The Adventures In Never Never Land Writing Process

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the adventures in never never land writing process

You are thinking about hiring me, but first, you have that question that you want to know but are afraid to ask. You hem and haw wondering how to get the question out without being awkward.


You want to know how I write and what the process I follow is. Well, wonder no more cause I am here to lay it all out for you!

This is how I write!


If you have not written anything, then I talk to you to get an idea of what you want. And yes I charge extra if I am starting from scratch cause that is a LOT more work than cleaning up an already written shitty first draft. If you have already written a draft, then I take that and work with it. Don’t be afraid to show me even if you think it is no good. Trust me as a ghostwriter I have seen some seriously shitty first drafts, and my own are not that much better so show me and trust me I can and will work with you are your creation.


First I make my Shitty first draft


I make the shitty first draft in Scrivener. I will send you some samples to look at to make sure that we are on the same page. This is NOT the final draft. Far from it. This is just me making a rough draft to work with.  No one makes an excellent first draft, including me. Often I will send a client a shitty first draft, and they will be all like this is not the final product, is it? Nope, it isn’t. So don’t open it read it and be like OMH I PAID THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR THIS?!? Which I just KNOW some former clients have done. That is so not the draft going anywhere. I just want to make sure we are thinking about the something. For example, if you are trying to write about baseballs I don’t want to go off and write a 100,000-word book on a ballerina.


I go back and make the first draft less shitty


In this phase, I go back to the creation, and I add to it. I play around with it until it sounds and looks better.  I try and get it in decent shape this time around. This is the stage that ALWAYS takes me the longest. I admit there are many many days when I think my writing is pure shit.  And I think about refunding the money but I then talk to my best friend who talks me down from the ledge, and I have always managed to get back on track and hammer out the second draft.


I keep working on it till we feel it is the best it can be at this point then I send it off to the editor. And wait…and wait….





Then I get my draft back, and it is all marked up, and I take every suggestion seriously so this stage is slow also. I also ponder about the similarities between grad school and being a freelance ghostwriter. I mean I write then I send it off get back all marked up then revise it, send it in again, get it back AGAIN, revise…That is identical to grad school methinks.


The third draft is the draft that I make it the best I can. This draft will often be longer than what a client requested because the editor will point out things to eliminate and add. You probably want to know why I use another editor and not myself…it is because I can write but I suck at editing. So I use an editor I know and trust.


After I get the edits back, I go through it and fix it and work on it some more

At this stage, I will tweak it to what the editor suggests and play around with it try to make it even better.


I send it off to the editor again


Yep, everything I write goes through two round of editing.


Again I work on this, and this would be the final draft

This draft is the one I will put in your Dropbox folder, and you are free to do whatever you want with it. However, if you plan on getting it traditionally published I will stay with you during the whole process. I know some ghostwriters will just leave you once they get the final draft but not I. I like to see my clients succeed, so I stay with them with the edits that the publishing house uses. Note traditional publishing takes around two years for your book to come out to the public.


This is I get to ask a lot about my writing process as a ghostwriter, so I thought I would care it all out for everyone to see. I am not saying that my way is the best, but this is what works for me.


Any Questions?? Feel free to email me



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