Meet Marble Icicle Orlando

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If you followed me on social media at all you have probably heard me talk about the new Kitten I have. If you haven’t heard or saw him here he is….

Marbles pondering the meaning of life.

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It is a funny and sad story of how I got him. His previous owner got him as a therapy cat, but he turned out to be more work than anticipated. There was some frenzy in trying to get him a new home before I heard about him. I had been thinking about getting a new kitten but never actually took steps to acquire one. Then I heard that Marbles was looking for a forever home,  so I volunteered.


There is no rhyme or reason for the name Marble Icicle. It is just what popped into my head when I saw him. Various people have looked at me funny when I tell them his name, but when I met him and held him for the first time, Marble Icicle popped into my head, so that is the name that I I went with.


He is a very hands-on kitten. He demands to have attention paid to him a LOT. He wants to play all the time which makes blogging and writing hard. I try and type, and he comes and lays on my keyboard and all of that. He also likes to wake me up at three is to play then curl up in my arms for nap.


He is also the sweetest little cat. He will rub his face against mine and purr. He also will curl up with me and sleep. He more than does his job as a therapy kitty. When I tell him something, he will even meow back to me.  My previous cat who crossed the rainbow bridge six years ago was an asshole, so it is nice to have a more “typical” kitty.


Overall he is a precious little kitty, and I am glad to have found him. I feel that he has abandonment issues when his previous owner gave him up cause when new people come in the apartment, he gets scared. I have tried to show and tell him that he is with me till he crosses the rainbow bridge but I am not sure how to make him not scared when he sees other people. Any suggestions would be welcome!


He has helped me out this last week that I have had him he has lifted me out of this funk I find myself in. Well, maybe not ALL the way but he has done more than I thought a kitty would. He makes sure I get out of bed eery morning to fill his bowl with kibbles and to play with him. Without him here by my side who knows I might still be in bed waiting till the end of time.


It is funny to think that I almost did not go to the therapy appointment where I heard about him. I was all like I don’t want to shower then get dressed and all of that. In the end, I forced myself to go, and I am glad I did for I got the best thing to happen to me this year!


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