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5 for Sunday

Posted August 13, 2017 by Hillary in 5 for Sunday / 3 Comments

5 for sunday

Feeling creatively stuck

To be honest over the last few weeks I have been feeling stuck creatively. It is like my brain is broke and won’t come up with new ideas. Usually, I wouldn’t worry about it, but when you do a living writing, then writer’s block is a no no. I knew I had to do something so I went and dug out The Artist way book and I am going to work through it. I have done it before, and it did help. I know it sounds kooky, but it is true. The problem is I stopped doing my morning pages and artists dates, and I stopped consuming stories like before, so my creative well has run dry. Seriously it took me 45 minutes just to come up with five measly things to write about today. The words flow but not at the moment. At the moment it is akin to pulling all my teeth out with out pain killers one by one. Very painful and not much fun. I am going to start my morning pages, and artist dates back up, and hopefully, ideas will start to pop up in my head again.

Sandman finally came to visit!

I have terrible insomnia when I am not depressed. When I AM depressed, I can sleep for hours and hours, but once I was better, my insomnia came back full force. I became desperate and begged the Dr to refill my ambient prescription. I know it is not the best solution, but I NEED my sleep. If I don’t get enough quality shut eye, my mood goes south, and I become an irritable, angry bitch. Luckily my shrink sympathized with me and prescribed Ambien. I took it when I came home, and that is why I am wide awake at 4 am. I need to get my sleep back on track. Sleep at night and stay awake during the day like the rest of humanity. I think if I just stay awake until 10 pm and then take my pill I can re train myself to sleep from 10 pm to 6 am. I did before, and once my body got in the habit of sleeping, I did not need the ambient as much. So the goal for the next few weeks. Train me how to sleep..again… I truly dislike it when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. I mean who besides vampires is awake at 3 am? Funny thing is I can go to sleep but staying asleep is another matter altogether. I get the Ambient extended release so with that I know I am going to be getting at LEAST 8 hours of quality shut eye. Sometimes I get as much as 14 hours especially if I had a week such as last week where insomnia kicked my ass…hard. It’s like my body has to make up its sleep debt somehow. I do not depend solely on the Ambien. I also got me some lavender essential oils with body lotion, and I spray it onto my sheets, and I have a thingie that pumps out oil all day and all night. I drink natural calm, and I listen to my meditation apps. My therapist has met bring all these apps to sleep with in the hopes of finding one that works well for me. I have a few contenders but no clear favorite yet.

Trying out pondomoros…again

A friend was telling me how they do pondomoros to help plan out their day so that they can better judge what activity will fit where. I am not big on the whole work for 25 minutes take a 5 min break thing. If I am writing and I am in Flow, then I don’t want anything to interrupt me. However knowing how long it takes me to type up a blog post and all of that would be a tremendous help. I could put 5 minutes as a filter on Todoist and then pick something from the 5 min list. I can’t do that if I have no idea how long it takes me to do something. I hooked toggle and google calendar up through zapier, and now over time I keep track of time in Toggl, it will show up on my google calendar. I am hoping after a few weeks of this I will have a better grasp of how long stuff takes me then I can put it in todoist. And THEN I will be able to better plan my day.

Went back to Feedly..old habits die hard

Last week I wrote that I was fed up with Feedly and had switched to Bloglovin. Well, I got fed up with THAT service and broke down and emailed Feedly what my real problem was. They were super nice and helpful, and I got it all straightened out, so I am back to Feedly AND Feedly is working at the moment, so I have no plans to change again anytime soon. Since I have a million feeds, I finally stopped complaining and coughed up the 7 dollars a month for Feedly. I figure that the Feedly people have to eat also, so they deserve to get paid and I should stop being such a cheap ass.

Defining my ideal audience

In my mastermind, we were all talking about our ideal readers. I, of course, didn’t have one. I was just typing up anything and see what sticks but as the people in the group pointed out that will get you nowhere fast. I sat down and did some thinking, and I think I have come up with the prototype of the perfect reader to this here blog. I will write a whole post on this later once I see if it pans out or not. I hope after all the niching down that I did that there are still people who fit the criteria.

5 for Sunday Plus A Bonus

Posted August 6, 2017 by Hillary in 5 for Sunday / 2 Comments

5 for sunday

My Hearing Test

As most of you know Last year I received a cochlear ear implant then earlier this year in April I got a second one. For a loooong time, I could hear sounds, but I couldn’t make any sense of them. I wore the damn things every day..watched more youtube videos than one person should admit to watching in one life time. Then about a month ago I joined a mastermind. It was all online, and before the first meeting, I have to admit I was terrified. What if I went in and I couldn’t understand anyone. I would have to hide my face forever and ever. BUT If you stay in your comfort zone you will never grow. SO I took some deep breaths signed on and Lord Have Mercy Holy Shit that was the day that my brain and the implant started cooperating I could hear crystal clear AND my brain finally FINNILLY decided to interpret what ever the implant sends it.
This past Tuesday was the DAY OF RECONKING. I would find out if I had improved or if it was just a dang fluke. I took a hearing test that lasted three hours and at the end..I was aiming for a 61 and above…I GOT An 80 percent. That means I can hear and understand 80 percent of what my implants take it. Me the dr and the ASL interpreter all almost pooped our pants. I have another test in November, and I guess there is not much room to move upwards, but I am gonna try I will aim for an 81 and above.

Tracking my Book Of The Month Box

I ordered my Book Of The Month Club Box last week, and I am impatiently waiting for it to get here. According to USPS, it is in Philadelphia. I am in Cleveland.Sighhh I hope it gets here this week. I got myself one of their totes that I am looking forward to using. I also ordered Roxanne Gay’s Hunger, and I want to read it. Patience is not my strong suit as u can tell.

Bye bye feedly hello Bloglovin

I reached my breaking point with Feedly last week. I mean if I want more than 100 feeds I GOTTA PAY?! Fuck that I am switching Bloglovin. I downloaded my OPML whatever file thingie imported it to Bloglovin the told Feedly byeeee and canceled my subscription. I am kinda liking being able to see the blogs when I read them. As a Deaf person I am very visual so being able to SEE all the pretty blogs makes me feel inspired. Plus I love their frame thingie. Back in the day when google reader was still around that is what I used. Glad someone decided to repurpose it.


I have wanted to start a podcast, but the actual doing of one terrified me. I mean I can barely work PhotoShop. I took one look at audacity (the program) and was like forget this. Then yesterday in my mastermind group I came across Anchor. It makes creating a podcast super easy. I am typing this on Saturday Morning, and I haven’t recorded anything on it yet. Maybe by the time you are reading this, I will have something on it.



It Never Gets Easier

I read this post on Modern Mrs. Darcy and let me tell you it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. There are a LOT of things that I have been putting off. Strangely I have ALMOST gotten my eating under control. I did not go over my points this week, and I am finding substitutes for food I love. For example, I LOVE ice cream. I was sad until I discovered Halo Top and the WHOLE THING is only 6 Weight Watchers points! Now I am happy as a clam. But yet…..
There are so many things that I put off thinking it will be easier tomorrow or next week or even the next lifetime maybe. Like exercise. I know I am happier and all when I do my daily walk/run on the treadmill. Last year hitting 315 pounds spurned me to action, but now that I have lost weight and continue to lose weight on Weight Watchers I find it damn near impossible to motivate myself to walk two blocks to the gym. I suspect this is why some days I find it hard to focus and to get moving but like the blog says it doesn’t get easier and I would rather be a happy, tired wealthy woman than a poor fat slob. So I gotta get a move on. The first step is to get to the gym.

Yes I Went There

I love coffee.. Coffee and books make me happy and make my world go ‘round. You may have heard of the summer hottest drink. Lacroix coconut water with cold brew coffee. I am never one to skip out on a trend but this one….I finally got up the courage to make some and OMG it IS good! I drank my whole gallon in one day, and no I did not sleep that night. Got a lot of work done though.
I got the Dunkin Doughnut cold brew coffee and a case of coconut Lacroix. I took a gallon jug thingie poured in a gallon of Lacroix and stuck two coffee bags in it. The next morning I gathered up my courage and took a sip and was shocked at how good it was. Everyone I know of the line was like all.GROSS..But you DID think bulletproof coffee was good. Gross…See I told you I never skip a trend. If you like coffee and you like La Croix, then you should give this a try. A warning though doesn’t taste the coconut La Croix before hand it tastes exactly like suntan lotion. I don’t know why la Croix keeps making it when even die hard la Croix drinkers like me think it is horrible but alas coconut L a Croix and coffee is surprisingly good.