What I Read Last Week 2-13-17

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What I Read Last Week 2-13-17

I think my reading mojo is back! I know two of the books above wasn’t very substantial but at least I am reading again! YAY! I Reviewed on the blog (the link will take you to my review) #askgaryvee No One Hears But Him The Bloggers Simple Guide to Taxes Ghosts   None of them were […]

Sunday Salon/Post Feb 12 2017

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Sunday Salon/Post  Feb 12 2017

I finally made it to my apartment in Cleveland. I had all about all of Ky that I could take.  I tried reading Ringworld on the way up here but my stepfather erratic driving prevented me from doing anything productive. I even tried blogging to no avail. I felt like I was gonna puke, so I […]

Graphic Novel Review: Ghosts b..

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Graphic Novel Review: Ghosts by Raina Telgemeie

The thing that struck me most about this book is how awesome the artwork is.  Which was great cause other parts of the story was…. Ummm…. needed work.  I loved how the sisters got along with each other, and I loved that there was an interracial couple in the book what I did not love was how […]

Book Review: The Blogger’..

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Book Review: The Blogger’s Simple Guide to Taxes: A Guide to Saving Time and Money by Sarah Korhnak

I first saw this book on a Modern Mrs. Darcy Kindle Deal, and I thought I better get it before the tax fiasco of last year repeated itself. Long time readers of this blog will know that I have Bipolar Disorder and that for a long time I was on disability. I started this blog after […]

Book Review: No One Hears but ..

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Book Review: No One Hears but Him by Taylor Caldwell

I have to admit that this is my first Taylor Caldwell book. I thought I was well versed in Christian Fiction but I guess not. I liked the premise of this book. I thought it was going to be in a novel format, but it was short stories each dealing with one soul and the […]

Book Review: #AskGaryVee: 437 ..

Posted February 8, 2017 by Hillary in Book Reviews / 1 Comment
Book Review: #AskGaryVee: 437 Questions and Answers on the Current State of Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Monetization, Media, Platforms, Content, Influencer Marketing, Investing, Leadership, Legacy, Culture, Crushing, Thanking, Jabbing, Right Hooking, Car…

I am embarrassed to even to admit it, but I had not even heard of Gary V until couple years ago. Apparently, I am the last person alive that had heard of him cause when I first tried to check out his books from the library, they had a long ass waiting list on all […]

How to Listen To Audiobooks Fo..

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How to Listen To Audiobooks For Free

As many of you know, I received a Cochlear Ear Implant last year. One of the things that the Dr told me to do to help me learn to hear was to listen to audiobooks while reading the books at the same time.  I was all excited to be able to hear the books until […]

The App that Lets Me Get Shit ..

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The App that Lets Me Get Shit Done

I am all about productivity around here. I read all the productivity books and then try to hack the crap out of my life. Sometimes it is eye opening and life changing (Miracle Morning anyone?) some time It turns out to be a load of crap, at least for me ( 4-hour work week bwahahahahah) but […]

Sunday Salon/Post Feburary 5, ..

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Sunday Salon/Post Feburary 5, 2017

It is Sunday, and I AM NOT IN CLEVELAND. I swear even if I have to take the dang bus back next week I am going. I am soo tired of being stuck here in the mountains. I want my parents to take some stuff for my apt in my step-father’s truck is why I […]

The Mother Of All Reading Trac..

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The Mother Of All Reading Tracking Spreadsheets

Back when I did my Big Ass Book Survey, I ran into a problem. I had only kept up with most of the books on Goodreads. Even there I lacked data. All I kept track of was the fact that I read the book.  There was no data on if the author was a POC or […]

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