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July 2017 in Review

Posted July 31, 2017 by Hillary in monthly wrap ups / 3 Comments


Well, here we are. July is over with, and August is almost here. I can’t believe it. I spent the first half of the year depressed and finally FINALLY after many medication changes and dosages change the depression lifted. I can see the light again. I wouldn’t wish that kind of depression on my worst enemy. I am determined to make the rest of the year rock. I am back to exercising, and on Aug first I am going Paleo again. I will have to be careful as I had some episodes of low blood sugar but the Dr is watching me. I am not going to be so strict that I refuse a coke if I am about to pass out but I want to get healthy, so I can THRIVE and not just merely live.

I have discovered Canva for Work, and I am in LOVE. I will still use Photoshop to edit pics but to make blog graphics and such Canva it is.

I can’t believe that I had this kitten for almost a month. He was born on April 1 but no jokes as he is ultra sensitive about THAT but the little fur face will be four months old Tomorrow. I think it s sinking in his skull that I am keeping him til he crosses the rainbow bridge, so all of the behavior issues are getting resolved. Who ever said cats don’t have feelings obviously never had one!

Here is what I blogged in July. I spent the first half still depressed then picked up the second half

I am still making my way through the big ass never-ending book Tools of Titans. There is a lot of good info in it though which is why I keep slogging through it.

Ohhhhh this is also the month that I started understanding podcasts. I have a post on that planned.

I didn’t read a book a day as I planned but I DID get back to work. I have another blog that is my “work” blog, and I have been hard at work on that one. So progress on something lol.

I am not sure what I plan to read this month. There are so many options. I have been getting unsolicited books in the mail from publishers, and that makes me feel like I have made it. Ha. Plus there are library books, Scribed and the list goes on and on. I have two books and a comic preordered. On Tuesday Garfield and Grumpy Cat hit my Kindle. A friend told me about that, and you better believe I went straight to ComiXology and subscribed to the series. I preordered the book by Modern Mrs. Darcy and a book on Magnesium. That book is big in the Paleo world so I was like I will just get it and that way I can refer to it.

So tell me what books are YOU most looking forward to in August?