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Audio Review: The Brain Fog Fix: Reclaim Your Focus, Memory, and Joy in Just 3 Weeks by Mike Dow

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Audio Review: The Brain Fog Fix: Reclaim Your Focus, Memory, and Joy in Just 3 Weeks by Mike DowThe Brain Fog Fix: Reclaim Your Focus, Memory, and Joy in Just 3 Weeks by Mike Dow
on September 15th 2015

A new epidemic is sweeping the country. Some people call it ADHD, scatter brain, or brain fog. Some simply say they just don't feel like themselves - and haven't for a long time. People are thinking and feeling worse than ever. Why? Because our brains are not getting the support they need to produce the essential brain chemicals that keep us energized, calm, focused, and inspired. In fact if you look at the way most of us live, it's almost as though we've chosen a lifestyle deliberately intended to undermine our brain chemistry.

Fortunately there is a solution. The Brain Fog Fix is a three-week program designed to help you naturally restore three of your brain's most crucial chemicals: serotonin, dopamine, and cortisol. Rebalancing these three brain chemicals will, in turn, enable the rest of your brain's chemistry to reach optimal levels. You will find yourself thinking more clearly, remembering more accurately, learning more quickly, and unleashing the floodgates of your creativity. You will also find yourself feeling more optimistic, calm, energized, connected, and inspired. The good news is that this is easier than you think. Instead of trying to ambitiously overhaul one aspect of your life entirely with some difficult-to-maintain resolution, begin by making small and achievable changes in many different areas of your life.

"If I've learned one thing from the thousands of people I've treated, it's that you have to take the whole person into account if you want to think and feel better." (Dr. Mike Dow)

Listening Length: 7 hours and 43 minutes

I just want to point out that I am Profoundly Deaf since birth and received a Choclear Ear Implant In my right year in 2016 and my left ear in 2017. So audiobooks are REALLY new to me, and I use them to practice my listening mostly. My reviews are what I thought and felt while listening and sometimes I have trouble or can’t understand a book and I will say so HOWEVER, this is to be taken into consideration that I am a recent implant recipient and it should in no way discourage you from trying out the audiobook! Often if I cant understand a book, I will seek out the print book, and that will probably be my “real” reaction to the story or information contained therein.

I was browsing an audiobook to keep me company through a colossal week log anxiety attack and the words “BRAIN FOG FIX” lept out at me on overdrive and it as like maybe I can cure the brain fog that I have been experiencing. So I downloaded it and listened to it with Libby (LOVE THAT NEW APP!!).

This book has the same idea that I do for people wanting to lessen anxiety and depression and brain fog and all of that. I belive in a  more extreme paleo style version, but the concepts he espouses are good for people wanting to dip their toes in the eat a better diet. He says to cut out the white flour, sugar, and to eat plenty of fish for omega 3’s. I hate fish, so I take this fish oil.

I love this book for what he says about treating the WHOLE person. He also included something that I have been severely neglecting and that is the spiritual part of my life. I quit going to church cause reason best not to get into here, but I haven’t really “fed” my spiritual side. I am more Danielle Laporte than a strict Christian anyway. I am a hybrid of religion. Part Christian part Buddhism part new age all mixed.I need to find a way to feed all of them. I feel like the dude in the book who ha pretty much everything but feels like something is lacking. I so identified with that and Mike Dow suggested that he walk in nature or some other activities to feed his spirit. I do feel that there is somethinging bigger than us out there, but every time I think of Christians ai get a bad taste in my mouth from my Appalachian upbringing.

I have mentioned on the blog before that I have bipolar and anxiety that comes with it. While I know that I will never be free of my cocktail of pills I realize I can feel even better if I follow the advice in this book, I also isolate myself in my apartment I have started changing that by going to the gym and the library twice a week and I have met some people that way. It seems that almost my whole life is online and sometimes i just crave that face to face connection that I need to make more of an effort to make.

I really loved this book. It tells about the WHOLE person on how to “fix” problems such as anxiety, depression and among other things. I suffer mostly from depression and anxiety related to bipolar disorder, and that is what I tend to focus mostly on when listening to these types of books. On that note I found this book to be very enlighting, and I loved how he had tips on meditation and eating lots of omega threes and having face to face connections with people among other things. I am going to try out some of his tips.

On the narration

I understood it fine, and I liked it. I could even listen while doing other things such as housework and cooking dinner and still understood it. Mike Dow had a really soothing voice that really helped as I was having a severe anxiety attack while listening to this.