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I can’t believe it is November where has this year gone? It is like I blinked and this year has gone by. I kinda wanna do over, but that only works in books, not in real life. I see the audiologist again in little over a month. I have been practicing my listening skills with podcasts and audiobooks. I understood 80 percent of speech on my last appointment, so I am hoping for a 90 percent on December 15.

I am taking part in nonfiction November this year. My introductory post is here. I read War of Art last week, and I was…underwhelmed with it. A review is coming soon but suffice to say I was expecting more than what I got from it.


I am doing the couch to 5k on the treadmill and damn am I tired. Plus after a workout, i am always starb=ving, and my legs and feet ache. I am hoping my body adjusts soon. At least I am not dead tired like before just fatigued is all. But I am getting stronger and better, and there were times this last week I have felt like I was actually running and that means more to me than any number on the scale. I tried on a pair of size 16 pants that I have, and they fit! I was sooooo happy. For reference, I used to be a 22 three months ago, so that is progress!

I am tempted to put up my tree this week. I am not one for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I prefer to have the whole season be Christmas. Everyone seems fond of reminding me that it is not Christmas yet but to that, I say it is Christmas season if I want it to be. I am not looking forward to dragging the tree out and untangling the lights, BUT I LOVE having the tree UP.  Hopefully, Marbles won’t tear the tree down.

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