Sunday Salon/Post Feb 19 2017

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There I was staring blankly at my computer screen, not a single idea coming into my head. All the blog post ideas that I came up with seemed old and tired like they have been done a million times before. I was on the edge of despair. How am I gonna make a living writing if I can’t come up with any good ideas?!?  My best friend called me up in a panic needing a babysitter, and at first, i was like me in charge of two tiny humans? Then I thought that anything would be better than trying to come up with more shitty blog posts and maybe I could fake being a mommy blogger, I mean they make a LOT more money than a book blogger right?!? So off I went..

And it is now a few days later, and I am like OMG THAT WAS WAY HARDER THAN I THOUGHT!. I have a newfound respect for mommy bloggers. Too often they are written off as being easy and trite when in reality it is fucking hard to be a successful mommy blogger. I mean I only babysat for two days, and I didn’t get shit done those two days. I thought I could fit in some tasks, but babies don’t want to follow a schedule with a new person it seems. The first-day their mommy left, and they just stared at me and cried then the second day when it was evident that I wasn’t a baby killer they went wild! OMG ….Like I said I will never make fun of a mommy blogger again.  If you can keep your house sparkling clean and the kids well behaved and SILL do all of the stuff it takes to be a successful blogger well you are my hero.

On Monday was a typical day then Tuesday I had a migraine and still went to the library where I puked and got my books. That library haul post is coming up tomorrow.

I got a plan for this week of babysitting.If I can get them down for their naps then I created a list in todoist called shit I can do offline, and I will work off of that list. My friend doesn’t have internets, and My hotspot data is all gone.  I will just focus on the stuff I can so offline and who knows maybe I will be even more productive!

I received five new books to read on NetGalley. One of the  books, No Meat Athlete CookBook  don’t have a cover yet, but the rest are:


I did not read last week what with being sick for two days then babysitting so I am hoping this week I will catch up on some reading during the kiddies nap times.


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  • debnance

    It is very, very hard to be a mom. I did it for a long time. Most people are now off-loading this job.

  • Laurel-Rain Snow

    Being a mom is definitely hard. It’s been years since mine were small (all grown now!), and even the youngest grandson is a teenager. But I still remember it, and how I could scarcely read a book back then. Which was challenging, since I was doing graduate school when they were young. But you get used to it.

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for sharing. Here are

  • I don’t have kids – though wanted them – but am always glad to ‘return’ them when I’ve been babysitting.

    And I can very much relate to the blank screen thing!