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Hello, Everyone!! Did you miss me? I was sick with the crud all last week. That is why I have been missing. I am feeling lots better now. I took it easy and just slept mostly. I did make it through one book The Preist Kings of Gor. The Goram saga is not for everyone I will admit but I am enjoying the series.

Guss what I got this week. When it finally arrived I was soooo happy. I waited a week for it t get here and it is finally here. You wanna know what it is? Here is a picture









Yep, I have jumped on the Young Living bandwagon. I was strolling through Instagram and I saw Danielle Laporte used Young Living so I, of course, had to have some so I ordered me some through a friend’s linky thingie.

I am really into the self-care thing now. My health is a top priority. I so don’t want to fall into the abyss of depression like I did the first half of the year. I have no idea if they work as a magic thingie but you know what? It makes me feel good. I can put some oils in my water and so far I have gotten allll of my 120 ounces in the past few days. I refuse to drink plain water. Ewwww I am giving up the coke zero habit. The oils help with THAT and if it makes you feel good and you are not harming anyone then why not? I almost always have the diffuser going. Can you tell I am in love with it? Lol


I am back on my gluten-free vegan diet. I gotta take care of myself if I am going to thrive and just not merely exist. I am also REALLY allergic to wheat so I am removing it from my diet to see if I feel any better.

Does anyone else think it is way too early to have pumpkin stuff out already? I mean it is only September Oct is two weeks away. I broke down and bought a gallon of Apple Cider. I told myself two glasses a DAY that is IT. We shall see how I stick to it.

I am getting back on a schedule this week. I am determined lol. Last week I took off cause I was sick. This week I am gonna crush my goals which are

  • Read three book dunno which ones yet
  • return to my
  • Return to my morning routine
  • Write.. A LOT I have a huge project so I need to get started on that. I use to have a routine but with my CI surgery then my depression I fell out of it.
  • Get started with Unfuck your Habitat. I bought cleaning products and a new vacuum cleaner so I just need to get my ass in gear.
  • Track what I eat in Myfitnesspal (i am purplemoonmyst on thre if u want to add me.)

In fact, i am gonna make me a print out and stick it above my desk so I will have a visual reminder of what I should be doing. I LOVE my new printer. Can you tell?

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!




I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

Currently Obsessed With

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 what i am currently loving right now

La Croix

I have wanted to quit diet coke for a while now, but I missed the fizzy feeling you get with soda. I have to admit at first I was like seltzer water? Ewwwwww and the first few that I tried I was all like gag then I found a few flavors that I liked, and from there I started drinking it by the gallons. In fact, it is the only thing that has saved me from going back to Diet Coke. I have heard it described as methadone for diet coke drinkers and it is. Has just enough flavor and fizziness to keep you off the diet soda and onto the path of optimum wellness.

Halo Top Ice cream

I first heard of this at a Weight Watchers meeting. I almost fell off my seat when I learned that the whole thing was only 6 WW points. In contrast, Ben and Jerrys is around 70 points for the whole thing. It is almost like having your cake and eating it too.

Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products

I detest traditional cleaning products cause I always end up feeling slightly sick with them when I clean. I saw this brand at the health food store and decided to try it. Then I saw it on Grove for 1.99 versus the 5 dollars at the health food store so now I get all my cleaning products from there. They clean even better than the traditional chemical ones, and they leave your apartment smelling AMAZING!

Young Living Essential oils

I am the kind of person that can’t sleep, and I am a very anxious person, so a friend sent me some oils to try out and fuck me the lavender didn’t put me right to sleep. I loved the other oils she sent and promptly bought me the starter kit. They got one oil that smells like Christmas. It and lavender are my favorite so far

My New Printer

I have had my eye on this fancy printer for a while, but I never seemed to have enough extra funds to purchase it. One day it arrived at my door. It turns out it was a gift from my mother. It is the perfect printer for printing out pictures and printables. I tested it, and it does print photos beautifully. You know how some printers the pictures come out all grainy? Not so with this printer. I want to get back into scrapbooking and this printer s the perfect one to do it with.

I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

Book Review: Impossible Views of the World by Lucy Ives

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I received this book for free from publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

ISBN: 9780735221536
Book Review: Impossible Views of the World by Lucy IvesImpossible Views of the World by Lucy Ives
Published by Penguin on 2017
Genres: Fiction, Literary, Contemporary Women
Pages: 304
Format: eARC
Source: publisher
Buy on Amazon

A witty, urbane, and sometimes shocking debut novel, set in a hallowed New York museum, in which a co-worker's disappearance and a mysterious map change a life forever

Stella Krakus, a curator at Manhattan's renowned Central Museum of Art, is having the roughest week in approximately ever. Her soon-to-be ex-husband (the perfectly awful Whit Ghiscolmbe) is stalking her, a workplace romance with "a fascinating, hyper-rational narcissist" is in freefall, and a beloved colleague, Paul, has gone missing. Strange things are afoot: CeMArt's current exhibit is sponsored by a Belgian multinational that wants to take over the world's water supply, she unwittingly stars in a viral video that's making the rounds, and her mother--the imperious, impossibly glamorous Caro--wants to have lunch. It's almost more than she can overanalyze.   But the appearance of a mysterious map, depicting a 19th-century utopian settlement, sends Stella--a dogged expert in American graphics and fluidomanie (don't ask)--on an all-consuming research mission. As she teases out the links between a haunting poem, several unusual novels, a counterfeiting scheme, and one of the museum's colorful early benefactors, she discovers the unbearable secret that Paul's been keeping, and charts a course out of the chaos of her own life. Pulsing with neurotic humor and dagger-sharp prose, Impossible Views of the World is a dazzling debut novel about how to make it through your early thirties with your brain and heart intact.  

Well…that was a letdown. I  had such high hopes for this book also. I loved the synopsis of it on NetGalley and couldn’t wait to dive into it. The book was pretty good I kept waiting for THE BIG THING to happen and I clicked on my Kindle and.THE END.

I at first thought maybe my copy was missing a few pages, but a quick check on GoodReads and nope that was truly the end of the book. O.K

I now can’t decide if  I liked it or if I am pissed cause it didn’t end the way I felt it should. I mean I am not the author, so I dont have any say in how it ends, but I did feel that the secret that was revealed was..lackluster. I wanted SCANDALS and ACTION and all of that.  Instead, all I got was a divorce and an affair.

Looking back I realize that this is more of how the main protagonist grows. It is a character story more than it is a plot driven story. I dont have a problem with that, but I went into this with an expectation of something more so that makes me somewhat grumpy that I did not get it.

As a character study though it was excellent. We see how Stella grows and changes throughout the novel. The book goes deep into her psyche, so we are in her head the whole time. There were times I thought she was dumb but we have all been in her shoes including myself. She was perfectly flawed as we all are. I found that I could relate to her. I have never been through a divorce but I HAVE been on the losing side of unrequited love, and I found myself nodding my head and going I am glad it wasn’t just me that was so blind even though it was only a fictional person that I was relating to. It is amazing how stories even fictional ones can make us feel less alone.

Again there was nothing I did not NOT like about the book I was just expecting more from it as the synopsis made it seem that more would happen and it did not. I think if I had lower expectations or knew that this was more of a character study then I may have finished it with different feelings.


Rating Report
Overall: three-stars
I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

Sunday Post

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It has been cold and rainy here last week. At first, I thought I must have slept through September then a friend told me that the hurricane in Texas was making it cold that it should warm up later on. I hope so. I have not even started to get ready for the 8 months long Cleveland winter yet. I need to get some Vitimen D3 and some Fish oil and start taking them. I usually start in October but this year I am going to start early. I was also thinking of getting a happy light. I have heard that they can help beat Seasonal Depression. Actually, I don’t get depressed until AFTER the holidays as the Holidays are my most favorite time of the year. Come to January however it all down hill from there until June.

I only read one book this week and that was Impossible Views of the World. I am not too sure what I think of it at this point. I will have to ponder on it before I post my review.  Up next the Preist Kings of Gor then I am not sure. I am gonna aim for three books this week.  I just need to get myself back into a routine.

I have a new obsession! Young Living essential oils. A friend sent me some samples and they smelled so good and they tasted really good. Do not worry I made sure they wouldn’t kill me for putting some lemon in water and drinking it. That was one of the best water I have had in my LIFE. I am gonna order me a starter kit and be one of those annoying people that push oils on other people. #Kiddingnotkidding at the very least my apartment will smell amazing and I will be able to order water in a restaurant and use lemon or something to flavor it and that will be worth the money alone.

I need to start back on Habiticia. I used it last year to track my habits and it worked really well. I put some rewards down that would really motivate me to do stuff. In high school, I hate a sort of behavioral issues and to get me to behave in a socially acceptable manner a therapist came up with a reward system and it worked like a charm ever since when ever I wanted or needed to get something done I would always bribe myself. it has always worked to kick my motivation into high gear.


I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

September 2017 Goals

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Get back on track With Exercising and Weight wATCHERS.

I have to admit that this past month I fell completely off the Weight Watcher wagon. I am not sure why. It seems that the weight comes off sooooo slow but that partly because I was half-assing it before. I gotta get my butt back to meetings and recommit to it cause this weight is also driving me insane. I know I can do it. I want to make these last months of 2017 unforgettable and if i can lose 50 pounds between now and Jan 1 I would be thrilled. So back to meetings and the gym I go.

Get Involved with Booksagram

I meant to do this a while ago but then I got deeply depressed then my apartment was a disaster zone and I had nowhere to take pictures. I was really embarrassed at how my apartment looked and there was no way I was gonna post any pics in my apartment. Now that it is ALMOST spotless I feel confident that I can post some pictures without dying of shame so I am going to get involved with the whole books a gram thingies.

Get back into a daily routine

I don’t just mean a morning routine either. Last year I had a solid routine and I actually got shit done. It involved working out at 5 am and writing in the morning and reading at night and sleep a solid 10 hours. The sleep part I am most looking forward to. I know I need at least 10 hours a night to really feel my best and at the moment I sleep in three-hour spurts. I have some remedies I am testing so I will let you know if they work or not.

Keep up with cleaning schedule

After doing a “crisis cleaning” I got my apartment presentable and now am using the Unfuck your Habitat app to get it in top-notch condition and to keep it that way. I know what they say about messy creatives but honestly, I can’t function in a mess so my apartment and desk need to be kept clean.

Post more consistently

It is said that one of the keys to blog growth is to be consistent with our posting. I know I have been erratic in my posting schedule and I feel that if I could get back into my routines then I would be able to post more consistently so this goal ties in with the get back into a daily routine one.

Post more on Listy

Again this is something that I have meant to do for a while but again depression. I want to explore this app to its fullest potential. Shameless plug I am purplemoonmyst on there.

Post more on Goodreads

You would think that this would be the social network that I am involved with most be Goodreads instead of Facebook.  Facebook was making me angry all the time so I installed a news feed blocker and now just post in groups. My Trump supporting “friends” pissed me off and some others are just plain dumb so to keep the small amount o in real life friends that I have I had to take drastic action. And guess what? My anxiety has gone down some what and my happiness and peace of shot way up.  So I am switching my focus to Goodreads as I have yet to have a book person piss me off to the extent some of my friends have. Another shameless plug I am purplemoonmyst on Goodreads also.

I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

Book Review: Get Rich Lucky Bitch Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First Class Life by Denise Duffield-Thomas

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ISBN: 9781478181491
Book Review: Get Rich Lucky Bitch Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First Class Life by Denise Duffield-ThomasGet Rich, Lucky Bitch! by Denise Duffield-Thomas
Published by Createspace Independent Pub on April 19th 2013
Genres: Business & Economics, Personal Success
Pages: 283
Buy on Amazon

Are you ready to break through your money blocks and finally make the money you deserve? In Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, you'll unlock your hidden potential for abundance and upgrade your life forever. Why do most women settle for pennies instead of embracing true wealth? It's not because you're not smart or ambitious enough. You've just been programmed to block your Universal right to wealth with guilt, shame, or embarrassment. Even if you're unaware of these blocks and fears, you're probably not earning what you're really worth. Join Lucky Bitch author Denise Duffield-Thomas on a journey of self-discovery so you can smash through your abundance blocks and join a posse of women all around the world who are learning to live large and become truly lucky bitches. Are you ready to get rich, you lucky bitch?

I have heard of Denise Duffield Thomas in my business groups. I have to admit I wasn’t very into what I call the woo woo stuff before. I was firmly logic centered but this year I have shifted into believing that it may hold the answers for a happier and better life. I saw this on Kindle Unlimited so I downloaded it and read it.

To be clear she is not a financial advisor. She is a mindset coach so don’t go into it thinking you are gonna get financial advice on how to get rich, that is not what this book is. Rather this book is about changing your mindset relating to money.

And after reading this I realized that I DO need to change my mindset. Growing up in Central Appalachia all the financial education I got is “there is never enough money”. Even when the mines were open and some dude was making 400,000 dollars a year as a foreman or whatever they always claimed poverty. I grew up with no matter HOW MUCH money there was in reality in my head I was always barely scraping by.  It didn’t help that no one in the mountains ever taught financial literacy to kids so we were all stuck in what is called the poverty mentality.

I am about to get all woo woo here so if you are against that just skip this part. The truth of the matter is you attract what you think about and put out. So if you act and think like a poor person then you will be a poor person. I read Ask and it is Given awhile a go and I wonder why that shit never seemed to work for me. After reading Get Rich Lucky Bitch I had my aha moments and I took a long hard look at WHAT I was thinking and guess what? I was stuck in the never enough mentality, and guess what? Most times it seemed like there was never enough of anything.

Denise Duffield Thomas suggests that if you find yourself in the never enough mentality to try and make small upgrades and when you are ready to make another small upgrade. you keep on going until you reach YOUR version of a fulfilled life.

I decided that I was going to try making tiny upgrades. The first one was my cleaning stuff. I knew that Grove had a good deal on organic cleaning supplies but yet most of my stuff came from the Dollar Store. I am conducting an experiment with doing UnFuck Your Habitat and I told myself that was going to get my stuff on the Grove website. I ordered them and you know what I actually kinda liked cleaning with these supplies. I am writing a whole blog post with this experience so check back for that post. Yes, It was just a tiny upgrade and at times it was even the same price or cheaper than the Dollar Store but you know what? I felt good using them and my whole mentality to cleaning changed.

If you are used to shopping at Wal-Mart don’t go and start buying out Macy’s. If you shop at Walmart then next go to Target and when that feels like comfy then you shop at the next level and I don’t even know what that is so I can’t help you there.

Denise Duffield Thomas also talks about manifesting what you want. She has had lots o success in this so she knows what she is talking about. I honestly LOVED reading her back story and how she manifested stuff.  I was all like I want to try all of this and you best believe that I took lots of notes.  My favorite part of the book was the end where she explains how to manifest money for a trip or a conference. The ebook on my kindle is all yellow cause I highlighted and took so many notes. I decided there is something I want to manifest so I started the process and she warned that problems would pop up when you stated you desire to the Universe. And you know what I put down on paper what I wanted, made a list of how I could pay for it and did all the things to start the manifestation process and the next day there were  the  family crisis, friend crisis, personal crisis. It got to where I was wondering if what I wanted to manifest was worth it but you know what? I am standing my ground till the Universe gives me what I ask for.

This is NOT  a get rich quick kind of book. I have read some reviews that people thought this was a get rich quick book and was disappointed when it wasn’t. This is all about aligning yourself to the life that you want. The important thing is the LIFE YOU WANT part. Don’t do something cause it is another person’s vision of success. That won’t make you happy.

One more thing. To attract the life you want you to have to be happy with what you HAVE NOW. If you are thinking shit I don’t have any money then soon you will subconsciously defeat yourself and you really won’t have money. You have to imagine how it would feel to live the life you want and to get in that mindset so that is what you attract. So many people stay trapped in the ” I don’t have enough” and soon they are really scraping by. You do not want that to happen to you RIGHT?!? So imagine how you would feel in the South of France making money with your writing and blog. Feel the tropical breeze and really imagine walking along the palm studded street on your way to the gym to have a killer workout. How do you FEEL and HOLD ON TO THAT FEELING EVEN WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN and the universe will find a way to make it happen for you!



Rating Report
Overall: four-stars
I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

What I am Reading Aug 28th 20017

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OMG August is almost over! That means fall is almost here. I LOVE October to December.  I was grocery shopping the other day and I saw alllll the pumpkin stuff. I was like no no no we gotta wait for  OCTOBER  FOR THAT SHIZ…I can’t do pumpkin stuff without a nip in the air.


I THINK my internet is back up for the moment. ATT sent a tech out and they gave me a new modem. This is the third modem I have had this, yeah but I am also getting the speeds I am paying for now so I am happy. I have tested Facetime and Skype both and the connection is MUCH better than before. I was paying for what was supposed to be a super high-speed but I was only getting 1/4 of the speed with my old modem. So now maybe my mastermind calls will be better.


I read in Danielle Laport’s White Hot Truth about “functional medicine” and I decided I want to check it out. My mom thinks I will just be wasting money but I really do want to get to the root cause of my insomnia and anxiety. It seems that every few months I have to increase or change sleeping meds and anti anxiety meds and well if I keep up the pace in a few years there won’t be ANYTHING left to try. Yeah, desperate times call for desperate measures.


Anyway on to what I read last week

Get Rich Lucky Bitch– This book was eye opening at least for me. I am hoping to have a review up this week.

Impossible Views of the World– This Book is an eARC I figured I may as well start to make a dent in my ARC’s so I started with this one. OMG, It was so good I stayed up all night to read it. Review To come soon



I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!


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my kitten. I know people offline get tired of hearing about the kitten but he brings me so much happiness and joy. I didn’t realize what a big empty hole I had until I got the kitty. He is a little asshole but I still love him!


My crappy internet connection. I will have to get my mother to call ATT  since  Every Time I try and call using my Veido phone my internet cuts me off.  Technology is supposed to put us on an equal footing but when technology fucks up we are basically SOL and have to rely on other people.


Get Rich Lucky Bitch. I am so curious now about the manifestation thingie. I have read about it before but THIS book goes into detail HOW to do it. I realize I have money blocks and I am working on clearing them. I wish I could afford to take her boot camp course but alas.  I am paying an arm and a leg for a mastermind so I can’t currently justify spending 500 on a course.

Trying out

A new diet program. Facebook finally convinced me to try NOOM. So far I like it. It tells you exactly what to do to make sure you lose weight and u have a personal coach to talk to. The price is steep but I am getting tired of Weight Watchers and this is all on your phone so no more meetings or any of that. Plus I like when it reminds u of meals times and it tells you u need to take 5,000 steps today. It even hooks up with my Fitbit! I only tried it for a week so we shall see in a month or two how it goes.


Listing to lots and lots of podcasts! I still can’t believe that I can understand them. I have obly been able to for around three months now so I know I will NEVER get caught up and that makes me sad but I am SO loving being able to just listen to a podcast while I clean or cook.

Working on

making myself a paperless office. I want to be location independent in the near future and if I could just get everything online like contracts I have for my writing and all of that then I could just pack up my laptop and go. I am still working out the kinks though.


Halo Top Ice Cream!  For someone who is looking to lose over 100 pounds, this is a god send. I can’t believe that it took me so long to try it. I heard about it at a weight watchers meeting and I was skeptical at first. I mean how could a DIET ice cream taste good but everyone was raving about it so I was like fine I will try. One bite and I almost got on my knees to thank the good Lord above for it. Now I can have my ice cream.

I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

Sunday Salon /Post Aug 20 2017

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How is it that August is almost over?! It seems like I blink and another week goes by. I think I am gonna read lots and then bam it is Sunday again. On a bright note that means the holidays will be here soon!

I think My mailman is starting to hate me. For some reason, I have started to get unsolicited book mail from publishers. That is fine with me but on Friday there were like 10 of them and the look on the mailman dude face was priceless. What is really funny is that I have been listening to a lot of podcasts on manifestation. And I was all like I am open to alllllll the books. And the books started arriving. I get one almost every day. Knock me on the floor this manifestation stuff works. I know it sounds woo-woo but doesn’t knock it til you have tried it. I mean I got like 15 books last week ALONE so I am a big believer now. Now to see what else I can manifest.

And speaking of manifesting I am reading Get Rich Lucky Bitch and it goes into detail on exactly how to do the whole manifestation thing. Most people want more money and that is fine but she also says that you can use the steps to manifest what ever you want. In my case more books!

For those of you who work from home, I found the BEST Scheduling tool ever! It is called Focuster. I have been using it about a week and I have never been so productive in my life. You tell it what you want to accomplish and it looks at your schedule on google calendar and fits it all in. So if you tell it you want to work on a project for 25 mins it will find 25 mins in your schedule and then presto you have a schedule to follow! No more  wondering by looking at your schedule what you have time for as you will already know. And get this if you didn’t get to something today it will automatically put it on the next day’s calendar! It is genius! There is a 14-day free trial if you want to check it out.I put down I want to read at least 4 hours every day i figure if i put down reading every day  on the calender then I will be more likely to do it.

Last week I didn’t read that much. I seem to lose track of time on other projects but reading makes me feel good and I love to read so I like scheduled in some self-care stuff too. I only read one book and that  was Get Rich Lucky Bitch! I like it… I am going to try out her steps and get rid of my money blocks so I live the life of my dreams. I wanna laugh right now but that may scare the karma Gods away so I am keeping serious.

On my Focuster I put down I want to read every day for 4 hours. We shall see how many books I get through with that. It even has pop-up reminders to tell you when it is time to switch tasks.

Did y’all see my new fancy chat box at the bottom right of my blog? I found out about the software through my mastermind and I put it on my work blog and this blog. So anyone can put a message in it and it will go straight to my email if I am not online. If I am online you can chat with me!  if you want one for your own blog goes here clicky. They have a free version which what I am using.

I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!

7 Things Book Blogging Has Taught Me

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7 Things Book Blogging Has Taught Me



It has taught me lots of Discipline


I used just to do things when I FELT like it which was not very often. Sure there would be times when I would hunker down to get my papers done in college but were they the best that I could do? Nope, It wasn’t until a few years a go that I realized that I could write and do stuff even if I was not in the mood. I used to go months without blogging, but now I blog almost every day.

This Discipline has carried over into other areas of my life also. Like going to the gym for example. I never FEEL like going and running a mile in place, but I make myself go, and it is only AFTER the workout is done that I feel like I am 10 feet tall and bulletproof. I feel that after I deleted my dissolve muscles in one area (blogging) that gave me enough of a “win” feeling to help me develop other healthy habits.


It has taught me how to come out of my shell

I am an introvert to the core. Humanity raises my stress levels buttttt when book blogging I have gotten to the point where I can talk to other book bloggers without feeling like I am going to puke. #Progress

I am still an introvert, and I would still rather be alone with my book rather than out partying it up. I HAVE partied it up, and I always come away feeling drained and bitchy. Ever since I have learned there were more people like me and that I wasn’t broken I developed enough of a back bone to tell people when I need to be left alone so that I do not get over stimulated.


Book Blogging has taught me to never judge a book by its cover or by its publishing house


I used to be so so so guilty of this. I used to be like ohh it was SELF-published ummmmm…but over the years I have found some real gems that I can see why a traditional publisher wouldn’t want to take a chance, but I was glad for my Kindle Unlimited subscription so that I could read the book. From the outside, it looked meh, but the words were pure art. It makes me sad that so many books just get published cause the publishing house feel that it could make some money off of those titles rather than them putting real art out but at least there IS a way these days to obtain books that the publishing houses won’t print. Thank You, Amazon!


Book Blogging has taught me how to read fast


Believe it or not but I used to be a slow ass reader. It would take DAYS to even get through a sweet valley high book. I learned the fine art of skimming in college and being invisible so the professor wouldn’t call on me to elaborate. My reading SKILLS were good I was just slow. A few years ago I trained myself to read faster. There are so many books I want to get too and if it takes me a week to get through a 200-page book well. So I started reading fast as I could then would go more quickly and quiz myself to make sure I understood everything and after a few months, I could read normal speed. Now I can get through a 300-page book in about 4 hours. Yes, I even timed myself.


It has also taught me how to manage my money better

At first, this blog was a hobby then as it grew I started getting offers to do sponsored posts and such. I had n idea one could make a living with a blog, but I was all like you want to pay me to type up this sure thing!  Once I started making some money I had to make sure I had enough to pay taxes, and I had to make sure that I did not get in trouble with the Disability people. OMG the SSI people are EVIL! I don’t have to deal with those assholes much now, but back then they wanted to know what I made to the penny. Ughh


Book Blogging has taught me how to prioritize


As much as I would like to just lay around and daydream and pretend I am in the tropics that stuff won’t fly if you are treating your blog like a “business.” And the IRS AND the SSI people were super quick to point out that if you make a penny over 1000 dollars a year, you are IN business. I now have to put stuff on a list and prioritize them so that what will move me to the next level get done and the rest..well I am not super woman…



How to articulate myself better on paper


My English was always pretty good but how to convey my feelings and thoughts in a crystal clear manner was a different story. After a few years of writing for this here blog, I can honestly say my writing has improved by leaps and bounds. As they say, Practice makes perfect!

I am a book lover who loves to read and write. I only leave my apartment for food and MOAR books. I love to meet new people online so don't be afraid to say hi!