Book Review: The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

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Book Review: The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorteThe Desire Map on December 5th 2012
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The Desire Map program is just that — a program.

Most life-planning tools focus on external attainment and results. Which is valuable. Getting results is what moves your life forward. Except that most goal-setting systems fail to harness the most powerful driver behind any aspiration: your preferred feelings; and they foster an uptight determination that can keep us from the vitality we crave.

The Desire Map program is changing all of that. You could call it holistic life-planning. The inner meets the outer. The spirit drives the material.

The purpose of The Desire Map is:
- Ultimately, to help you remember your light, your true nature, your source.
- To show you your heart’s longing — your core desired - feelings.
- To help you use your core desired feelings as a guidance system for making choices.
- To help you use your desired feelings as a way to access comfort and clarity during painful times.
- To help you accentuate the positive aspects of your life, while still honouring, and not invalidating, the negative parts that you want to change.
- To help you regard your feelings as road signs to your Soul.

So that you can:
- Plan your day, your week, your month, your year and…
- Feel great, making a lot of awesome things happen in every area your life

why I read this bookI saw many people talking about this book in some of my business groups. After hearing many people rave about this book, curiosity got the better of me, and I downloaded it onto my Kindle.


my reviewOH MY GAWWWWD!! You all!! This book broke me open in the best possible way. After reading this, I downloaded her #truthbomb app and bought her other book The Fire Starter Sessions. I realize that I have been living with OTHER people’s goals. Don’t stop reading here and think this is just another goal program. It IS a program, but it has you mapping out what makes YOU feel good and what MAKES you feel motivated. For example, many of my friends think that a house is a big goal to achieve. Me? I would rather travel around the world and invest in a good mi-fi and write. Every time I think of buying a house I feel like I am slowly descending into the purgatory that is the American dream. To be it is more like the American nightmare. True story. My ex bought a McMansion, and he was proudly telling me about it. My very first thought was, praise the Lord he dumped me or my ass would be stuck cleaning that thing. A cold shiver of dread of having narrowly missed becoming a modern day slave washed over me. SOCLOSE!! I am not even engaging in hyperbolic speech either. I tried to be happy, but all I could think of well whatever you get tired of living where you are, and you want to move or something? He was confused by the question. Well, if you want to be tied down the more power to ya! I realize that this makes me sound like I am committed phobic and maybe I am.. Well no I am committed to my freelance writing business but to people and places. Ehhh

Anyway, this book is divided into two parts. The first part is the theory and that is the part that broke me open. After reading this I thought what would make me motivated to bust my ass, what would I gain that would make me believe that heaven had just come down and I was living in the new Paradise with our Lord and Savior? I then realize living in the tropics near a beach with the newest Macbook Pro would bring me to my knees. I could feel myself promising to bust my ass for 14 hours a day until I was blogging from Paradise

She is spiritual. I am too, so I drank it up. I know some people may not be too keen on this to which I say pooh on you!

The 2nd half of the book is a workbook that I am still making my way through. So far it is very different from any other workbook that I have completed. I feel that this book gets to the heart of the things that wi propel us toward a life that will have us begging for mercy because we can’t take much more happiness. I look forward to starting on my journey. I have already told ALL my friends to read this book NOW! I urge you to do the same.




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