Book Review: Bad Feminist

Posted September 24, 2014 by Hillary in non-fiction / 1 Comment

Y’all I haven read much this year. In fact, I think this is my most dismal year in reading yet. That’s for another post. I admit I haven’t heard of Roxanne Gay before. I was looking on Edelweiss when the title caught my eye. In Collage I received my BA in Political Science. I took a class on feminist theory and well I wanted to be a feminist, I really did. I tried my hardest. I tried not to care about if the hottest guy on campus did not notice me (lest you think I was full of delusions the college I went to was small, around 2,000 students) I tried not to care how I looked and all of that. There was a couple of woman in the class who were fem-nazis and damn around them I put Barbie to shame. In that class I found I  agreed with the theory but in real life I was a…Bad Femisnt

I saw the title and thought maybe THIS is someone who gets it. Someone who like me tried to be a cool feminist but deep down inside felt as if she was just faking it. I WAS BLOWN AWAY by this book. Seriously where was Roxanne Gay during my college time? This book felt like one of my best friends confiding in me. I found myself nodding and going YES during so much of this book. The part about being offended by “Blurred Lines” yet liking the music was exactly how I felt.

As a white woman I found her essays on black culture fascinating. . I liked how honest and open she was. At the risk of sounding callous she did not give off the angry black woman vibe but yet she did not play down the issues either. It was enlightening and informative.

I LOVED this book. I told all my friends that they must read. Maybe I will get everyone a copy for christmas. RUN don’t walk to your nearest bookstore and get one for yourself.

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