Sunday Salon

Posted April 2, 2017 by Hillary in Book Reviews / 3 Comments

The Sunday Salon

Anyone notice anything different? Yeah, I changed my blog layouts. I a bunch of people told me that I would have a lot more luck with writing if I separated my personal blog (this one) from my work blog so I was trying to make another blog and ended up using this one and me couldn’t remember how I got it like I had it, so I just redid it. I also lost a year worth to posts frowny face That will teach me to make regular backups.

I don’t even know where this year has gone it like I blinked and it is April already. I got to make the rest of this year count. I feel like I have been coasting along not living.

The countdown is on for the second implant surgery. To say I am nervous is an understatement, I just hope it doesn’t knock me on my ass like it did last year. That was the worst pain of my life. However being about to hear on both sides of my head will be worth it. Pre-Op is Friday. The Surgery is on the 17th.

I finally got my ass back to the gym last week. I am determined to get to 199 by December.  I know if I eat right and continue my workouts I can do it.  I started working out to help my depression and anxiety was getting noticeable, and while it is too soon to have any effect, I know with time it will help. Does anyone else feel like they gotta take a nap after working out? I work out in the morning first thing then I come home and shower and have to take a nap. I hope it goes away soon as I got shit to do.

I am still reading Ringworld I am hoping that I will finish it today. I remember it being one of my favorite books as a teenager, but at the age of 36, I fail to see they hype. I keep thinking there is something I am missing and so I read on. I hope I am not thinking of a different book if so I am gonna be disappointed. I am almost at the end, so we shall see. I found out there are other books in the series.

I only slept for an hour last night, so I am just gonna take it easy today and read. After Ringworld, I am gonna read unfuck your habitat. I hope my writing and reading mojo is back for real now.

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3 responses to “Sunday Salon

  1. It’s been a long time but I seem to remember when I first started hiking I felt like I needed a long nap after. That need went away and was replaced with a feeling of “Jeez was that a warm up hike? I feel like I could do that hike again, right now!!!” I guess that must be what they mean about being “conditioned”??? I’m curious for you to read & report back on the Unfuck Your Habit book. Sounds like a book I need but I’ll wait for your thoughts before I consider spending $12 on it.