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As many of you know, last year I received cochlear ear implants. Well, I received them a year apart One in 2016 and one in 2017. At first, I was like this is not working but I kept at it wearing the dang things every single day and practicing listen while reading the book and watching more Youtube Videos than one person should admit to watching in their lifetime. I had a reason yo. I was gonna be a CI SUPERUSER! Everyone had their doubts as I was born Deaf and hearing aids were useless and I was deemed at the tender age of 12 an “oral failure” and sent to the state Deaf school. BUUUUT I was bound and determined to make my brain comprehend sounds. GUESS WHAT?! After two years I CAN! You should have seen the DR when I passed a hearing test for the first time EVAR! So now I am always listening to a podcast. My phone limits how many I can have as it is a 16 GB iPhone 6 plus. I so can’t wait to upgrade Next Month or whenever next iPhone comes out. You best believe I am getting the one with the most memory and storage.

The Podcasts below are the ones that Listen to ALLLLL….THE…TIME

What Should I Read Next

This one is my favorite. I always get so many recommendations on her show. I think I have found my people with this podcast. I love how real and raw it is. Like her prediction is not always on point but we all have another book to hunt down and see for yourself anyway.

From The Front Porch

This Podcast is about books and the south. I love Books, and I love the south, so it is right up my alley. The talk about other things also likes being booksellers in an independent bookstore (wait…they still have those?) I personally really like how they bring everything together into one delectable mishmash of topics.

Anything BookRiot puts out

They are always on top of what is going to be the next hit. I am not sure how they do it, but I am impressed. On their website, they said they have two years worth of podcasts so that I will be kept entertained for a long long, time



This is the first one that I was able to understand. I remember I was in a car with a friend and I put a podcast on “just to see, which” and I understood it! For that reason alone it holds a special place in my heart.heh or my head (get it?) This podcast centers around what I like to call more serious which just means all the books the book snobs are talking about. I like most of the books, So I get recs from this show also.

Smart Podcast Trashy Books

This podcast is just pure trashy fun. I mean that in the best way possible. I don’t read a lot of Romance, but I am hoping to change that and so far judging how popular this podcast is their recs resonate with their readers, so I am going to try to get ahold of some of the books they talk about.

The New York Public Library

I love Libraries, and I love Libraries that have podcasts. I love how they bring different people together to discuss the day’s topics. Warning this podcast will cause you to think. You think you hold a particular opinion but when you hear the OTHER side well…it can be uncomfortable and mind bending, and I love it.

Reading Glasses

This is a podcast about books AND the reading life. I JUST started it I am like two episodes in, but I think I am in love.


Tell me in the comments do YOU have any recs for bookish podcasts?

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