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Get on my winter schedule

It is officially winter here in Cleveland. It is cold and will be until June, SO It is time to break out all my Hygee tricks and get comfy and settle into my winter routine with looks something like this.

  •  Wake Up
  • Get caffeinated
  • Work out
  • Come home put on clean Pj (It is winter ok. It is not likely that I will leave my apartment anytime to brave the cold unless I gotta go to the store or something in which case I will put on “real” clothes.)
  • Morning pages
  • Medaiate (I use Headspace)
  • Write
  • Read
  •  That is my wintertime Schedule. I will also have lots of hygee thrown in which I will talk about in a later post.


Work out Every day


I FINALLY got back in the habit of working out in Oct. I have been going every day for the last month, so I want to continue that. I am losing weight finally, and I am starting to have more energy and to be more focused, and all of that good stuff is yay!


Couch to 5k

I can finally run.. I may run slow, but I can do it! A friend mentioned the couch to 5k to me, and I thought here I could do that and train myself to run! I am excited about this. I never liked running before in my life, but I was never taught to run, and I always felt bad cause I was so slow, but I think now I am over what other people think so that maybe now I can finally learn properly.


Try a gluten free vegan diet again

I tried this before and felt like I was going to pass out one day and gave up. The dr told me I needed to take b vitamins and get enough vegan protein, so I am gonna take this b vitiemen supplement and stock up on the beans and other sources of protein. I will still be following weight watchers like I have been for the past few months now. I am severely allergic to wheat, so I am hoping that once I cut that out that I will feel 100 percent well. I want to THRIVE not just go through life living OKish is that makes sense.


Participate in Non-Fiction Nov

This is something that I have meant to participate in for years but it seemed that I always seemed to miss it. This year I caught the post explaining it in time to do it so yay! I will be participating. I am not sure what I will be reading as I am not a planner of that nature, but I definitely will be reading a lot of nonfiction!


Read at least ten books


My reading is woefully behind this year. This has not been a great reading year as you can tell. I am hoping if I read ten in November and ten in Dec that I will have read enough to do a top ten kind of thing.


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