The Power of A Daily Gratitude Practice

Posted March 14, 2017 by Hillary in Lifestyle / 1 Comment

Normally my life is going great. A couple of weeks a go though I hit a rough patch.  I have written about how I have started working out and how I have been doing the whole Miracle Morning. Also, one thing I have been doing is in my Desire Map Planner I have been writing down at least three things that I am grateful for. When things turned to crap, and it would have been easier to say you know things are crappy at the moment screw this gratitude thingie. I didn’t. I did acknowledge that Things were going crappy, but I refused to say there was NOTHING to be grateful for. Instead, I poured myself some extra good coffee and made sure I was taking my Chantix and sat my ass down and forced myself to come up with things to be grateful for.


Granted at times, it was not easy. There were some hard lessons to learn, but still, I recognized the fact that I had the stuff to be grateful for Included but not limited to

  • I have an awesome boyfriend,
  • a thriving blogging and writing career
  • I am symptom-free from bipolar
  • I am losing weight and getting stronger every day

The funny thing was that once I started coming up with reasons to be grateful it seemed that I was overflowing with blessings.  Realizing this was helpful on the days when I was all like fuck it all to hell I am going to smoke, or I am going to pig out. I did sorta ig out on Halo Ice cream, but it is only like 6 points for the whole pint, so it was within reason. I still worked out. Gretchen Rubin said in better than before that we develop good habits so that when bad times hit we have a framework to hold on to and I found this to be so true. I was already in the habit go working out at 5 am and my whole routine was firmly in place so as thing after thing went wrong I still knew I ws getting shit done and I I maybe standing still but at least and this hit me like a ton of bricks I would not come out the other side hacking up a lung or 30 pounds heavier. I still went to Weight Watchers where I am learning valuable coping skills that REALLY helped. My Weight Watchers leader told me how to NOT binge and encouraged me to keep up the work outs. And.. from here I can see the end in sight. I am down an additional 10 pounds i feel great and slowly but surly my mood is in an upward spiral.


I used to think that a graduated practice was a bunch of woo woo but I know can see the true value. It reminds us that no matter how bad things are we can find a reason to keep living to know that there is some good in ur lives no matter how bad things may be.


We also attract what we think about so if we keep focused on bad stuff then more bad stuff will pop up. It is a vicious cycleClick To Tweet. I am not a believer in the whole woo woo new age stuff, but I do believe that if we are bitter and negative, then that leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The gratitude practice forces us to reframe things so that we can continue to sow and reap positive things.


We need to be grateful for seemly small things to start with. Like one day I put down that I was grateful that my rent was paid on time. Another was that I had a best friend who Skyped with me and made me feel better. Do not over look what seems small and insignificant. It is hard to get started, but once you get the hang of it you will be glad you did when even on your worst days you can say I may be having a shitty time but my life is great!


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  • Well, being grateful sounds like the way to turn things around. Thanks for visiting my blog.