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September 2107 Wrap-up

Posted October 3, 2017 by Hillary in Monthly Wrap-ups / 4 Comments

I am doing it backward this month. I had my goal post on Sunday, and today I am doing Septembers Wrap-up.  Not to sound like I am repeating myself but where has this year gone? It seems that I blinked and now it is October. Well, time seems to slow down when I was taking on my Young Living stuff to arrive but other than that I am like OMG IT IS OCTOBER!!!!


The heatwave that we had for two weeks has thankfully broke. That was one hell of a heatwave Y’all 100-degree weather Right here in Cleveland. I don’t even get that hot in an average summer let alone at the end of September. I thought I was gonna die as my AC is older than God himself and thus not equipped to handle weather comply found in the south.


I think I read like three books in all of September. I may as well I’ve up and wait till 2018 to achieve any resectable reading goal. September is also the month that I experimented with lifestyle posts. I like doing them ok. I may keep on doing them or may not.

Here is what all I posted for September


wow… I posted like a LOT end sarcasm Honestly I am not even sure what is wrong with me this year. I mean I am not depressed anymore, but it seems that all I want to do is eat junk foods and watch Youtube videos. Maybe I will make a vlog before the end of the year.


I looked on Instagram and didn’t post a lot there either. I DID, however, use twitter a lot so there is that. #socialmediagoals


The big thing that I did this past month was joined Young Living. My anxiety was climbing to a sky-high limit, and my Dr refused to up my medication, so I was like fine. I will try essential oils and see. My mom told me I was a sucker, but you know what. I LOVE THEM, and even if I am a sucker, they make me happy and so I will keep on using them. Mom is the same person who bought a salt lamp to help with her asthma so she can’t say much. Did you know that Young Living has a shit ton of other stuff besides oils? Me neither. I was looking on their website, and I just want to marry someone high up in that organization so that I can feed my addiction.  I HAZ A SERIOUS PROBLEM…


I haven’t been sleeping very good again. By the time you read this, I will be at the Dr’s office getting me more sleeping pills. I am then gonna come home, and my ass is gonna sleep all day and alll nights. I can’t wait. You know you are getting old when you look forward to sleeping.


Jan Wrap-Up

Posted February 4, 2015 by Hillary in Monthly Wrap-ups / 0 Comments

January wasnt the best month for reading and blogging but that is OK I will make sure I do better in Febuary!

Here is what I posted on the blog for January

The books that I read in January is as follows:


Be All You Can Be-John C Maxwell

Monkey Mind -Daniel Smith

The Martian -Andy Weir

Easyway to Stop Smoking- Allen Carr

Sweetness #9 –  Stephan Eirik Clark

I had a good balance between non-fiction and fiction. I hope February will be the same but with more books!