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Whole 30 Start Line

Posted January 6, 2018 by Hillary in getting healthy, getting personal, Goals, paleo / 3 Comments

My starting point on the #whole30 challenge

I know I know you are wondering how my going paleo is gonna help me write books and to write for clients. I will tell you. When I follow a strict paleo diet and lifestyle, my anxiety is nil. I mean it is GONE, and I will be the first to tell you that I write so much better without anxiety. I focus way better. I mean I can concentrate now, but when I am taking all my supplements and stuff, i can concentrate for hours. I feel so good. My depression lifts entirely. When I exercise, I feel so good. In general, I feel like a million bucks, and I write like a million bucks. The way you FEEL affects the way you write. I am not here to say that the paleo life is for everyone. It is not but for me, and I have seen a lot of people it works.

I have decided to be transparent about my journey to getting healthy. At the moment I eat crap, and I feel like crap even though I dressed up for the pic and got my mom to take my good side. I weigh 280 pounds. I WAS up to 320 that is a small improvement. I plan to eat a Whole 30 diet and to do some form of exercise every day. I am in the hills of southeastern Ky and would you know there is nota gym within 100 miles of here. I googled that and was like damn. I was not to be defeated, so I went and Got me a Subscription to Beachbody on Demand. That was before I was introduced to the whole wide world of online fitness videos. I was reading some blogs and came across BBG and Blogiliates among others. I honestly had no idea those existed. I prefer an actual gym with an actual personal trainer as I have in My apartment in Cleveland. I need the accountability to show up and do the actual workouts.I have found here at home I am tempted to sit my lazy ass down and WATCH the video, but alas this is the best that I can do here in the mountains. I try hard to complete each video. I do like that Beachbody on Demand has hundreds of programs to choose from so there is that. If for some reason I can get to the gym I will have this as a backup. I want to make sure that I do some form of exercise every single day.

I also need to watch what I eat. I have printed out the whole 30 food list so that I will always know what I can eat. I went on the whole 30 a couple of years a gap and had great success with it, so I know I can do it I just need to put in the effort. I am hoping that being transparent with my struggles and journey that I can maybe encourage someone else going through the same thing

Here is a picture of what I look like now at 270 pounds. I cant find a picture of me at 320 pounds. I think I hid from the camera when I was at that weight. I am hoping to be at least 140 by December of this year. Wish me luck!

That thing around my neck goes to my implant. I was rocking out to Kesha while taking this pic!

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge :Getting Personal The Flylady Way

Posted September 29, 2012 by Hillary in cleaning, Flylady, getting personal, organized, projects, Uncategorized / 2 Comments

I have been thinking about adding personal details to this blog and since I bought my own domain and everything I thought It is my homepage so why not? Then I came across this mini challenge for Bloggiesta Getting Personal and thought this was a perfect time to introduce the more personal side of me. While a big part of me is all about books I do have other things going on also.

My biggest thing right now is getting my apt organized. There is nothing I love more than a nice clean spiffy apt but I cant seem to keep it that way. I have been studying Flylady and decided to try out their technique. I have many in real life friends who swear by it so the masses cant be wrong. Right?

When I think of Chaos(Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome) I am like that is my apartment!! I am too embarrassed to show you pictures, so to show I am not just full of hyperbolic hot air  I will give you a glimpse into what my sink looks like at the moment.


Not exactly the cleaning shining sink that Flylady has. I thought that sharing that will help me motivate my ass to get up and do something about it. I know there are more of you out there that struggle with the same thing and that helps me feel not so alone. So from now on I will follow the Flylady baby steps and soon I will have a spotless apt!