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Hi Everyone!

We had some glorious spring-like temps last week.I was all like yay the cold is ooovvvveeerrrr after that nasty polar vortex we had but noooo.I woke up yesterday to snow! That is right it went from 60 degrees to 20 OVERNIGHT! I was all like this is nuts… On Friday they were all like SNOW STORM, and mom even dragged me to the store with the rest of the county to get “supplies”  I was all like it is spring mom was all like nope and guess what she was right. Hmmph


I got my driver license again… That is right after the last few years of debilitating anxiety I finally feel up to tackling driving again. Granted it took a year of therapy and 800 mg of Neurontin three times a day but alas I am back behind the wheel.

My reading mojo has returned! This past week has been glorious. My mom was right when I take ALLLLLL of my meds I am glorious when I don’t I am in the depths of my own personal hell. So I bought me one of those pill scheduler container thingies so I can just look and see if I have taken my pills and  Young Living supplements. The only Supplement I can’t put in there is my fish oil but  I never forget that so no worries.

Have you ever come across a podcast and fell in love and just had to listen to all of their backlists? That happened to me last week. I came across the Skinny Confidential The Him and Her Podcast, and I was like OMG I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE!!  Seriously. I have found myself cleaning and stuff just to listen to the backlist. On Friday I had a full day of errands to run, and I was playing the podcasts ALL..DAY..LONG…The podcast has business tips AND life tips, and she even has some good book suggestions that I like in her newsletters.


Guess What??? I made a Youtube video. I used to love doing them, so I thought why not start back up? I have some ideas of what I want to do. I am trying to get used to talking on a screen so one day I will feel comfortable doing a webinar one of these days. I have been talking a lot ( with my voice) on InstaStories. (Shameless plug here I am on Instagram)

I lost control over my diet and workouts last week. Nothing happened I am just a lazy ass when I have to do it at home. At my gym in Cleveland I am more motivated, but when I try and do at home I am just like ughh… I don’t wanna but being around fit people at the gum and people like me who are trying to improve their health just makes me so damn motivated.

In Bookish News I was reading Black Edge and tapped out of it on My Kindle to check something else, and when I went back to resume reading, I got the dreaded Your Library Loan has ended. GRRRRRRR I got back in Line, and I am number 4, so I am hoping it won’t take TOO long…I really need to pick up the pace with reading. I feel like I read so slow. Maybe after I do my whole 30 and get all the gunk out of my system, then my brain will work faster. I hope. It did last time so why not again?

I spent all of yesterday reading Year of Magical Thinking and OMG I love Joan Didion. I want o read her whole backlist now. I love it when I discover a new to me authors that I love so much I want to read EVERYTHING by them!!

I have tried to listen to Lincoln in the Bardo. And well while lots of hearing people rave about the full cast for a Deaf person it is like being in a crowded room and just as I am starting to understand one narrator another pops up and I am all like what??? Rewind!!! I am not giving up though. So we will see what I think when I get to the end of it.


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  1. Jenea

    i am curious about Year of Magical Thinking, will have to check it out! Have a fantastic week!