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I am baccck!!! How many of you missed me? I had my second CI surgery, and it was just as rough as the first. I am glad I only have two ears. I don’t think I could go through more surgeries. In between the dizzy spells and all that fun stuff I have been reading. I think the first quarter reading slump is over. Yay! It worries me when a reading slump goes on and on like that.Do I start to have an exceptional crisis like..AM I REALLY A READER? WHAT IF I NEVER READ AGAIN? It turns out that I was just bored and needed something to jump start my brain and creative juices. I wouldn’t recommend brain surgery to anyone, but it has seemed to have worked for me. I have been a reading fiend ever since I got back from the hospital. Maybe the do flipe the on switch to my brain while they were working in there. So far this year I have felt like I have been operating with the switched turned to off. Ever since last week though I had some crazy good ideas and had been reading a shit ton. Again I wouldn’t recommend head surgery to bust out of the doldrums but if it works…


As a gift for making it through surgery, I gifted myself a book of the month book club book. I choose Start Up since I love satire especially Satire that laughs at different office stuff. Last year I was freaking out. This year, I am not sure what they gave me in my iv, but damn that was good stuff. I instantly felt relaxed as all get out and was all like you when is the party starting? Ok, I lie. I wasn’t THAT relaxed, but it was still a far cry from the near total freak out I had the year before. So I was like I will just join in a Book of the Month Club. I have seen Modern Mrs. Darcy talk about it and anything she likes I am game for a cause you know that lady has great taste.

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