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Hello Everybody!

Can I ask y’all for a huuuuge favor? I am surveying this blog to see what YOU want to look at this year! Just click here and take the short survey and it will help me plan stuff for the coming year!

I am still here in the mountains of KY. I tell you, I had to get my medicine here, and I did, but I could swear it was fake pills. I thought about it, and it is illegal to give out fake pills right, so I guess whatever they use for the generic brand is not up to par with whatever I get in Cleveland. My family thinks I am crazy but I have been feeling crazy amounts of anxiety and I have been taking all my pills but ahh well. I have made some serious changes to counteract the less effective medicines.  I am now doing the #whole30. I find that the whole paleo lifestyle helps my anxiety levels.

I am in Hillbilly Elegy country, and I looked and did y’all know there is not a gym here for 100 miles? I was shocked. I had a friend who is a Beachbody on Demand person, so I got me a subscription then I found out that there are tons of online videos out there. I am a gym person. I LOVE THE GYM!! If you don’t have access to one, then there are a million online programs out there. The ones that I came across are BBG, Blogilates, and some more are escaping my head at the moment. I should do a roundup!

Speaking of fitness stuff, I missed walking/running, and I don’t want to backslide on that. My mom had I don’t know how many years old treadmill that she almost never used, so I had her drag it out of the closet and put it in my room.  I will still be doing my 21-day fix workouts but I will also be keeping up with learning to run. It still doesn’t replace the gym, but it comes pretty darn close!


I have been doing some audiobook listening to an audiobook called Brain Fog Fix in an attempt to try out the Libby app on my iPhone. I am in love with how easy it is to listen to audiobooks with this app now! Overdrive could be kind of tricky, but Libby makes it sooooo much easier! I also love the book as it encompasses the whole person in fixing what we like to call brain fog or scatterbrain. It includes the diet, Spiritual and getting out and meeting people and so forth instead of narrowly focusing on one aspect of a person’s life. I am almost finished with the audiobook so look for a review soon!!


I am STILL reading Mask of Shadows. I am writing this on a Saturday afternoon, so I am hoping by the time you read this on Sunday I will have completed that book.






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3 responses to “Sunday Post 1-7-18

    • Hillary

      It was me!!! I followed the instructions you sent!! Thank You so much for pointing it out!!! It should work now..

  1. Jenea

    I have found with some generic medicine, especially anxiety medicine, they don’t work the same. They should though. I have a couple of my medicines that I will go for the generic, but my main medicine I always use the brand one. Enjoy the mountains, it is so pretty and relaxing. Well, minus the freezing temps. 😉 Happy reading.

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