Sunday Salon/Post May 14 2017

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Guess what y’all?? Today is my birthday!! I had a really good birthday so far my Book of the Month books came in, My Gwynniebee clothes came, my caffeine pills came and family gave me some money so I pre-ordered Danielle Laporte’s  new book “White Hot Truth” and it will be delivered on the 16th according to Amazon. I have also been busy getting my new professional copywriting site up and running. I used to use this blog but my mastermind told me I would get more customers if I had a separate site so we shall see. I have been learning a lot. These implants enable me to hear waaaaaay better than hearing aids. Surgery was a bitch but I am so glad I got both implants. Now I have access to all of the training that people put out. I am excited to put them into practice and see what direction this blog goes in.

I have to admit that I haven’t been reading a lot because I have been listening to alllll the podcasts and alllll the music. I have always wanted to listen to podcasts and before with my hearing aids I could HEAR but I couldn’t understand them. But the implants actually bypass the damaged parts of the ear so that the brain is getting all the information. That means things actually make sense rather than sounding all garbled. SO….. I have downloaded like 91 podcasts so far and yeah….that has taken the place of reading. I have also been listening to audiobooks! I  am not too sure how to review them but I will do my best. So far I have finished “Stitches: A Handbook on Meaning, Hope, and Repair” by Anne Lamott. I will be reviewing it soon. Be on the look out for an audiobook review by a Deaf person! LOL 

As for exercise I haven’t been really doing anything cause my foot hurts I tried running yesterday evening on the treadmill and feel something pop in my foot. One of the trainers said it may be a hairline fracture but there was no way I was gonna pony up the cash for an ER or Urgent Care visit so I am just gonna go to the regular Dr tomorrow and that way if he refers me, my insurance will cover it. So for right now I am just staying off of it and hoping for the best. 


I really want to upgrade my phone as this 16 GB phone is not really good for a blogger. I am waiting for the new iPhone in the fall to come out. I remember I bought my MacBook Pro then two months later they came out with the touch bar. GRRRRRR. I am not making the same mistake with my phone. I am biding my time until they release the brand new iPhones. I am anxious to see what they will come up with though.

I plan to get back on my reading streak this week though. I want to want to finish Queens of Geek then read Fervent and Dark Matter. That should be doable.


What are you reading?? Do you have any recs on podcasts or audiobooks? Leave a message in the comments!!!

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5 responses to “Sunday Salon/Post May 14 2017

  1. Happy birthday! Congrats on your new implants! It must be such a huge change for you. Now that you can listen to audiobooks, you’ll probably get evermore reading done. Have a great week!