Monthly Rewind April 2017

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monthly Rewind april 2017


How is it May already???!!! It is like I blinked and half of this year has gone by.  This has been a joyous month. God has really blessed me with my CI implants. I know that there is a huge debate on CI but for ME it has been a blessing. I thank God every day for them they have enabled me to do much. Surgery is rough but in the end, it was more than worth it.

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The biggest thing that happened this month is I got another cochlear ear implant. Surgery was rough but by the time you are reading this, I will be at the audiologist getting the outside part of the implant and then I will be able to hear out of both ears! I haven’t been able to hear out of both ears for most of my adult life so this is huge.

As a treat to making it through surgery without killing or cussing anyone out, I joined The book of the month club. I haven’t read last month’s book yet but I will get to it, I hope, soon. It is already May and time to pick out another book. I Picked  SILENCE WE FELL plus I put EXIT WEST and IMPOSSIBLE FORTRESS in my box.

I also got a subscription to Gwynnie Bee. I need to do something to pull myself out of this rut that I find myself in. I figured dressing up would make me feel….better is not the word I am looking for but it is what comes to mind. I feel the way Gretchen Rubin felt at the beginning of her happiness project. Not sad or depressed but rather needing to find a way to be completely happy where I am. I tend to fall prone to the idea that if only I was someplace else then I would be happy but I forget that no matter where I go I will still have anxiety so I need to just deal with. For me, this month is all about getting dressed and looking good.


I listened to S-Town podcast. This has to go down in history s the first podcast that I have ever understood. I  was floored by it. I had to go back down and download  Serial. There are soooo any good podcasts out there. I am getting better and better with understanding them. Before I had to sit and really focus on it but now I can half listen to it while I clean or while I am doing something else.

One other of my favorite podcast is What Should I Read Next?  I am still making my way through the backlog of her podcasts. I got like a year of that podcast to catch up on.



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