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How Do You Decide To DNF A Book?

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If there is one thing that I struggle with it is when to DNF a book. In fact, I don’t think I have DNF’d a book so far this year. I am one of those types that I like to finish what I started so more often than not I will trudge through a book until the bitter end.


I know that it makes no sense to get mad a book for being bad and wanting my time back as I can just put the dang thing down and move on. After all, this blog is a hobby and not a job. Still,  find myself cursing a book and the author for wasting my time, and I get all mad and am tempted to start throwing things most notable the book. I think the last book I DNF’d was Donna Tartt’s Bird book. OMG, I got to page 600 and could take no more. If anything at all happened in that book, it was slooooow moving. I can take chapter development, but that book seemed to make no sense. I seriously felt that she could have made it a 300-page book and kept the main plot points. HOWEVER, I think I was in the minority on that one SO….


I have noticed a trend among book bloggers recently of where they are writing reviews of when they DNF’d a book, and it got me to wonder just HOW does one decide that the book is beyond hope of redemption and just put it down. I know with the bird book it was when one scene went on for like 6 pages and nothing really happened and I realized that nothing had truly occurred in the whole book and no matter how it ended,  to me was not gonna make up for the fact that I had spent a week trying to get through the damn thing, and I could take no more of the drug-laden scenarios that she was painting and I could care less about what happened to the bird painting. I mean WHY was it worth so much anyway? It was a painting! I even looked it up online, and it wasn’t THAT enthralling, but again I was in the minority.


Since then I have yet to reach that level of frustration. Yes, there have been books that had been a pain to get through. Or books that I felt could have used a better editor cough The Miracle Morning cough, BUT once I got past the writing style I found that the IDEA was genius, so I am glad that I plowed through.


I think that the reason that I am so afraid to DNF  a book is what if the ending is spectacular? Especially if it is a hyped up book like the bird book was.  I mean ALL those people can’t be wrong right? RIGHT?!


Seeing other people DNFing a book has made me take a hard look at my reading habits. I mean if a book is not working for me then I should put it down and move on. But how many pages to give it? 50? 100? 200? I don’t know. I am at a loss on this, to be honest with you. I am the type of person that is the endless optimistic. Even in the depth of a deep dark depression, I hold out hopes that tomorrow will be a better day. This translates to me thinking maybe the NEXT chapter is where things pick up. I mean we have all had a book that started out not so great then ended up having one of the best endings ever.

So tell me HOW do YOU decide when to DNF a book

The Sunday Salon

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The Sunday Salon

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is having a good Sunday. Today I am going to church then when I get home I will catch up on my google reader and read. It has been bright and sunny out which makes me impatient for spring where I can read and write outside. My new apt has a balcony I am itching to try out. Also it is so much more pleasant to go somewhere when it is nice and warm than when it is freezing out. There are lots of new places around town that I want to try out. I am looking forward to spring.

I bought a monthly subscription to The Artist Way online website. I am still not sure what I think about the site. It has a place for creative notes and such but I use Evernote for that and I use Penzu for online journaling. However it does have the Artist way exercises  and date ideas so maybe I will keep it for that. Have any of you used the site? If so what did you think?

For this week I have an audiologist appointment. I am getting new hearing aids. I am going to ask about an implant and see if I get one if  I could understand audio books and stuff better. I have asked friend and gotten mixed results on the implant but I think its worth asking about.

I hope to get a lot of reading done this week. I need to catch up on my reviews from my reading last week. I have books checked out from the library  and I am attempting to read them all before I have to send them back.  I am sure many of you know how that goes.

I hope everyone has a good Sunday!

It’s Monday! What are You Reading?

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Books that I reviewed last week are:

My Heart Stopped Beating

The Battle Belongs to the Lord

My nook did not come until Wednesday and I wasn’t in the mood to read ANY of the books I have on my shelf so my reading was lackluster last week to say the least. However once my nook arrived I started reading at my usual pace again. Books I have read but not reviewed yet are:

Watering Heaven

The Librarian

I loved both books. Look for a review coming this week!

I am now reading Seeing Voices. It is a book on Deaf Culture. I have some review books that I am excited about that I hope to get around reading this week they are: (Links takes you to goodreads)

The Dinner

Lost Cat

Goodbye To Yesterday

The Best of all Possible Worlds

These is a good mix of genres which is how I like my reading. I find if I stick with one kind of genre to long I get bored.

Happy reading this week!

When books cross over into real life.

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When most people read it is to escape reality and to delve into a good story. However there are some books that propose to provide a richer life out side of books. Flow was such a book. I reviewed it a while ago and one thing has stuck out to me in all of that time. It mentioned that chess players engage in physical activity to strengthen their mind. At first, I was like, how can that help strengthen your brain? My laziness knows no bounds. I will be the first to try and get out of anything resembling purposeful movement.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. My attention was waning and my writers block was so bad that I could hardly write my own name. I had heard of writers and other people say that daily exercise cures both aliments. Of course up until then I never actually listened.Then one month into my writers block, when I despaired of ever writing anything again I decided to give walking a try. It wasn’t the magic cure all but slowly it was as my brain was disengaging itself and starting to function again,ideas began to come and I can focus for more than an hour at a time.

What amazes me is that the more I exercise my body the stronger my brain becomes.And not only that but I have really really realllly bad anxiety and it get in the way of writing also. Walking has helped more than medication has ever did. Plus it does not put me to sleep.

And to think I would have never even thought of adding in walking had I not read a book about inducing happiness first. When people say they dislike reading or do not have the time for it, I always remind them that they will be richer and better off for it. There is so much to learn out there. Even fiction can teach you valuable things through the power of a good story.

Sunday Salon

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This week I started reading The Boneshaker and feel in love with it.I have been trying to read it slow to savor it then I found out there is a sort of a series. I know I said no more books from the library until I read all that I already checked out but I couldn’t help myself. I went and order both droughtnaought and Clementine.

Speaking of Libraries, since I am too poor to buy books at this point in time and I get all my books from the library, I see people taking pictures of what they bought and stuff and I get jealous. So I decided to implement a new feature. Library Loot (the link will take you to the first post I wrote this week). This will enable me to show off what I got at the library and hopefully will give readers a better taste of my very eclectic reading style.

I have been looking for more eclectic reading blogs. It sometimes seems the whole bookblogging community is blogging about young adult and while I read them from time to time I thought it would be nice to find bloggers such as I who reads a whole verity of things. So if you are an eclectic  blogger or knows someone who is please let me know.

I am going to spend the day reading The Boneshaker. I think I feel in love with steampunk genre. I will probably finish it either today or tomorrow.

What is everyone else reading today?

Library Loot

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Below is some of the books that I have come in for me at the library. There is still more I am waiting on. I have told myself not to order any more until I read these. We shall see how good I keep up with that resolution. My boyfriend was nice enough to let me use his account so most of these I can keep out for 4 months. Yippie!! Of course there is also Boneshaker that I am reading and loving.


The books listed are:

The Elegant Universe

The Colony

Gravity’s Rainbow Companion

Gravity’s Rainbow

The Happiness Project (The sales pitch hooked me. I want to be happy also)

Getting Things Done (will be a reread but as my procrastination is back in full force I need the kick in the ass he provides)

Darkness Visible

Have you read any of these? What did you think?

The Sunday Salon

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Did fall come early this year? Now the leaves are turning beautiful colors and it gets cooler faster when I go outside with my laptop to write.  Fall is good for having an excuse to stay in and curl up with a good book.

I am going back up north next Sunday so I will have to finish reading five more library books before then. I think I can do it. I will hunker down and do nothing but read this week.

At the moment I am reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I have to admit when I first saw the cover I thought it was a young adult book, but then I read the reviews and realized it was not. So much for my ability to judge a book by its cover.

Here is the link that I found that states that the novel Heart Of Darkness is going to be turned into a graphic novel. I am hesitant to pass judgment until I see the actual book but my first though was, how can such a substantial novel be turned into a glorified comic book? Can you tell I am not a big fan of graphic novels?

I have found that as I get older my body clock seems to be changing. I don’t know why people didn’t warn me about all the changes one encounters at 30. Used to be my best writing was at night. Now its early in the morning so I had to adjust my writing and reading schedule.

I have reviewed Push, A Purpose Driven Life and Pain killers this week.

Booking Through Thursday

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Even though it’s usually a mistake (grin) … do movies made out of books make you want to read the original?

Usually I try and read the book first. Sometimes a movie comes out and I had no idea there was a book. Precious was one such example. I saw the movie then I head it was based on a book. “Push”. I went and checks it out at the library and as a book lover first and foremost i wish i read the book first. on the other hand if the movie had never come out I probably would have never heard of the book.

On the other hand I know there is a movie based on Eat, Pray, Love. I am hesitant to see the movie because I am biased against Julia Roberts. I have hated most of the movies she has been in. I feel she lacks depth to her acting. I want to retain good feelings about the book, so I am undecided.

The Sunday Salon

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I am back. I participated here i think it was two years ago. I quit blogging for a multitude of reasons. About two weeks ago I was telling a friend how much I missed blogging and writing and they encouraged me to start up again. I am glad I did. I see some old familiar blogs that I cant wait to get reacquainted with.

My writing had gotten a bit rusty so I was reading on how to improve on it. Of course the only way to improve it to write. I looked around for a journal software and once again I came to the realization that Macs have it better in this regard. I have a Dell but someday I will have a Mac. I finally found Life Journal. I down loaded the trial and I have to say I am impressed with it so far. It has guided entries, Daily pulse and much more. I think I will end up buying it.

My reading has slipped this year. This is the worst reading year of my life if I may be so dramatic. I am still hoping I can get at least 50 books read by December 31. Right now I am reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I am loving it so far. I hope to finish reading it today and have a review up on Monday.

I have also rejoined BookCrossing. I need to spice up my profile. I hope to get to it this week.