what is saving my sanity at the moment

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Today am linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy on what is saving our lives or sanity so far this winter. We are at the halfway mark of winter. We all have coping strategies that enable us to get through winter where ever we live. Here is mine!



As anyone who has been reading this blog for 5 minutes knows I have depression and anxiety that comes along with bipolar. My dr had told me for years to try exercise, and it wasn’t til a couple of years ago that I finally bit the bullet and trident, and I haven’t looked back. Granted I am in Ky in a gym less area, so I have been doing Beach Body on demand, but I am a gym person. This is the single handily most efficient thing about keeping my SAD away. Seriously. I can be in the foulest mood, but after an excellent two-hour workout I am in my happy place. I am not just making his up the first thing out of all my friend’s mouths when I am a bit is Hillary Have you worked out yet today?



I started this seriously at the end of last year at the urging of my therapist, using the Headspace app and I am feeling better and calmer.  Ido this as part of my morning routine and it has helped me stay better focused and calm



For some reason, I have been having issues focusing on print books, but audiobooks are doing the trick to take my mind off of some things that have been bugging me. Plus it is helping me steamroll through my books this year!


My Young Living essential oils


I know there are some people who will argue that these are placebos but to me, they are a godsend. I use them to calm down to flavor my water among other things. There are also some oils that help me sleep. I used to be like they do not work but I feel I can tell a huge difference when I use them, so I have it sitting on my desk all day every day.

This is my office/room at my parents’ house where I am staying for a couple more weeks. The light thing is a Young Living diffuser where I am diffusing lavender oil and peppermint and you can see my Desire Map planner and I half assed decorated it with papers and stuff I have waaay more in my apartment in Cleveland.


I listen to music all day every day. When I strike it rich, I am going to buy me a whole Sonos system. I guess i will have to move out of my apartment first as not to annoy the neighbors. In all seriousness, though I am grateful I can hear now, and I LOVE music especially while I am writing. I have Spotify playing songs all day every day. I even pay for the premium version.


Fish oil pills

( the brand that I use)

I have read that fish oil pills can help fight depression and anxiety, so I decried to tie them a try, and they are working. The trick is to get enough. Most people will take what the bottle says  1 teaspoon and I am like no,  that is not enough. I take FIVE tablespoons of fish oil a day. You gotta take megadoses in order reap the benefits.



When I was in the psychiatric hospital couple years ago they made us all get dress and do exercises if we felt that we could face the world after we were done all that, then we were free to hide. The Dr told us that once you get dressed and get moving you most of the time will feel better and in turn will have a better day. I may be fat but I LOVE looking good, and I was sooo happy when I discovered this webpage. Just pick you out an outfit and try it on and wear it and when you are done send it back. I always get out of bed, go to the gym come home shower and put on real clothes and makeup and 99.9 percent of the time I feel human.


My Kylie lipstick


A lot of my friends and even my mom say that I look like a vampire with this lipstick, but when I wear it, I feel  10 feet tall and bulletproof. Seriously. I feel like I can take on the WORLD when I put this on.


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