4 ways to prepare for fall

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Fall is here upon us. I am writing this on Sept 26 so if the info in the next sentence seems dated you will know why.  If You were in Cleveland, you would never know it as the heatwave that has no end appears to stretch on and on. Alas, in my head and the calendar is it fall, and that is all that matter. Soon I will have my cool days and cooler nights, and I will be able to fully get into the spirit when the foliage turns glorious. I have somethings I like to do to get ready for fall. To get me in the fall frame of mind so to speak.

Below are the things that I like to do.


Allllll of the pajamas


In the summer I am known for going out and to do that I have to put on “real” clothes. But when fall and winter comes I am all about the pajamas. I am the Pajama queen. Seriously you show to see my collection. I buy pajamas like some people buy street clothes. I am all grabby hands. I prefer winter pajamas which limits my pajamas buying to certain months of the year, but that is ok.

My favorite is during Christmas time is to wear alll the Christmas pajamas. Again, I have awhile collection. In fact, I have so many that I have to start right after Halloween to get to them all. LOL.

So yeah I DO working my pajamas mostly in the winter months. I mean if I am not going anywhere and I am not meeting anyone on Skype why not. It is freezing, and I like to stay inside on the recliner in front of the fireplace with the Christmas tree. O.K that is my mom’s house I dream. I live in a tiny ass apartment, but someday I will have a house to be all cozy.


Get some fall scents….


I use to be all about the pumpkin spice. Until a friend turned me on to Young Living Thieves essential oil. You know those scented pinecones that come out around November? THAT is what it smells like. You best believe that I am stocking up. I am sure my mom will be glad that I won’t be filling her house with pinecones this year but I WILL be diffusing it a LOT!


Get alll the books

I am a seasonal reader, and in the fall I prefer horror and mysteries and the like. Stephen King is a big hit with me during darker months. Around Christmas, I like Christmas themed books and cozies. I HATE going out in the freezing cold to get books, so I use Hoopa, my library e-book thingie, and Scribed.


Get some supplements


I used to get SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) bad.  It became even worse when  I moved to Cleveland. But I have started taking 1500 MG of Vitamin D3 and five tablespoons of Fish oil..And I use a Happy Light. And this has completely alleviated my SAD. Even in the depths of Cleveland winters I am still my happy-go-lucky self


So tell me what do YOU do to get ready for fall if anything?


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