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my kitten. I know people offline get tired of hearing about the kitten but he brings me so much happiness and joy. I didn’t realize what a big empty hole I had until I got the kitty. He is a little asshole but I still love him!


My crappy internet connection. I will have to get my mother to call ATT  since  Every Time I try and call using my Veido phone my internet cuts me off.  Technology is supposed to put us on an equal footing but when technology fucks up we are basically SOL and have to rely on other people.


Get Rich Lucky Bitch. I am so curious now about the manifestation thingie. I have read about it before but THIS book goes into detail HOW to do it. I realize I have money blocks and I am working on clearing them. I wish I could afford to take her boot camp course but alas.  I am paying an arm and a leg for a mastermind so I can’t currently justify spending 500 on a course.

Trying out

A new diet program. Facebook finally convinced me to try NOOM. So far I like it. It tells you exactly what to do to make sure you lose weight and u have a personal coach to talk to. The price is steep but I am getting tired of Weight Watchers and this is all on your phone so no more meetings or any of that. Plus I like when it reminds u of meals times and it tells you u need to take 5,000 steps today. It even hooks up with my Fitbit! I only tried it for a week so we shall see in a month or two how it goes.


Listing to lots and lots of podcasts! I still can’t believe that I can understand them. I have obly been able to for around three months now so I know I will NEVER get caught up and that makes me sad but I am SO loving being able to just listen to a podcast while I clean or cook.

Working on

making myself a paperless office. I want to be location independent in the near future and if I could just get everything online like contracts I have for my writing and all of that then I could just pack up my laptop and go. I am still working out the kinks though.


Halo Top Ice Cream!  For someone who is looking to lose over 100 pounds, this is a god send. I can’t believe that it took me so long to try it. I heard about it at a weight watchers meeting and I was skeptical at first. I mean how could a DIET ice cream taste good but everyone was raving about it so I was like fine I will try. One bite and I almost got on my knees to thank the good Lord above for it. Now I can have my ice cream.

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