Book Review: This Is Where You Belong: The Art and Science of Loving the Place You Live by Melody Warnick

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ISBN: 9780143129660
Book Review: This Is Where You Belong: The Art and Science of Loving the Place You Live by Melody WarnickThis Is Where You Belong by Melody Warnick
Published by Penguin on July 4th 2017
Genres: Psychology, Mental Health, Self-Help, Personal Growth, Happiness, Social Science, Sociology, General
Pages: 320
Format: ebook
Source: bought
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In the spirit of Gretchen Rubin's megaseller The Happiness Project and Eric Weiner's The Geography of Bliss, a journalist embarks on a project to discover what it takes to love where you live

The average restless American will move 11.7 times in a lifetime. For Melody Warnick, it was move #6, from Austin, Texas, to Blacksburg, Virginia, that threatened to unhinge her. In the lonely aftermath of unpacking, she wondered: Aren't we supposed to put down roots at some point? How does the place we live become the place we want to stay? This time, she had an epiphany. Rather than hold her breath and hope this new town would be her family's perfect fit, she would figure out how to fall in love with it--no matter what.      How we come to feel at home in our towns and cities is what Warnick sets out to discover in This Is Where You Belong. She dives into the body of research around place attachment--the deep sense of connection that binds some of us to our cities and increases our physical and emotional well-being--then travels to towns across America to see it in action. Inspired by a growing movement of placemaking, she examines what its practitioners are doing to create likeable locales. She also speaks with frequent movers and loyal stayers around the country to learn what draws highly mobile Americans to a new city, and what makes us stay. The best ideas she imports to her adopted hometown of Blacksburg for a series of Love Where You Live experiments designed to make her feel more locally connected. Dining with her neighbors. Shopping Small Business Saturday. Marching in the town Christmas parade.      Can these efforts make a halfhearted resident happier? Will Blacksburg be the place she finally stays? What Warnick learns will inspire you to embrace your own community--and perhaps discover that the place where you live right now . . . is home.

From the Hardcover edition.


I have to be honest. I am the type of person that packs up and moves every three years. I don’t know WHY I just get that itch that my life would be better if I were SOMEWHERE ELSE. I am a freelance ghostwriter, so I can live anywhere and maybe that is the problem. I never give anyplace a chance. I am currently in Cleveland, and I have been here a record of 5 years. I am starting to get that itch again so when I saw this book as a daily Kindle deal I grabbed it in the hopes that it would have some clues on how to love where I live. I am tired of packing up and leaving so this was the perfect opportunity to get some insight on how to NOT give in to that itch.

What I Liked

First of all, I loved how honest she was about that itch in moving. I could completely understand. I thought it was me and that I had issues but reading this I realized that America is the most mobile country on earth. It seems that almost half of us pack up and move every three to 5 years. I felt a LOT better after reading that.

I also loved her background information. Providing background information can be dangerous as some authors into boring you to tears. But not Melody Warnick her insights and information was highly useful to a person such as me who after three years thinks that ANYWHERE else would be the perfect place.  I feel lots better knowing that I am just one of millions of Americans who think the same

I loved her checklists on how to make roots and feel like you belong. I realized that I do that here in Cleveland more than any other place I have lived. Maybe it causes with my Cochlear Ear Implants I can hear now, and I became more involved in the community. for example I joined a book club at the library. I go to bookish events, and I frequent my favorite used bookstore, and I have become great friends at the little health food store I found near my apartment. In every other place I lived, I never did any of that. So I realize now that suppose I get married and move I know what to do to put down roots wherever I end up, but you know what? For the time being, I am staying here in Cleveland because I feel like I finally have a life here and THAT makes all the difference.


What I Did Not Like

The only complaint that I have was I wanted to hear more of HER story and not research facts all the time. She gives us little looks into her life but not as much as some other authors do. I can understand some people need privacy and are not as open, but sometimes it felt as if I was reading a textbook. I went into it expecting more of a memoir type thing so maybe that why that bugged me.


I enjoyed this book and learned a lot from it. I learned how to put down roots, and I realized that while I may not be out placemaking, I do get involved in the community in some ways, and that makes all the difference. I think that’s why I  have stayed here a record of 5 years. My friends can’t believe that I would stay in Cleveland for so long, but I do like it here. I would recommend this book to anyone feeling that old familiar itch to move..move…move…. Trust me I have moved dozens of times, and no place is “better” if you don’t attempt to put down some roots. So if you are one of the people who has a VIP to Uhaul then go and read this book…you can thank me later.


Rating Report
Overall: five-stars
I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

What I am Reading 10-16-17

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I looked at my calendar and saw I only have two months until my next audiologist appointment. I got an 80 percent on my last test. That is almost unheard of for a person who is pre-lingually Deaf like me, but I am an overachiever and want to get at least a 90 in December. I want to do well so gotta practice. I got me a suncrintion to audiable so I can downlowed the audiobooks to the books I already have on my kindle and have started really settiga side time to read in the past couple days.

I finshed one book whitch was

I really Liked this book. I got it on sale on Amazon and I wanted to read it because I am one of those people who moves every three years. I love Cleveland, but I am starting to get that old familiar itch so I read this book and got some great ideas on how I can like it here in Cleveland.

I am both reading and listening to

This was another book I got on a deal at Amazon. I have horrible anxiety, so I am always curious as to how other people manage theirs. I also got the audiobook with an audible credit and am doing the immersion thingie on the kindle. I am hoping that by listening to it while reading it, I will gain a better understanding of spoken English spoken at an average pace.

I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

Ways I am going to Make the Rest of 2017 Rock

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I saw another blogger do this.  Start NOW then when the New Year rolls around you will already be in a routine, and your 2018 resolutions will stick! I thought this was a genius idea, so I am doing my version of it.


Exercise every day


Last year when I was exercising I felt soooo good. Then the holiday rolled around and well…  For the rest of this year, I am committing to exercising every day. Iknow some people like to do it just a few times a week I will only argue myself out of going if I did that. I will be like TODAY is an off day…evert day…so I am just gonna go every day and be done with it. Plus excessing does wonders for my self-esteem after a workout I always feel like I can move mountains and kick ass and I NEED that feeling to rock the rest of this year.


Stay on Weight Watchers


Even if I have a crappy eating day, I am not going just to give up and be all like well this lifestyle change is not changing anything. Sooner or later it will stick and then tracking will become a habit and not a pain in the ass like it is right now. I need to focus on progress, not perfection. I always feel if I mess up one day I get the rest of the week “free” I am like no if you mess up one day then just track and stay within your points for the rest of the week and don’t use any more weekly points.


Practice self-care.


This is something I have been neglecting. I wasn’t working most of all this year, and I just started back last month. I know I can’t cram a year worth of work into three months so I should just focus on making these the best three months as I can while at the same time implementing del-care prices. Like excessive and mediation and all of that stuff.


Write something every day


Writing is like anything else the more you do it, the better you get. I didn’t write much this year cause of my depressive episode. I am trying to get back in the habit like I had last year or before I got all sadface thankfully my writing is not horrendous or anything. It just takes a while to warm up. I used to be able to sit and write…write..write. Now it like stare at blank screen….types a few..words. Repeat. It was like when I went back to the gym after a year of not going. There was no me running on the treadmill for a min then doing a HIIT workout, nope, I was a huffing and a puffing for what seemed like the longest 20 minutes of my life. So  it is the same with writing. Gotta keep the writing muscles in shape.


Drink a gallon of water every day


I feel sooooo much better when I drink a gallon a day. I know that seems like a lot but for ME personally, I can tell a difference in energy and concentration levels when I drink that much water.  If I don’t drink water or as I am more likely to do to do own a gallon of diet coke instead i feel all fuzzy headed and tired. It is harder to get through my workouts and sometimes i even feel as if i am toeing the line of bona fide dehydration. That is NOT  fun feeling so I try to avoid it at all cost. I LOVE LaCroix and can blow through a whole case now in one day. I have recently discovered essential oils ( do me a favor and pllllease don’t just pick ANY oil  to drink. I only drink the ones in Young Living vitality line) the oils add some flavor to the water and best of all i can order me some little packets and take with me to restraints and stuff! I  am gonna wean myself off of my diet soda habit.


I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

Five Things for 10-8-2017

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5 for sunday

1- I am OBSESSED with essential oils at the moment. If you have told me that I would jump on the EO bandwagon even a couple of months ago, I would have laughed at you. I Loved scented candles but was always paranoid that I would burn down my apartment. Seriously I would have nightmares about that. With EO I can just put some oils in the diffuser, and my apartment smells AMAZING.


2-I am getting better at listening to podcasts and not have to have all of my attention focused on it. I was cleaning the other day, and I could sort of zone out while listening to it. When I realized that I could do this, I almost cried with joy. I know it seems like such little thing, but it means I am making progress and I can listen while I shop and all of that good stuff.


3- I am getting into audiobooks. I was checking them out on overdrive, but I got me an Audible subscription. I have two credits as I forgot I had it last month. Heh, I am always afraid that I will “waste” credit on a crappy book that I heard on the BookRiot podcast that you can tell them you don’t like an audiobook and they will give you your credit back. So I feel better about that.


4- I am doing ok on the weight loss front. It is the holidays, and I look and am all like HOW MANY WEIGHT WATCHERS points?! Yeah I know I said I was going Paleo, but I tend to rebel against stringent standards. I bet when I read The 4 Tendencies I will find that out. So I have decided that if I want to make this work for the LONG TERM, I gotta go with my personality type. My kitten Marbles is getting chunky also. He had figured out how to claw open the bag of cat food in the pantry but not before he had already eaten a bag along with the food I was giving him and went to get some more and  I found the emptied claw out bag. I stuck his fat furry ass on the scale, and he is 9.5 pounds at seven months. I was like Marbles we BOTH doing Weight Watchers. He is pissed at me still, but he will get over it. I hope.


5- Is it just me or is it even hotter than it was last year at this time? I remember last year because I had to go to Cleveland for a balance test before they would do the second implant and I  remember it was November, and it was warm, but now it is warmer. I hope we all don’t burn ourselves to an early death. And yet there are still people who deny climate change is real.


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September 2107 Wrap-up

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I am doing it backward this month. I had my goal post on Sunday, and today I am doing Septembers Wrap-up.  Not to sound like I am repeating myself but where has this year gone? It seems that I blinked and now it is October. Well, time seems to slow down when I was taking on my Young Living stuff to arrive but other than that I am like OMG IT IS OCTOBER!!!!


The heatwave that we had for two weeks has thankfully broke. That was one hell of a heatwave Y’all 100-degree weather Right here in Cleveland. I don’t even get that hot in an average summer let alone at the end of September. I thought I was gonna die as my AC is older than God himself and thus not equipped to handle weather comply found in the south.


I think I read like three books in all of September. I may as well I’ve up and wait till 2018 to achieve any resectable reading goal. September is also the month that I experimented with lifestyle posts. I like doing them ok. I may keep on doing them or may not.

Here is what all I posted for September


wow… I posted like a LOT end sarcasm Honestly I am not even sure what is wrong with me this year. I mean I am not depressed anymore, but it seems that all I want to do is eat junk foods and watch Youtube videos. Maybe I will make a vlog before the end of the year.


I looked on Instagram and didn’t post a lot there either. I DID, however, use twitter a lot so there is that. #socialmediagoals


The big thing that I did this past month was joined Young Living. My anxiety was climbing to a sky-high limit, and my Dr refused to up my medication, so I was like fine. I will try essential oils and see. My mom told me I was a sucker, but you know what. I LOVE THEM, and even if I am a sucker, they make me happy and so I will keep on using them. Mom is the same person who bought a salt lamp to help with her asthma so she can’t say much. Did you know that Young Living has a shit ton of other stuff besides oils? Me neither. I was looking on their website, and I just want to marry someone high up in that organization so that I can feed my addiction.  I HAZ A SERIOUS PROBLEM…


I haven’t been sleeping very good again. By the time you read this, I will be at the Dr’s office getting me more sleeping pills. I am then gonna come home, and my ass is gonna sleep all day and alll nights. I can’t wait. You know you are getting old when you look forward to sleeping.


I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

life/ bookish goals for oct

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 Go  Back to Paleo


I have thought about this long and hard and I will admit that this was not an easy decision to come by. I wish there were an easier way of getting healthy and getting my weight under control, but there isn’t. I was at my healthiest three years ago when I went full on Paleo and lost almost90 pounds. I was soooo close to my goal then I fell off the proverbial bandwagon and never got back up…until now. Before I felt as if I didn’t have any support while doing this. This is not a Lifestyle you can do on your own. The cravings will be there, and in this great land of ours, we are surrounded by processed food and sugar and artificial stuff. I feel as If I now have support and proper motivation to keep at it this time until I die of hopefully a nice old age.

So many people that I know have gotten sick over the last year. So many friends and family members have received the diagnosis of Cancer, and it has shocked me into realizing that I do need to take better care of myself. I had quit smoking and left it at that, but I ate like crap, and yes I felt like crap. Which leads me to Young Living Essential Oils. The community that I have found there has been nothing but love and support. I know I can get all the way healthy with their help


Read for at least two hours every day


I have been doing good with this for the last few days. Most of the time. I still struggle to get back into the groove of reading every day after I finish my work instead of binging on Netflix. I got in the Netflix habit while I was depressed and let me tell you it is a HAAARD habit to break. LOL, SO MANY SHOWS. But there are also SO MANY BOOKS. I have seen so many books that I want to read, and it feels like a constant struggle between Netflix and books. I will have to find a happy medium.

 Be more active with Instagram

I have said this a million times, and it seems that this year is just flying by seriously. I blink and a new month is upon me. Anyone else feels this way? For Oct I am determined to be active on Instagram. I was hoping that I would have my iPhone 8plus sometime this month but nada. They won’t start shipping until Nov 3 ahhhhhhhhh…. So I will just use my fancy camera.


Go to the gym every day in OCT


When my depression descended upon me, I quit going to the gym and stopped paying my monthly dues, so I owed like an ALOT. I paid it off and had been going for the past few days. Kris Carr also recommends exercise, and I know I feel so much better when I do exercise. My focus is better, and my twice legs are still, and it aids in alleviating (along with my oils) my depression and anxiety. The thing about excessive is that you have to do it every day for a while for it to show its effects so hopefully by Nov I will be feeling super good.


Learn more about and experiment with essential oils


I recently bout some Young Living Oils and even though I was a skeptic before I have become a die-hard fan. I have only ever sampled what is in the starter kit, but it has been life-changing. I am agar to small more of what Young Living has to offer. I will be sure to keep y’all updated


If you are curious about my business goals, go here.


I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

Book Review: Priest-Kings of Gor (Gor #3) by John Norman

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ISBN: 9780345295392
This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Book Review: Priest-Kings of Gor (Gor #3) by John NormanPriest-Kings of Gor by John Norman
Published by Random House Publishing Group on October 12th 1980
Genres: Fiction, Science Fiction, General
Pages: 317
Format: hardcover
Source: library
Buy on Amazon

This is the third installment of John Norman's popular and controversial Gor series. Tarl Cabot is the intrepid tarnsman of the planet Gor, a harsh society with a rigid caste system that personifies the most brutal form of social Darwinism. In this volume, Tarl must search for the truth behind the disappearance of his beautiful wife, Talena. Have the ruthless priest-kings destroyed her? Tarl vows to find the answer for himself, journeying to the mountain stronghold of the kings, knowing full well that no one who has dared approach the priest-kings has ever returned alive..

I DID IT!! I finished another book! That seems to be a constant refrain of mine this year. Anyway took me two weeks, but I read this book. It is not a bad book at all. It just my brain is funny these days, and I have no idea what is wrong with my attention span. Maybe I use it all up doing freelance client work then by the time I am done with that for the day my brain don’t wanna focus anymore. Who Knows?

A word of caution: If you are in in way a feminist then you would want to avoid the Goran Saga. I am a Bad Feminist so even though it offends me I just let it slide.

Even though there is a LOT of info dumping here and world building if you haven’t read the first two books in the series, then you will be lost with this one. So I highly recommend you start with the first book Transman of Gor and then proceed from there.

So for this book, our man Tarl is going to the Sardar to face off the Priest-Kings and to find out why they have destroyed his family and city Ko-Ro-Ba. I am not sure what I had in mind when I envisioned a Preist-King, but it sure wasn’t a giant wasp. After reading the description that John Newman provides for some reason a Giant Wasp came into my head and refused to leave. I honestly thought they would be fearsome humans but nope.

Now I can’t unthink the Giant Wasps. How Tarl keep from shitting his pants the first time he saw one I have no idea. I mean if I came face to face with a giant wasp then I probably die of a heart attack right then and there.

The book sloooowly takes us through the process of getting to know thePriest-kings and their ways. It felt slow but probably wasn’t the book is not long at all, but all that info dumping was not done seamlessly. It seemed that info dumping would take pages before anything would happen. I was like come on you are face to face with a giant wasp then u info dump for five pages… Just TELLL me what happens next damnit.

The world building as always in the Goran Saga in fantastic. John Newman was brilliant when he created Gor. I have yet to come across an author who has built such worlds as the early sci-fi people. I mean sure you can world build in 300 pages but to keep it up for 20 somethings novels. THAT takes skill. I sometimes wonder at the people behind the early Sci-Fi and how they came up with the ideas in their heads.

Yes, there are slaves in this book. Human slaves. Women mostly. So like I said if you are in any way offended by a woman being pleasure slaves then stay far far far away from this series. I found it quite fascinating how Newman was able to keep it all consistent across all of his novels. I have found with a series sometimes the author will slip and you will find inconsistencies in the story. Not so with this one.


Overall I enjoyed this book despite taking so damn long to read it.



Rating Report
Overall: four-stars
I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

Things I did to Invest in my Blog (book blog edition)

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Do you have a book blog and you want to know what app you should spend money on? Click through to find out!

 Ultimate Book Blogger

This is ultimately a book blog. There has been a sad lack of actual reviews recently, but it still is a book blog at its heart. The UBB plugin puts in all of the book information, so you don’t have to spend three hours looking up info and formatting it. I mean we have all seen those blogs where they have noooo link to Amazon or Goodreads, and I don’t know about you, but that just pisses me off. I hate having to highlight a book name and then right clicking on search Goodreads. Just give me a link Damn it!


 a domain name

This is important as a blog name with blogger or WordPress on it just looks unprofessional. I KNOW this is a hobby blog but STILL..You want to put your best self out there right. Well go and get the name that is ungodly yours and then you can look great….. like me!!

Self-Hosted WordPress


This is a hobby blog, but you can still make a few dollars off of it. Maybe you will make enough to pay for your hosting. To best prepare yourself to make a few dollars however it pays to have a self-hosted WordPress. I am sure there are some square space users making money, but most of the money makers I have seen the use of self-hosted word press. With A self-Hosted WordPress, you OWN your content and website so you can do whatever the hell you please with it (within reason, please don’t set up a WordPress just to bully someone, that is not ok) while with square space they own everything and can revoke everything at any time.




I use this both for this blog and my ghostwriting blog. I am nowhere near say with photoshop, and this program helps me make my pics look cute. It is worth the money.


Tweak Me


This is another plugin from Nose Graze. You can see how I designed my site by using this plugin. Even if you are not a designer, you can still have a site that looks halfway decent! It has endless ways that you can tweak stuff to your liking.


I HATE scheduling tweets and Facebook posts among other things. Luckily there is Co-Schedule that does all this for us. You just make a template and then on future posts just click on the template and BOOM you just scheduled 40 social media posts at once!



This allows you to schedule posts at a future date. Also,  Co-Schedule can feed into buffer and post at the optional times that you can set up in Followerwonk! If all this sounds like gibberish just email me and I will be happy to help!

Smarter queue

This keep posts and stuff you put in it on a rotating basis. I like this better than NeetEdward because it has more features at half the price!  But why do you use BOTH buffer and SmarterQueue? Well because Buffer is perfect for one-time updates and Smarter Queue is great for stuff you want to keep on a rotating basis.


I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

4 ways to prepare for fall

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Fall is here upon us. I am writing this on Sept 26 so if the info in the next sentence seems dated you will know why.  If You were in Cleveland, you would never know it as the heatwave that has no end appears to stretch on and on. Alas, in my head and the calendar is it fall, and that is all that matter. Soon I will have my cool days and cooler nights, and I will be able to fully get into the spirit when the foliage turns glorious. I have somethings I like to do to get ready for fall. To get me in the fall frame of mind so to speak.

Below are the things that I like to do.


Allllll of the pajamas


In the summer I am known for going out and to do that I have to put on “real” clothes. But when fall and winter comes I am all about the pajamas. I am the Pajama queen. Seriously you show to see my collection. I buy pajamas like some people buy street clothes. I am all grabby hands. I prefer winter pajamas which limits my pajamas buying to certain months of the year, but that is ok.

My favorite is during Christmas time is to wear alll the Christmas pajamas. Again, I have awhile collection. In fact, I have so many that I have to start right after Halloween to get to them all. LOL.

So yeah I DO working my pajamas mostly in the winter months. I mean if I am not going anywhere and I am not meeting anyone on Skype why not. It is freezing, and I like to stay inside on the recliner in front of the fireplace with the Christmas tree. O.K that is my mom’s house I dream. I live in a tiny ass apartment, but someday I will have a house to be all cozy.


Get some fall scents….


I use to be all about the pumpkin spice. Until a friend turned me on to Young Living Thieves essential oil. You know those scented pinecones that come out around November? THAT is what it smells like. You best believe that I am stocking up. I am sure my mom will be glad that I won’t be filling her house with pinecones this year but I WILL be diffusing it a LOT!


Get alll the books

I am a seasonal reader, and in the fall I prefer horror and mysteries and the like. Stephen King is a big hit with me during darker months. Around Christmas, I like Christmas themed books and cozies. I HATE going out in the freezing cold to get books, so I use Hoopa, my library e-book thingie, and Scribed.


Get some supplements


I used to get SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) bad.  It became even worse when  I moved to Cleveland. But I have started taking 1500 MG of Vitamin D3 and five tablespoons of Fish oil..And I use a Happy Light. And this has completely alleviated my SAD. Even in the depths of Cleveland winters I am still my happy-go-lucky self


So tell me what do YOU do to get ready for fall if anything?


I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

What Self Care Means to Me Right Now

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Getting enough quality Sleep

This is very very very important. Before I tried to do ALL THE THINGS and sacrificed sleep. Even if I were up till 2 am my ass would still hit the gym at 5 am and work out for an hour and come back and start my day all over on three hours of sleep. Then one day I had a Cochlear Ear Implant check-up test thingie to make sure my balance was not damaged before they would put the second one in. I woke up at 5 am worked out and showered at the gym and met my friend who drove me to the hospital. It was a three-hour test, and a mall was RIGHT across the street, so my friend let me out at the hospital and went to the mall. I got called in, and during the test, I could not stay awake for the life of me. I kept falling asleep. I keep remembering when Arina  Huffington told her story in Sleep  Revolution she passed out, and the Dr finally told her she had passed out from her exhaustion. I  was all like shit; it is happening to ME. I mean I would go to sleep during the test, and the Dr would shake me, and I would awaken then I would go back to sleep. Finally, the Dr asked me when the last time I slept was, and I admitted my schedule to her, and she was like you have exhaustion. You need some sleep girl. I finally managed to finish the dang test (my balance was excellent no damage at all)  I got in my friend’s car and passed out. We arrived my apartment my friend had to HELP me to my apartment, and I went straight to bed and slept for three days. It took me weeks to fully recover. Never again. Now I have strict office hours where I write. I use Freedom as an internet blocker on a schedule, so I am forced to write during my most creative time from 1 pm to 6 pm. That time is sacred. I go to bed at 10 pm no ifs and or buts. I even have a sleep routine. I take a Melatonin at 9 pm start diffusing lavender and read a PAPER BOOK. No electronic glare. That’s right no phone, computer or anything after 9 pm. Usually, I am sound asleep at 10 pm. At the moment I have the dewdrop diffuser which only runs 4 hours. I am going to buy the Desert Diffuser which runs for 10 hours so I won’t wake up at 2 or three o’clock. I try and sleep until 6 am some days I even try to stretch it to 8 am. I am no longer one of those machos I go to the gym at 5 am and blah blah. I wake up get caffeinated THEN I go to the gym. I do not have a set time. As long as I get my workout in first thing my day usually goes well.


Using Essential Oils

I admit I used to be one of those people who made fun of individuals who tried essential oils. Then one of my favorite bloggers Modern Mrs. Darcy talked about trying them then I saw that Kris Carr recommended them and when I saw on Instagram that Danielle LaPorte herself was using essential oils I know I had to give them a try. I know many people who used Young Living swore by their products. I mean it was like my friends one by one had tried young Living and one by one they became die-hard fans. I grew up in central Appalachia so even though I am technically upper middle class now I still get a queasy feeling in my tummy when I spend over 50 dollars on something. I hovered on the buy button, my eyes ignored the puky feeling and pressed down on the buy button on the Young Living website. I can tell you now other than my cleaning lady this is equal to the best money I ever spent. I was shocked the dang oils did help me with my anxiety and getting over the flu. Seriously I was sick as a bitch all last week, and I drank some theives and rubbed purification on my throat in in three days I was all better. The dr told me I had a bad case too and I would be sick for at least two weeks, but nope with thieves and purification, I was back to work in three days. So now I am all like PEOPLE YOU GOTTA TRY Young Living.  I now have what I call my Holy Trinity. They are Steve Benzo of Amazon, Steve Jobs of Apple and now Dr. Gary Young Of Young Living. May God bless hem with the most sacred of blessings in all of the heavens. Amen


Surrounding myself with QUALITY friends

I used to judge my self-worth by the number of friends I had. Unfortunately, I had ALOT of Frenemies who were desperate to see me fail. And I did stumble quite a few times before I learned my lesson.  Now I count only a few people as my friends. It is the QUALITY of friends not the number of friends that matter. I only accept people that uplift me and have goals like me and want to uplift me and see me accomplish my goals. I follow Danielle LaPorte advice to keep your heart wide open to people who have shown that they are trustworthy and keep it wide open but keep a fucking fence around it. The people who I know would love to see me fail or stumble I keep on the outside. I will still show them love, but they do not have access to my inner self. I am learning boundaries fairly late in life, but I am learning.


I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!