5 for Sunday Plus A Bonus

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5 for sunday

My Hearing Test

As most of you know Last year I received a cochlear ear implant then earlier this year in April I got a second one. For a loooong time, I could hear sounds, but I couldn’t make any sense of them. I wore the damn things every day..watched more youtube videos than one person should admit to watching in one life time. Then about a month ago I joined a mastermind. It was all online, and before the first meeting, I have to admit I was terrified. What if I went in and I couldn’t understand anyone. I would have to hide my face forever and ever. BUT If you stay in your comfort zone you will never grow. SO I took some deep breaths signed on and Lord Have Mercy Holy Shit that was the day that my brain and the implant started cooperating I could hear crystal clear AND my brain finally FINNILLY decided to interpret what ever the implant sends it.
This past Tuesday was the DAY OF RECONKING. I would find out if I had improved or if it was just a dang fluke. I took a hearing test that lasted three hours and at the end..I was aiming for a 61 and above…I GOT An 80 percent. That means I can hear and understand 80 percent of what my implants take it. Me the dr and the ASL interpreter all almost pooped our pants. I have another test in November, and I guess there is not much room to move upwards, but I am gonna try I will aim for an 81 and above.

Tracking my Book Of The Month Box

I ordered my Book Of The Month Club Box last week, and I am impatiently waiting for it to get here. According to USPS, it is in Philadelphia. I am in Cleveland.Sighhh I hope it gets here this week. I got myself one of their totes that I am looking forward to using. I also ordered Roxanne Gay’s Hunger, and I want to read it. Patience is not my strong suit as u can tell.

Bye bye feedly hello Bloglovin

I reached my breaking point with Feedly last week. I mean if I want more than 100 feeds I GOTTA PAY?! Fuck that I am switching Bloglovin. I downloaded my OPML whatever file thingie imported it to Bloglovin the told Feedly byeeee and canceled my subscription. I am kinda liking being able to see the blogs when I read them. As a Deaf person I am very visual so being able to SEE all the pretty blogs makes me feel inspired. Plus I love their frame thingie. Back in the day when google reader was still around that is what I used. Glad someone decided to repurpose it.


I have wanted to start a podcast, but the actual doing of one terrified me. I mean I can barely work PhotoShop. I took one look at audacity (the program) and was like forget this. Then yesterday in my mastermind group I came across Anchor. It makes creating a podcast super easy. I am typing this on Saturday Morning, and I haven’t recorded anything on it yet. Maybe by the time you are reading this, I will have something on it.



It Never Gets Easier

I read this post on Modern Mrs. Darcy and let me tell you it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. There are a LOT of things that I have been putting off. Strangely I have ALMOST gotten my eating under control. I did not go over my points this week, and I am finding substitutes for food I love. For example, I LOVE ice cream. I was sad until I discovered Halo Top and the WHOLE THING is only 6 Weight Watchers points! Now I am happy as a clam. But yet…..
There are so many things that I put off thinking it will be easier tomorrow or next week or even the next lifetime maybe. Like exercise. I know I am happier and all when I do my daily walk/run on the treadmill. Last year hitting 315 pounds spurned me to action, but now that I have lost weight and continue to lose weight on Weight Watchers I find it damn near impossible to motivate myself to walk two blocks to the gym. I suspect this is why some days I find it hard to focus and to get moving but like the blog says it doesn’t get easier and I would rather be a happy, tired wealthy woman than a poor fat slob. So I gotta get a move on. The first step is to get to the gym.

Yes I Went There

I love coffee.. Coffee and books make me happy and make my world go ‘round. You may have heard of the summer hottest drink. Lacroix coconut water with cold brew coffee. I am never one to skip out on a trend but this one….I finally got up the courage to make some and OMG it IS good! I drank my whole gallon in one day, and no I did not sleep that night. Got a lot of work done though.
I got the Dunkin Doughnut cold brew coffee and a case of coconut Lacroix. I took a gallon jug thingie poured in a gallon of Lacroix and stuck two coffee bags in it. The next morning I gathered up my courage and took a sip and was shocked at how good it was. Everyone I know of the line was like all.GROSS..But you DID think bulletproof coffee was good. Gross…See I told you I never skip a trend. If you like coffee and you like La Croix, then you should give this a try. A warning though doesn’t taste the coconut La Croix before hand it tastes exactly like suntan lotion. I don’t know why la Croix keeps making it when even die hard la Croix drinkers like me think it is horrible but alas coconut L a Croix and coffee is surprisingly good.

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2 responses to “5 for Sunday Plus A Bonus

  1. That’s so exciting about your hearing test! I’m glad the cochlear implant is starting to really work for you 🙂 It’s so funny – I switched from bloglovin to feedly in the past year or so, but because my bloglovin had gotten so out of control. I was following too many blogs and I just couldn’t keep it organized. So feedly was a fresh start for me. It works well for me because I actually just use it to pull the posts, but then I still go to the blog to the actual reading and commenting. I didn’t know about the limit though! Hopefully that won’t become a problem for me!

    Good luck with your weight loss goals Hillary! It’s so true – It will never get easier… at least to start (I do think it gets easier once you’ve made it a habit),

    Have a great week 🙂

  2. I thought la croix was sparkling water. No? Can you taste the coconut through the coffee taste? I love both flavors.

    So glad the implants have been successful!!! 80% sounds a lot better than my 90-yo mothers hearing. Lord I wish she’d let me take her to batesville to get her hearing aids adjusted or replaced!!!!

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