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is 32 to early for cognitive decline?

Posted March 19, 2013 by Hillary in Ageing, Brain, Cognition, Google, Hearing impairment, Old age, Online Communities, Social Networking, Uncategorized / 3 Comments

Yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks that it took me 3 hours to read 100 pages. My first thought was well damn all those years of smoking and taking psychiatric medication have finally taken it toll on my brain. Worried that at the ripe old age of 32 I was experiencing cognitive decline due to age I did what every one would do in my situation. I looked up cognitive decline up on Google  Most of the material was for people in their 60’s or 70’s but none for people in their 30’s.  Then I plugged in “is 32 to young to have cognitive decline?” Google showed me a webpage for cognitive decline that has to do with memory. I have no problems with my memory I just read too damn slow.

So next I told trusted sources, my friends. I was all like I am becoming dumber with each passing year. They asked me what i meant and I laid out my theory of cognitive decline. Everyone thought I was being silly but when they heard it took me a past speed reader 3 hours to read 100 pages they became interested. One friend admitted that he felt the same and we speculated that it was due to the instant gratification culture we are living in. We can focus on only 140 characters at one time then we turn to something else. I had to agree, I had borderline ADHD growing up but when Facebook and twitter came along I developed such a short attention span I had to take Stratera to counteract this.

The second theory which many of my friends speculated was that it was due to my anti social behavior. My blocking out everyone and being alone most of the time has finally taken its toll on me. They suggested that I go out and meet new people and socialize more.I had to agree this had some merit so I researched this and found that it was true. Isolating oneself causes mental factilites to decline. And to add to it strong social support is the one thing that makes people happier apparently being social has more benefits than not, so here’s to my getting social plan!