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What I am Reading This Week

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Hi everyone!! Last week was rough, and I mean that in a good way. I am going to Planet Fitness to get in shape, and last week I got brave and signed up for one of their classes.  There are not a lot of people there this time of year so I get a lot of one on one attention and OMG he kicked my ass so hard. I also cleaned up my diet a lot. After talking to some of my new gym friends, I decided to go paleo/low carb. I have been struggling to get through the withdrawals of sugar and all of that. I am shocked at how similar nicotine and sugar/ carb cravings are. I haven’t had a cig in three years, and I am going through sugar withdrawals, and I am all like why am I craving cigs NOW? Another thing is with working out, so hard and low carb my energy levels have tanked.  I workout at different times usually in the Morning. I tend to wake up at around 4 am for some reason I write on a client project as much as possible work out then come home shower put on clean Pj and my young live lotion and take a nap wake up crank out some more of my client project before passing out. I checked, and this is entirely normal before your body starts running on fat. You supposedly feel amazing once your body switches to that energy source.

As you can imagine, I did not get much reading done. I did read Reading People and OMG it is so good. I encourage everyone to read it it will make a difference n how you handle things. Like I already know I am an extreme introvert and now I know why I feel so drained when I am around people. I need my time to recharge. I now feel less guilty now asking for alone time.

Speaking of alone time, I wiggled out of going to Kentucky for Thanksgiving. Before you start thinking I am a mean ole bitch, I didn’t want to go all the way to Kentucky then come all the way back to Cleveland for my audiology appt on Dec 15th. 10 hours on the road in that short amount of time is waaaay to much for me.


What I am hoping to read this week


I am waaaay too tired to make a pretty graphic in photoshop this week, so I am just gonna list them here. It is still non-fiction  November, so I am sticking to non-fiction still.


Deep Work- My library hold on this came in. I am hoping to get some tips on how to get into the flow of work. This is big in my business groups.

The Power of Habits- As I have said before, I recently overhauled my diet and exercise regime, and I want some tips to make them stick. I don’t want this to be a phase I want this to be my new lifestyle. I need all the help I can get though Lol


What are you reading?? I am all up for recs!!

Book Review: The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield

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ISBN: 9780446691437
Book Review: The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven PressfieldThe War of Art by Steven Pressfield
Published by Warner Books on 2003
Genres: Self-Help, Personal Growth, General
Pages: 165
Format: ebook
Source: bought
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The Art of War meets "The Artist's Way" in this no-nonsense, profoundly inspiring guide to overcoming creative blocks of every kind.

I have heard some fellow creatives say that this book helped unblock them and how it helped their creativity. I have been feeling somewhat blocked lately and thought this would be a good time to crack it open and learn about some unblocking techniques.

What I Liked

There were a few quotes that I liked. I think there were two of them. The VERY last pages of the book were excellent. I am not saying this to be snarky either, but it was. It was if the majority part of the book was his morning pages, and then the last chapter was the real book. For that reason alone I will read Turning Pro, but I am just gonna borrow that one from the library.

In the next section, i complain about this but t goes both ways I think. I did like the inspirational feel of it at times. Like if i needed some inspiration then this would be a great book.




What I Did Not Like

Oe thing that I did not like was the short snippets of text that made up a chapter. I will be honest, going into this book I thought would be akin to reading The Artist Way or Bird By Bird but no, it was like a paragraph made up a chapter and that was it. And there weren’t even any techniques in the book. It was all inspirational

I really thought that I would be gleaning some insights on how to become unblocked in this book and i felt that what i got was….not that.. If it had been toughted as an inspiratinal book or such then ok, I might not have felt so disappointed, but ugh I am STILL blocked…Which I realize is no fault of the author but still.

There were no real techniques in this book. Expect a prayer to say before you start writing. I am like if it were THAT easy, there would be a lot more authors out there but alas





I hated this book. Aside from a few quotes, I felt this want even worth the money I spent on it and I THINK I  even got it on a sale.  I had to force myself to slog my way through it, and I am glad that I did because the last chapter was great, but all the other chapters were just ugh… I WANT MY 2 DOLLARS BACK!!

I think the reason that I was so disappointed though is because I went into it expecting one thing and got another. I wanted techniques that he used to write or to get unblock and instead it was a sappy inspirational book. I feel that had I been in the right frame of mind then I would have thought differently about this book.


What I am Reading This Week

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I actually read last week! Actually, We skipped fall and went straight to winter and you better best believe that I don’t leave my apartment for the cold unless it benefits me directly in some way and yes the gym counts. LOL Anyway since I am all hibernating after I get all my work done for the day I read.

Hi, Anxiety! Life With  A Bad Case of Nerves


This is a book worth picking up.. My review is here. While it won’t give you any magical formulas with dealing with anxiety it will help you feel less alone and sometimes that is all we need.

The War of Art


Seriously underwhelmed with this book. Review to come.

The Power of Habit-

I have actually read this way back when it first came out but I wasn’t really ready to make so many things a habit. Like exercising. I mean I KNEW intellectually it would be great but I could never seem to get off my butt to do anything about it. Fast forward to today and I am making changes left and right and I want to see if there is anything that I can do to make sure that they stick


Reading People-

it seems that everyone has read this expect me. I have to admit I love those personality tests and I am dying to know what Anne Bogel says about them.



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I can’t believe it is November where has this year gone? It is like I blinked and this year has gone by. I kinda wanna do over, but that only works in books, not in real life. I see the audiologist again in little over a month. I have been practicing my listening skills with podcasts and audiobooks. I understood 80 percent of speech on my last appointment, so I am hoping for a 90 percent on December 15.


I am taking part in nonfiction November this year. My introductory post is here. I read War of Art last week, and I was…underwhelmed with it. A review is coming soon but suffice to say I was expecting more than what I got from it.



I am doing the couch to 5k on the treadmill and damn am I tired. Plus after a workout, i am always starb=ving, and my legs and feet ache. I am hoping my body adjusts soon. At least I am not dead tired like before just fatigued is all. But I am getting stronger and better, and there were times this last week I have felt like I was actually running and that means more to me than any number on the scale. I tried on a pair of size 16 pants that I have, and they fit! I was sooooo happy. For reference, I used to be a 22 three months ago, so that is progress!


I am tempted to put up my tree this week. I am not one for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I prefer to have the whole season be Christmas. Everyone seems fond of reminding me that it is not Christmas yet but to that, I say it is Christmas season if I want it to be. I am not looking forward to dragging the tree out and untangling the lights, BUT I LOVE having the tree UP.  Hopefully, Marbles won’t tear the tree down.

Book Review: Hi, Anxiety: Life With a Bad Case of Nerves by Kat Kinsman

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ISBN: 9780062369703
Book Review: Hi, Anxiety: Life With a Bad Case of Nerves by Kat KinsmanHi, Anxiety by Kat Kinsman
Published by HarperCollins on November 15th 2016
Genres: Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs, Medical, Mental Health, Social Science, Women's Studies
Pages: 240
Format: ebook
Source: bought
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Joining the ranks of such acclaimed accounts as Manic, Brain on Fire, and Monkey Mind, a deeply personal, funny, and sometimes painful look at anxiety and its impact from writer and commentator Kat Kinsman.

Feeling anxious? Can’t sleep because your brain won’t stop recycling thoughts? Unable to make a decision because you're too afraid you’ll make the wrong one? You’re not alone.

In Hi, Anxiety, beloved food writer, editor, and commentator Kat Kinsman expands on the high profile pieces she wrote for about depression, and its wicked cousin, anxiety. Taking us back to her adolescence, when she was diagnosed with depression at fourteen, Kat speaks eloquently with pathos and humor about her skin picking, hand flapping, “nervousness” that made her the recipient of many a harsh taunt. With her mother also gripped by depression and health issues throughout her life, Kat came to live in a constant state of unease—that she would fail, that she would never find love . . . that she would end up just like her mother.

Now, as a successful media personality, Kat still battles anxiety every day. That anxiety manifests in strange, and deeply personal ways. But as she found when she started to write about her struggles, Kat is not alone in feeling like the simple act of leaving the house, or getting a haircut can be crippling. And though periodic medication, counseling, a successful career and a happy marriage have brought her relief, the illness, because that is what anxiety is, remains.

Exploring how millions are affected anxiety, Hi, Anxiety is a clarion call for everyone—but especially women—struggling with this condition. Though she is a strong advocate for seeking medical intervention, Kinsman implores those suffering to come out of the shadows—to talk about their battle openly and honestly. With humor, bravery, and writing that brings bestsellers like Laurie Notaro and Jenny Lawson to mind, Hi, Anxiety tackles a difficult subject with amazing grace.

I too have Anxiety. Mine comes with my Bipolar, but I still have the same crippling sensations of fear. I wasn’t always an anxious person. I can in face remember life before I had this crippling anxiety and wonder what I did to bring it on but alas today I have it, and I must figure out a way to live with it. Which is why I love books where OTHER people write about how they deal with their anxiety. It makes me feel less alone, and sometimes I will glean something new to try.

What I Liked

I loved how open and honest  Kat Kinsman is about her anxiety. I mean I am open about the fact that I HAVE anxiety, but it is not often that I will go into detail about it with just anyone. Most of the time I reserve the nitty-gritty details for my mom or close friends. But in Hi! Anxiety Kat Kinsman gives us an intimate look into her anxiety.  She goes into detail so that we can see excakly what it is like living with this illness.

I also like how she tells the truth about Effexor. I am one of the people that Effexor works for. It pulled me back from the dark abyss of depression and allowed me to live my life, BUT if I miss a dose a few hours later, I get sick of a  bitch as withdrawal symptoms set in. I have people tell me that it is all in my head that THEY don’t get sick and at times I have felt that maybe it is just me. Kat Kinsman tells it like it is for many of us if we are late taking a dose or if we try and go off of it. I admire her for going cold turkey. I was reading, and I was like OMG YOU ARE DOING THIS WITHOUT STEPPING DOWN?!  And you know what she was honest that she was sick for WEEKS after she quit. She explains why she did not see a DR first and I can’t fault her for that, but still, i was like holy fuck. She even tells us that it was two YEARS before the brain zaps stopped. Damn, i guess I am stuck on this for life cause I don’t have that kind of courage. Heh

My friends like to joke that I am a “modern-day shut-in” and at times I felt really bad an about it but this book made me realize that I am not alone and that agoraphobia is a very real thing that people live with. It made me feel less isolated, and that is the point of Kat Kinsman sharing such stuff in the book for the people who CANT speak up.

In the end, she admits that she is “privileged as hell” with her illness and I realized that I too was privileged. I have access to great insurance; I can work from the comfort of my apartment. I am manged to snag a great apartment that has everything or almost everything I need or want on the same block. I can be open about my anxiety with my friends. My friends get me when I tell them I am not in a going out mood.  I have a FANTASTIC Dr., And the list goes on. I will admit there are days I wish I were the kind of person that liked to go out of a one-mile radius but I am not. I am lucky in that I don’t have to drive anywhere as we have buses here. I do feel for people who have agoraphobia and who do not have this kind of choice, and they are indeed stuck in their house.



What I Did Not Like

There is nothing about the BOOK that I did not like, but I wanted to add something about how I hate that most people who live with crippling anxiety do not have the resources to live life as they choose. They have to go to work in a place that gives them even more anxiety. They cant be open with it or worse they live in a place where they cant get treatment for it.

For example, I take a million milligrams of Neurontin for anxiety. Kidding I only take 900 three times a day. cough here in Cleveland I can get my pills easily. Hell, I don’t even have to leave my apartment building as the pharmacy mails them to me. Life here is pretty good I must admit. Then I visited my mom at her house in South Eastern Ky, and I find out you gotta take a drug test, AND you have to leave your home to go pick up the pills and sign a paper and blah blah blah. I mean can u imagine how hard that would be for someone like me who hates leaving my apartment which is afraid to drive ( there is no public transportation in SouthEastern Ky) who hates dealing with humanity in general? Seriously it is a pain in you know what. I hate that the way I live is the way the most privileged of us with mental illness live. I wish that everyone could have access to fanatic dr and pharmacies who will mail their meds and that everything they needed was within a one-mile radius. But they don’t.  And that makes me sad.


I feel that Hi! Anxiety by Kat Kinsman is a book that is important in the cannon of dealing with anxiety and mental illness. There are not enough books on the topic of severe anxiety in my opinion. This book tells it like it is and if everyone understood what it is REALLY like living with anxiety then maybe, just maybe help can be found.


Book Review: This Is Where You Belong: The Art and Science of Loving the Place You Live by Melody Warnick

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ISBN: 9780143129660
Book Review: This Is Where You Belong: The Art and Science of Loving the Place You Live by Melody WarnickThis Is Where You Belong by Melody Warnick
Published by Penguin on July 4th 2017
Genres: Psychology, Mental Health, Self-Help, Personal Growth, Happiness, Social Science, Sociology, General
Pages: 320
Format: ebook
Source: bought
Buy on Amazon

In the spirit of Gretchen Rubin's megaseller The Happiness Project and Eric Weiner's The Geography of Bliss, a journalist embarks on a project to discover what it takes to love where you live

The average restless American will move 11.7 times in a lifetime. For Melody Warnick, it was move #6, from Austin, Texas, to Blacksburg, Virginia, that threatened to unhinge her. In the lonely aftermath of unpacking, she wondered: Aren't we supposed to put down roots at some point? How does the place we live become the place we want to stay? This time, she had an epiphany. Rather than hold her breath and hope this new town would be her family's perfect fit, she would figure out how to fall in love with it--no matter what.      How we come to feel at home in our towns and cities is what Warnick sets out to discover in This Is Where You Belong. She dives into the body of research around place attachment--the deep sense of connection that binds some of us to our cities and increases our physical and emotional well-being--then travels to towns across America to see it in action. Inspired by a growing movement of placemaking, she examines what its practitioners are doing to create likeable locales. She also speaks with frequent movers and loyal stayers around the country to learn what draws highly mobile Americans to a new city, and what makes us stay. The best ideas she imports to her adopted hometown of Blacksburg for a series of Love Where You Live experiments designed to make her feel more locally connected. Dining with her neighbors. Shopping Small Business Saturday. Marching in the town Christmas parade.      Can these efforts make a halfhearted resident happier? Will Blacksburg be the place she finally stays? What Warnick learns will inspire you to embrace your own community--and perhaps discover that the place where you live right now . . . is home.

From the Hardcover edition.


I have to be honest. I am the type of person that packs up and moves every three years. I don’t know WHY I just get that itch that my life would be better if I were SOMEWHERE ELSE. I am a freelance ghostwriter, so I can live anywhere and maybe that is the problem. I never give anyplace a chance. I am currently in Cleveland, and I have been here a record of 5 years. I am starting to get that itch again so when I saw this book as a daily Kindle deal I grabbed it in the hopes that it would have some clues on how to love where I live. I am tired of packing up and leaving so this was the perfect opportunity to get some insight on how to NOT give in to that itch.

What I Liked

First of all, I loved how honest she was about that itch in moving. I could completely understand. I thought it was me and that I had issues but reading this I realized that America is the most mobile country on earth. It seems that almost half of us pack up and move every three to 5 years. I felt a LOT better after reading that.

I also loved her background information. Providing background information can be dangerous as some authors into boring you to tears. But not Melody Warnick her insights and information was highly useful to a person such as me who after three years thinks that ANYWHERE else would be the perfect place.  I feel lots better knowing that I am just one of millions of Americans who think the same

I loved her checklists on how to make roots and feel like you belong. I realized that I do that here in Cleveland more than any other place I have lived. Maybe it causes with my Cochlear Ear Implants I can hear now, and I became more involved in the community. for example I joined a book club at the library. I go to bookish events, and I frequent my favorite used bookstore, and I have become great friends at the little health food store I found near my apartment. In every other place I lived, I never did any of that. So I realize now that suppose I get married and move I know what to do to put down roots wherever I end up, but you know what? For the time being, I am staying here in Cleveland because I feel like I finally have a life here and THAT makes all the difference.


What I Did Not Like

The only complaint that I have was I wanted to hear more of HER story and not research facts all the time. She gives us little looks into her life but not as much as some other authors do. I can understand some people need privacy and are not as open, but sometimes it felt as if I was reading a textbook. I went into it expecting more of a memoir type thing so maybe that why that bugged me.


I enjoyed this book and learned a lot from it. I learned how to put down roots, and I realized that while I may not be out placemaking, I do get involved in the community in some ways, and that makes all the difference. I think that’s why I  have stayed here a record of 5 years. My friends can’t believe that I would stay in Cleveland for so long, but I do like it here. I would recommend this book to anyone feeling that old familiar itch to move..move…move…. Trust me I have moved dozens of times, and no place is “better” if you don’t attempt to put down some roots. So if you are one of the people who has a VIP to Uhaul then go and read this book…you can thank me later.


Rating Report
Overall: five-stars

What I am Reading 10-16-17

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I looked at my calendar and saw I only have two months until my next audiologist appointment. I got an 80 percent on my last test. That is almost unheard of for a person who is pre-lingually Deaf like me, but I am an overachiever and want to get at least a 90 in December. I want to do well so gotta practice. I got me a suncrintion to audiable so I can downlowed the audiobooks to the books I already have on my kindle and have started really settiga side time to read in the past couple days.

I finshed one book whitch was

I really Liked this book. I got it on sale on Amazon and I wanted to read it because I am one of those people who moves every three years. I love Cleveland, but I am starting to get that old familiar itch so I read this book and got some great ideas on how I can like it here in Cleveland.

I am both reading and listening to

This was another book I got on a deal at Amazon. I have horrible anxiety, so I am always curious as to how other people manage theirs. I also got the audiobook with an audible credit and am doing the immersion thingie on the kindle. I am hoping that by listening to it while reading it, I will gain a better understanding of spoken English spoken at an average pace.

Book Review: Priest-Kings of Gor (Gor #3) by John Norman

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ISBN: 9780345295392
This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Book Review: Priest-Kings of Gor (Gor #3) by John NormanPriest-Kings of Gor by John Norman
Published by Random House Publishing Group on October 12th 1980
Genres: Fiction, Science Fiction, General
Pages: 317
Format: hardcover
Source: library
Buy on Amazon

This is the third installment of John Norman's popular and controversial Gor series. Tarl Cabot is the intrepid tarnsman of the planet Gor, a harsh society with a rigid caste system that personifies the most brutal form of social Darwinism. In this volume, Tarl must search for the truth behind the disappearance of his beautiful wife, Talena. Have the ruthless priest-kings destroyed her? Tarl vows to find the answer for himself, journeying to the mountain stronghold of the kings, knowing full well that no one who has dared approach the priest-kings has ever returned alive..

I DID IT!! I finished another book! That seems to be a constant refrain of mine this year. Anyway took me two weeks, but I read this book. It is not a bad book at all. It just my brain is funny these days, and I have no idea what is wrong with my attention span. Maybe I use it all up doing freelance client work then by the time I am done with that for the day my brain don’t wanna focus anymore. Who Knows?

A word of caution: If you are in in way a feminist then you would want to avoid the Goran Saga. I am a Bad Feminist so even though it offends me I just let it slide.

Even though there is a LOT of info dumping here and world building if you haven’t read the first two books in the series, then you will be lost with this one. So I highly recommend you start with the first book Transman of Gor and then proceed from there.

So for this book, our man Tarl is going to the Sardar to face off the Priest-Kings and to find out why they have destroyed his family and city Ko-Ro-Ba. I am not sure what I had in mind when I envisioned a Preist-King, but it sure wasn’t a giant wasp. After reading the description that John Newman provides for some reason a Giant Wasp came into my head and refused to leave. I honestly thought they would be fearsome humans but nope.

Now I can’t unthink the Giant Wasps. How Tarl keep from shitting his pants the first time he saw one I have no idea. I mean if I came face to face with a giant wasp then I probably die of a heart attack right then and there.

The book sloooowly takes us through the process of getting to know thePriest-kings and their ways. It felt slow but probably wasn’t the book is not long at all, but all that info dumping was not done seamlessly. It seemed that info dumping would take pages before anything would happen. I was like come on you are face to face with a giant wasp then u info dump for five pages… Just TELLL me what happens next damnit.

The world building as always in the Goran Saga in fantastic. John Newman was brilliant when he created Gor. I have yet to come across an author who has built such worlds as the early sci-fi people. I mean sure you can world build in 300 pages but to keep it up for 20 somethings novels. THAT takes skill. I sometimes wonder at the people behind the early Sci-Fi and how they came up with the ideas in their heads.

Yes, there are slaves in this book. Human slaves. Women mostly. So like I said if you are in any way offended by a woman being pleasure slaves then stay far far far away from this series. I found it quite fascinating how Newman was able to keep it all consistent across all of his novels. I have found with a series sometimes the author will slip and you will find inconsistencies in the story. Not so with this one.


Overall I enjoyed this book despite taking so damn long to read it.



Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

Sunday Post 9-16-2017

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Hello, Everyone!! Did you miss me? I was sick with the crud all last week. That is why I have been missing. I am feeling lots better now. I took it easy and just slept mostly. I did make it through one book The Preist Kings of Gor. The Goram saga is not for everyone I will admit but I am enjoying the series.

Guss what I got this week. When it finally arrived I was soooo happy. I waited a week for it t get here and it is finally here. You wanna know what it is? Here is a picture









Yep, I have jumped on the Young Living bandwagon. I was strolling through Instagram and I saw Danielle Laporte used Young Living so I, of course, had to have some so I ordered me some through a friend’s linky thingie.

I am really into the self-care thing now. My health is a top priority. I so don’t want to fall into the abyss of depression like I did the first half of the year. I have no idea if they work as a magic thingie but you know what? It makes me feel good. I can put some oils in my water and so far I have gotten allll of my 120 ounces in the past few days. I refuse to drink plain water. Ewwww I am giving up the coke zero habit. The oils help with THAT and if it makes you feel good and you are not harming anyone then why not? I almost always have the diffuser going. Can you tell I am in love with it? Lol


I am back on my gluten-free vegan diet. I gotta take care of myself if I am going to thrive and just not merely exist. I am also REALLY allergic to wheat so I am removing it from my diet to see if I feel any better.

Does anyone else think it is way too early to have pumpkin stuff out already? I mean it is only September Oct is two weeks away. I broke down and bought a gallon of Apple Cider. I told myself two glasses a DAY that is IT. We shall see how I stick to it.

I am getting back on a schedule this week. I am determined lol. Last week I took off cause I was sick. This week I am gonna crush my goals which are

  • Read three book dunno which ones yet
  • return to my
  • Return to my morning routine
  • Write.. A LOT I have a huge project so I need to get started on that. I use to have a routine but with my CI surgery then my depression I fell out of it.
  • Get started with Unfuck your Habitat. I bought cleaning products and a new vacuum cleaner so I just need to get my ass in gear.
  • Track what I eat in Myfitnesspal (i am purplemoonmyst on thre if u want to add me.)

In fact, i am gonna make me a print out and stick it above my desk so I will have a visual reminder of what I should be doing. I LOVE my new printer. Can you tell?

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!




Currently Obsessed With

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 what i am currently loving right now

La Croix

I have wanted to quit diet coke for a while now, but I missed the fizzy feeling you get with soda. I have to admit at first I was like seltzer water? Ewwwwww and the first few that I tried I was all like gag then I found a few flavors that I liked, and from there I started drinking it by the gallons. In fact, it is the only thing that has saved me from going back to Diet Coke. I have heard it described as methadone for diet coke drinkers and it is. Has just enough flavor and fizziness to keep you off the diet soda and onto the path of optimum wellness.

Halo Top Ice cream

I first heard of this at a Weight Watchers meeting. I almost fell off my seat when I learned that the whole thing was only 6 WW points. In contrast, Ben and Jerrys is around 70 points for the whole thing. It is almost like having your cake and eating it too.

Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products

I detest traditional cleaning products cause I always end up feeling slightly sick with them when I clean. I saw this brand at the health food store and decided to try it. Then I saw it on Grove for 1.99 versus the 5 dollars at the health food store so now I get all my cleaning products from there. They clean even better than the traditional chemical ones, and they leave your apartment smelling AMAZING!

Young Living Essential oils

I am the kind of person that can’t sleep, and I am a very anxious person, so a friend sent me some oils to try out and fuck me the lavender didn’t put me right to sleep. I loved the other oils she sent and promptly bought me the starter kit. They got one oil that smells like Christmas. It and lavender are my favorite so far

My New Printer

I have had my eye on this fancy printer for a while, but I never seemed to have enough extra funds to purchase it. One day it arrived at my door. It turns out it was a gift from my mother. It is the perfect printer for printing out pictures and printables. I tested it, and it does print photos beautifully. You know how some printers the pictures come out all grainy? Not so with this printer. I want to get back into scrapbooking and this printer s the perfect one to do it with.