January 2018 Wrap-Up

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I read and blogged consisting last month! No one is more surprised than I am. Other than falling off the Excercise bandwagon I met all my goals for January. I am just not a workout at home kind of person. I am an introvert in everything else, but the gym is the one place I need people around me to stay motivated. I will be going back to my apartment in a couple of weeks so will get back into the exercise groove then.

I have also started posting more on Instagram. This picture is the favorite that I posted in January.


I know it is not as creative as some, but I liked how it came out. I want my theme to be purple and dreamy, and I struggled so hard to get it right, and I felt like I finally did with that pic. I am slowly but surely figuring out my camera and Lightroom and photoshop

I read six books in January! Iknow that is not a lot per se, but after having a six month long reading slump, it feels good to be reading again. Last year I was starting to despair over ever reading again like I used to but I am baaaack! The Six books that I read are

My Favorite would have to be A Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. I can’t believe I never read her before this year! I loved that book so much. I want to read allllll her books now

Is it just me or has last month been FREEZING? I know we are entering the halfway mark for winter and that winter is cold, but it seems that the last time I was warm was in December when cranked my heat up in y apartment. My mom is always complaining about being hot, so it feels like this house is set in Siberia. Two more weeks and I can crank up the heart at my apartment again.

My obsession with The Skinny Confidential has reached unhealthy epic proportions. I even joined the membership site. I keep thinking if I do all that I can look like that also LMAO. Seriously though it seems that she follows a modified paleo diet. And I did find a LOT of recipes that look good, so it was 10 dollars well spent!


January Reading Stats

Books read- 5
How many books I read with my eyes- 4
How many audiobooks I listened to- 1
I read one fantasy two self-help one non-fiction and 1 Business books
I still suck at diverse reading

On the blog

I must admit seeing a nice long list of posts instead of two or three gives me a feeling of satisfaction. This year is off to a great start!

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