September 2017 Goals

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Get back on track With Exercising and Weight wATCHERS.

I have to admit that this past month I fell completely off the Weight Watcher wagon. I am not sure why. It seems that the weight comes off sooooo slow but that partly because I was half-assing it before. I gotta get my butt back to meetings and recommit to it cause this weight is also driving me insane. I know I can do it. I want to make these last months of 2017 unforgettable and if i can lose 50 pounds between now and Jan 1 I would be thrilled. So back to meetings and the gym I go.

Get Involved with Booksagram

I meant to do this a while ago but then I got deeply depressed then my apartment was a disaster zone and I had nowhere to take pictures. I was really embarrassed at how my apartment looked and there was no way I was gonna post any pics in my apartment. Now that it is ALMOST spotless I feel confident that I can post some pictures without dying of shame so I am going to get involved with the whole books a gram thingies.

Get back into a daily routine

I don’t just mean a morning routine either. Last year I had a solid routine and I actually got shit done. It involved working out at 5 am and writing in the morning and reading at night and sleep a solid 10 hours. The sleep part I am most looking forward to. I know I need at least 10 hours a night to really feel my best and at the moment I sleep in three-hour spurts. I have some remedies I am testing so I will let you know if they work or not.

Keep up with cleaning schedule

After doing a “crisis cleaning” I got my apartment presentable and now am using the Unfuck your Habitat app to get it in top-notch condition and to keep it that way. I know what they say about messy creatives but honestly, I can’t function in a mess so my apartment and desk need to be kept clean.

Post more consistently

It is said that one of the keys to blog growth is to be consistent with our posting. I know I have been erratic in my posting schedule and I feel that if I could get back into my routines then I would be able to post more consistently so this goal ties in with the get back into a daily routine one.

Post more on Listy

Again this is something that I have meant to do for a while but again depression. I want to explore this app to its fullest potential. Shameless plug I am purplemoonmyst on there.

Post more on Goodreads

You would think that this would be the social network that I am involved with most be Goodreads instead of Facebook.  Facebook was making me angry all the time so I installed a news feed blocker and now just post in groups. My Trump supporting “friends” pissed me off and some others are just plain dumb so to keep the small amount o in real life friends that I have I had to take drastic action. And guess what? My anxiety has gone down some what and my happiness and peace of shot way up.  So I am switching my focus to Goodreads as I have yet to have a book person piss me off to the extent some of my friends have. Another shameless plug I am purplemoonmyst on Goodreads also.

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