How I Hygge :Updated for Winter 2018

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How I Hygge Updated for winter 2018
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The Holidays are over, and we are in the long slow months that seem to stretch out forever until that hot day of  June. Yes, June. Here in Cleveland, it is cold until June unlike in the south where it is summer in APRIL. Funny Story: My Parents live in Southeastern KY and last year I got my second CI Implant. It was time to visit the audiologist to get the outside part hooked up to the inside part, and it was in the middle of April and Cleveland it was NASTY. Cold hard rain falling in sheets of water pour from buckets in the sky, and it was dark and cloudy meanwhile in KY it was 80 degrees and sunny. I warned my parents that they better bring their winter clothes and a coat, but they brought summer outfits. They arrived in Cleveland and was like what happened to the weather? I was all like ha ha ha you gonna freeze your ass off, and they did the whole trip.  Anyway, the point is it is miserable in Cleveland til about June BUUUUT every year I come upon great ways to make it not soo miserable! Below is how I do it!


When I first moved from the south to Cleveland That first winter, I was miserable. Plus winter here last nine months. I felt a deep depression and wondered how I was going to survive living here.I love the city, but the prospect of its long, brutal winters was daunting. I knew that I had to do something to find somehow a way not on to survive but also to thrive during Cleveland Winters.
I thought I was so smart when I thought of this but it turns out the Danes were the ones who came up with it first. Winters there are even more brutal and yet they remain happy.  I haven’t heard of it until a couple of years ago but I am pleased to report that I last year I finally made it through the winter without feeling depressed how did I do it?

take mega doses of fish oil


(Click here for the brand I take)

I first heard about this when I went paleo a couple of years ago. Then I found research that to help with depression you have to take a shit load of omega 3. So I got the only fish oil that I can stand to take and calculated the omega 3, and it came to 5 tablespoons! At first, I was like that is a lot of fish oil but I choked it down, and after about a month I noticed a remarkable difference. I still don’t like taking it. I tried pills but they all have fishy burps, but this one doesn’t taste half bad. I can choke it down, so that is a big plus. I also HATE fish. So if you think ewwwww fish oil, then this oil don’t have a fishy taste to it. Since I even refuse to consume fish, I take the whole five tablespoons of oil a day. Helps with depression and anxiety.

took mega dosages of vitamin D3


(Click here for the brand I take)

The dr took my fit d leaves, and it feels in the normal range, but Mark Sission says that the average range is low so I went and bought this vitamin D3 and take 1500 a day and OMG my depression lifted entirely after about three weeks on it. It was amazing. And here in Cleveland, it is sunny about once a month in the winter so this was a godsend.

light millions of candles that smell good

I love Danielle LaPorte candles at the moment. I have also bought other candles, but I discovered her candles, and they smell amazing. I love them so much!

diffuse essential oils

( click here if you want to buy a starter kit)

Last year I was dumb and bout Esstibnal Oils off of Amazon and SUPRISE THEY DID NOT WORK!  Then a Friend convinced me to try  Young Living oils and stuff and OMG I AM IN LOVE. ( shameless self-promotion i “sell” young living stuff so if you want to try them out just email me!) They have changed my life for reals. I ALWAYS have something pumping out of my diffuser, and I use their soaps and lotions and everything!

Take long bubble baths

I have recently discovered bath bombs. Why did no one tell me about them before?! Nothing better than a great smelling bath bomb and a good book.


My shrink has been after me for years to work out. And for years I was like blah. Then my friend verbally kicked my ass, and I went to planet Fitness down the street, and now I am a big believer in exercising. It helps keep me in a good mood, and it helps control my anxiety.

stay paleo

I think my body hates carbs. Or at least non-paleo carbs. If I eat bread or pizza or something I always feel sick afterward and being sick is no fun and it makes me sad, so I have learned to avoid the stuff that makes me ill and I feel tons better.

cozy up with a good book

there is nothing a good book can’t cure especially if you read by the fireplace

have skype dates with close friends

my closest friends live outside of Ohio, so I always make sure to keep in contact with them.

lots and lots of floor lamps or any lamp

Am I the only one who hates overhead lights. Ugh, they are so bright and ugly. I love the soft glow of lamps, so I have a million in my apt, and I love them.

good coffee

Not the cheap maxwell house but rather coffee such as Death Wish Coffee. lousy coffee ruins a person day
There you have it. The trick is to find things that make you feel good and do them a lot. If you feel good, then you will be less likely to be depressed, and if you are happy then you can weather almost anything

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