What Self Care Means to Me Right Now

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Getting enough quality Sleep

This is very very very important. Before I tried to do ALL THE THINGS and sacrificed sleep. Even if I were up till 2 am my ass would still hit the gym at 5 am and work out for an hour and come back and start my day all over on three hours of sleep. Then one day I had a Cochlear Ear Implant check-up test thingie to make sure my balance was not damaged before they would put the second one in. I woke up at 5 am worked out and showered at the gym and met my friend who drove me to the hospital. It was a three-hour test, and a mall was RIGHT across the street, so my friend let me out at the hospital and went to the mall. I got called in, and during the test, I could not stay awake for the life of me. I kept falling asleep. I keep remembering when Arina  Huffington told her story in Sleep  Revolution she passed out, and the Dr finally told her she had passed out from her exhaustion. I  was all like shit; it is happening to ME. I mean I would go to sleep during the test, and the Dr would shake me, and I would awaken then I would go back to sleep. Finally, the Dr asked me when the last time I slept was, and I admitted my schedule to her, and she was like you have exhaustion. You need some sleep girl. I finally managed to finish the dang test (my balance was excellent no damage at all)  I got in my friend’s car and passed out. We arrived my apartment my friend had to HELP me to my apartment, and I went straight to bed and slept for three days. It took me weeks to fully recover. Never again. Now I have strict office hours where I write. I use Freedom as an internet blocker on a schedule, so I am forced to write during my most creative time from 1 pm to 6 pm. That time is sacred. I go to bed at 10 pm no ifs and or buts. I even have a sleep routine. I take a Melatonin at 9 pm start diffusing lavender and read a PAPER BOOK. No electronic glare. That’s right no phone, computer or anything after 9 pm. Usually, I am sound asleep at 10 pm. At the moment I have the dewdrop diffuser which only runs 4 hours. I am going to buy the Desert Diffuser which runs for 10 hours so I won’t wake up at 2 or three o’clock. I try and sleep until 6 am some days I even try to stretch it to 8 am. I am no longer one of those machos I go to the gym at 5 am and blah blah. I wake up get caffeinated THEN I go to the gym. I do not have a set time. As long as I get my workout in first thing my day usually goes well.


Using Essential Oils

I admit I used to be one of those people who made fun of individuals who tried essential oils. Then one of my favorite bloggers Modern Mrs. Darcy talked about trying them then I saw that Kris Carr recommended them and when I saw on Instagram that Danielle LaPorte herself was using essential oils I know I had to give them a try. I know many people who used Young Living swore by their products. I mean it was like my friends one by one had tried young Living and one by one they became die-hard fans. I grew up in central Appalachia so even though I am technically upper middle class now I still get a queasy feeling in my tummy when I spend over 50 dollars on something. I hovered on the buy button, my eyes ignored the puky feeling and pressed down on the buy button on the Young Living website. I can tell you now other than my cleaning lady this is equal to the best money I ever spent. I was shocked the dang oils did help me with my anxiety and getting over the flu. Seriously I was sick as a bitch all last week, and I drank some theives and rubbed purification on my throat in in three days I was all better. The dr told me I had a bad case too and I would be sick for at least two weeks, but nope with thieves and purification, I was back to work in three days. So now I am all like PEOPLE YOU GOTTA TRY Young Living.  I now have what I call my Holy Trinity. They are Steve Benzo of Amazon, Steve Jobs of Apple and now Dr. Gary Young Of Young Living. May God bless hem with the most sacred of blessings in all of the heavens. Amen


Surrounding myself with QUALITY friends

I used to judge my self-worth by the number of friends I had. Unfortunately, I had ALOT of Frenemies who were desperate to see me fail. And I did stumble quite a few times before I learned my lesson.  Now I count only a few people as my friends. It is the QUALITY of friends not the number of friends that matter. I only accept people that uplift me and have goals like me and want to uplift me and see me accomplish my goals. I follow Danielle LaPorte advice to keep your heart wide open to people who have shown that they are trustworthy and keep it wide open but keep a fucking fence around it. The people who I know would love to see me fail or stumble I keep on the outside. I will still show them love, but they do not have access to my inner self. I am learning boundaries fairly late in life, but I am learning.


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