My Writing Process

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my writing process

One of the things that I love to do is to ask other writers about their writing process. I have a strict one that enables me to turn out good copy, but I am always wondering there is something that I could do to tweak my as to how I write so today I will spill the beans.

I IM the person om Skype. I am Deaf so I can’t use  the voice function. I like to talk to the person for at least an hour to get the tone of their voice and to try and sound like a better version of them.

A lot of people send me drafts of things they have into mind what they are trying to say and then come up with a better way of saying things.

If I am starting from scratch, then I make an outline in until I have the whole thing. I have found that this way I write better than if I just attempted to write it perfectly from being to end the first time.

I am a big believer in what Anne Lamont calls “shitty first drafts.” I used to have terrible writers block until I started telling myself that the first draft does not matter cause only I will see it. This has helped alleviate a lot of the writers block that I have. I will write my shitty first draft then I will leave it alone for a day or two then come back to it and work on it some more. People who only see the final draft tell me that I write well. What they don’t know is that what I show them is usually my fourth or fifth draft of I have written. I believe that shitty first drafts perfectly all the time and on the first try then, I will drafts.

After I am satisfied that all my ideas are out, then I will compile it all and import the document into Microsoft three times then I will revise it again and again until I am satisfied. This can take up to three days. If it is a really important document, such as one I hope to get published, then I will ask some friends to proofread it for me. If it is for a look-over and then turn it in.

I give everyone one free revision so if there is anything I missed or the client wants to be added I write that in then again I give it a final look over and run it through Grammarly and give the client the final draft. The whole process can take up to two weeks. I know other writers who work faster, but I am a big believer in quality over quantity. This method has worked well for me.



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2 responses to “My Writing Process

  1. Hi Hillary,
    This is interesting. I definitely take my time writing and rewriting. I was wondering – how do you get inspired? Do you have a process for that?
    Cinthia P.