Five Things for 10-8-2017

Posted October 8, 2017 by Hillary in FIVE FOR SUNDAY / 3 Comments


5 for sunday

1- I am OBSESSED with essential oils at the moment. If you have told me that I would jump on the EO bandwagon even a couple of months ago, I would have laughed at you. I Loved scented candles but was always paranoid that I would burn down my apartment. Seriously I would have nightmares about that. With EO I can just put some oils in the diffuser, and my apartment smells AMAZING.


2-I am getting better at listening to podcasts and not have to have all of my attention focused on it. I was cleaning the other day, and I could sort of zone out while listening to it. When I realized that I could do this, I almost cried with joy. I know it seems like such little thing, but it means I am making progress and I can listen while I shop and all of that good stuff.


3- I am getting into audiobooks. I was checking them out on overdrive, but I got me an Audible subscription. I have two credits as I forgot I had it last month. Heh, I am always afraid that I will “waste” credit on a crappy book that I heard on the BookRiot podcast that you can tell them you don’t like an audiobook and they will give you your credit back. So I feel better about that.


4- I am doing ok on the weight loss front. It is the holidays, and I look and am all like HOW MANY WEIGHT WATCHERS points?! Yeah I know I said I was going Paleo, but I tend to rebel against stringent standards. I bet when I read The 4 Tendencies I will find that out. So I have decided that if I want to make this work for the LONG TERM, I gotta go with my personality type. My kitten Marbles is getting chunky also. He had figured out how to claw open the bag of cat food in the pantry but not before he had already eaten a bag along with the food I was giving him and went to get some more and  I found the emptied claw out bag. I stuck his fat furry ass on the scale, and he is 9.5 pounds at seven months. I was like Marbles we BOTH doing Weight Watchers. He is pissed at me still, but he will get over it. I hope.


5- Is it just me or is it even hotter than it was last year at this time? I remember last year because I had to go to Cleveland for a balance test before they would do the second implant and I  remember it was November, and it was warm, but now it is warmer. I hope we all don’t burn ourselves to an early death. And yet there are still people who deny climate change is real.