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My Core Desired Feelings for 2017

Posted January 10, 2018 by Hillary in Goals / 2 Comments

My Core Desired Feelings for 2017

I have seen a lot of people blog about their one word for the year, but for me, I prefer to do the desired map. In the desired map, we have our core desired feeling. You find out the way that you want to FEEL and then plan your stuff around that. When I first read the Desire Map, it broke me open into a whole different way of living. I used to be a plan A type of person who thought that the whole Getting Things done method was the BEST…THING. EVAR… I took the whole GTD thing seriously when I first started my business. I kept hearing about the Desire Map and thought well …I will see what everyone is talking about and I have never been the same since.


Every December I reflected on the year and asked myself what worked and what didn’t. And then I think about how I want to feel in the coming year. This is what I came up with for 2017.

First, there was the whole me getting “sick” with my bipolar in 2017. I realized that if I don’t take care of MYSELF then I will be useless and then I will be unable to achieve any of my goals. I realized that my type A personality is not going to cut it anymore. I HAD  to make changes. The basics are my sleep, diet (paleo) and exercise and meditation and journaling. I still use the day one app for my morning pages, but I have started using the app for journaling also. The app is AMAZING!! I will write about it once I get some useful data to show it.  I want to focus on ALL of me so that I am in tippy top shape for this wild and one life that I have here on earth.

After I started making money again last year, it felt nice to be able to go out and eat and stuff and not have to worry about every last penny. It felt nice to be able to order things from young living and to go on a healthy habit kick. I LOVE YOUNG LIVING, so I was sooo glad to be able to do that. To do all of that though I need cold hard cash. And yes I liked the feeling of being able to lend friend money and all of that also. I read a couple of books on money blocks, Get Rich Lucky Bitch, and You are a Bad Ass at Making Money, and I started to see wealth in a whole new way. I wrote here how my Appalachian Upbringing really hindered me from thinking regarding wealth and after I realized that I wanted to break the generational poverty cycle that is so prevalent in these parts.

I want to feel like I can take on stresses and healthily deal with them. I am failing at this so far in 2018 as I already had one major freak out but I want to be able to take the stresses of living and running a business in stride.

I also want to be in shape. At the moment I am 270 pounds, and I want to get in shape so that I can go on adventures. I am tired of turning down friends who want to g ziplining and stuff because I either can’t fit or I am afraid I will break something. I have been eating paleo and working out to Beach body on Demand at my mom’s house. When I am at my apartment in Cleveland, I go to a Planet Fitness down the street and work out with one of their trainers.

The above encompasses how I want to feel this year in 2018. I sat down, and the words that keep coming to my head were Healthy, Wealthy. And Strong so that is what I decided my core desired feeling would be

Healthy  Wealthy    Strong



Whole 30 Start Line

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My starting point on the #whole30 challenge

I know I know you are wondering how my going paleo is gonna help me write books and to write for clients. I will tell you. When I follow a strict paleo diet and lifestyle, my anxiety is nil. I mean it is GONE, and I will be the first to tell you that I write so much better without anxiety. I focus way better. I mean I can concentrate now, but when I am taking all my supplements and stuff, i can concentrate for hours. I feel so good. My depression lifts entirely. When I exercise, I feel so good. In general, I feel like a million bucks, and I write like a million bucks. The way you FEEL affects the way you write. I am not here to say that the paleo life is for everyone. It is not but for me, and I have seen a lot of people it works.

I have decided to be transparent about my journey to getting healthy. At the moment I eat crap, and I feel like crap even though I dressed up for the pic and got my mom to take my good side. I weigh 280 pounds. I WAS up to 320 that is a small improvement. I plan to eat a Whole 30 diet and to do some form of exercise every day. I am in the hills of southeastern Ky and would you know there is nota gym within 100 miles of here. I googled that and was like damn. I was not to be defeated, so I went and Got me a Subscription to Beachbody on Demand. That was before I was introduced to the whole wide world of online fitness videos. I was reading some blogs and came across BBG and Blogiliates among others. I honestly had no idea those existed. I prefer an actual gym with an actual personal trainer as I have in My apartment in Cleveland. I need the accountability to show up and do the actual workouts.I have found here at home I am tempted to sit my lazy ass down and WATCH the video, but alas this is the best that I can do here in the mountains. I try hard to complete each video. I do like that Beachbody on Demand has hundreds of programs to choose from so there is that. If for some reason I can get to the gym I will have this as a backup. I want to make sure that I do some form of exercise every single day.

I also need to watch what I eat. I have printed out the whole 30 food list so that I will always know what I can eat. I went on the whole 30 a couple of years a gap and had great success with it, so I know I can do it I just need to put in the effort. I am hoping that being transparent with my struggles and journey that I can maybe encourage someone else going through the same thing

Here is a picture of what I look like now at 270 pounds. I cant find a picture of me at 320 pounds. I think I hid from the camera when I was at that weight. I am hoping to be at least 140 by December of this year. Wish me luck!

That thing around my neck goes to my implant. I was rocking out to Kesha while taking this pic!