development junkie. There I said it. I love to read self-development stuff. I have visions of one day being SUPERHILLARY and making lesser mortals my slaves. #Kiddingnotkidding
So I have seen all of these blog posts on Pinterest on how to work from home. At first, I was like why should I get dressed? I am working on how me so I can be the PAJAMA BLOGGING QUEEN! Then as my first year went by and-and I finally did one thing right and that was my yearly review I realized that those people really did know what they were talking about. So below are the lessons I learned in my first year of freelancing on how to work from home like a boss.

Wear whatever you want
Personally, if I get dressed then I am all like oh cool I am dressed so I must go somewhere and I tell myself ok you can go to Wal-Mart for anHOUR then stop at the middle eastern restaurant and Starbucks and before I know it it is 8 pm and I am flat broke. So for me if I stay in my Pajamas then I have to think is this worth the hassle of putting on clothes and makeup? And most often it is not and I get shit done.

Stick to a schedule
This is important. I used to work whenever I felt like it and trust me that did not bode well. I mean whoever FEELS like working? So I got in the habit of sticking to the same work schedule as anyone else. At 6 pm I am freeeeee but from 8 to 6 my ass is in my chair working.

Get you an internet blocker
Personally, I use freedom because you can schedule your blocks. Like if I KNOW I have serious writing to do then I go ahead and plan it and it kicks me off of pintrest and I get shit done. This has been a Godsend. I bet I wouldn’t have been a third productive in the last three months without it.

Have a routine in place
I read the Miracle Morning a while ago and it changed my whole perpective on mornings. So now instead of aimlessy flopping around I get up get caffeinated, work out, shower, put on good Pj’s write my morning pages, meadatite and read something personal development related. All before 8 am when I get my ass in gear for the days work. This has literally changed my life and upped my productivity a thousand fold.

Take good care of yourself
It took me a while to learn this and when I finally started sticking to my Paleo diet and following paleo principlas I stopped getting sick and my energy went through the roof my adhd dissapered and I was a lean, mean writing machine. Which meant more money for me. In all seriousness though if you eat crap and are constanly getting sick and you barely have the enegery to drag yourself from your bed, then you are doing yourself no favors. Find a plan that worked for YOU and stick with it.

The above have eneabled me to come far since January. I wish I had implemented them before but as they always say hindsight is 20/20.

What tips do you have for working from home like a boss?

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