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 what i am currently loving right now

La Croix

I have wanted to quit diet coke for a while now, but I missed the fizzy feeling you get with soda. I have to admit at first I was like seltzer water? Ewwwwww and the first few that I tried I was all like gag then I found a few flavors that I liked, and from there I started drinking it by the gallons. In fact, it is the only thing that has saved me from going back to Diet Coke. I have heard it described as methadone for diet coke drinkers and it is. Has just enough flavor and fizziness to keep you off the diet soda and onto the path of optimum wellness.

Halo Top Ice cream

I first heard of this at a Weight Watchers meeting. I almost fell off my seat when I learned that the whole thing was only 6 WW points. In contrast, Ben and Jerrys is around 70 points for the whole thing. It is almost like having your cake and eating it too.

Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products

I detest traditional cleaning products cause I always end up feeling slightly sick with them when I clean. I saw this brand at the health food store and decided to try it. Then I saw it on Grove for 1.99 versus the 5 dollars at the health food store so now I get all my cleaning products from there. They clean even better than the traditional chemical ones, and they leave your apartment smelling AMAZING!

Young Living Essential oils

I am the kind of person that can’t sleep, and I am a very anxious person, so a friend sent me some oils to try out and fuck me the lavender didn’t put me right to sleep. I loved the other oils she sent and promptly bought me the starter kit. They got one oil that smells like Christmas. It and lavender are my favorite so far

My New Printer

I have had my eye on this fancy printer for a while, but I never seemed to have enough extra funds to purchase it. One day it arrived at my door. It turns out it was a gift from my mother. It is the perfect printer for printing out pictures and printables. I tested it, and it does print photos beautifully. You know how some printers the pictures come out all grainy? Not so with this printer. I want to get back into scrapbooking and this printer s the perfect one to do it with.

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