Sunday Post 10-22-2017

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1- If you follow me on my personal FB  you will already know that on Thursday I had a shitty day. Literally. I was deep into a client project, totally in the flow. I felt highly creative the words were pouring out and I was in my element. All of a sudden the manininice dude bursts in my apartment with an urgent CHECK YOUR TOILET! A PIPE BURT IN THE APARTMENT ABOVE YOU AND EVERYONE TOILET BELOW IS OVERFLOWING I, half in a daze went in, and there was an explosion of feces all over the place. I shrieked at the top of my lungs. “SHIT!!” As if to answer me, my commode gave one last tiny explosion of shit to add to the already 2 feet deep of shit on the floor and walls. To their credit the maintenance dudes got it all off the floor but that left me to mop the thin film of feces that still coated the floor and the feces that was on the walls and you know what they put everything in the BATHTUB that I had in the bathroom leave me with a tub full of crap.

All my friends had sung the praises of Young Living and its cleaning products. I had purchased a Premium Starters Kit and was very pleased with my oils and diffuser and had used the Thieves cleaner (purchased separately) in cleaning and in a fit of wanting to be a modern-day liberal vegan organic only hippie, which was prompted by reading the book Crazy Sexy Diet I had gone on a spending spree and bought Young Living’s Thieves cleaner and disposed of my more traditional  bleach which at the time I felt represented my capitalist pig comrades.

So I had a room full of shit and only Young Living Thieves cleaner to clean it up. To make matters worse (as if they could be any worse), the maintenance dude had told me that it was not “all my poop that was in the explosion, that it was everyone poop all mixed in the pipe” and that was just… beyond gross. Anyway, I took my Young Living cleaner stuff and made it extra strong. The bottle is a “concentrated version” of the stuff, and you are to mix a capful of water to clean with. I, however, took a 16 oz glass bottle mixed half with the Thieves half with water and went to shitty town.

Y’all I couldn’t believe my eyes the Young Living stuff worked AS WELL AS BLEACH! AND it made my house smell like Christmas! I even took some pics of my bathtub to post on Facebook to prove that it did get all the shit out

This stuff is magic! And yes now I have a squeaky clean bathroom that smells like it is Christmas morning!


2- I somehow contracted Impetigo. I have no idea how. Yesterday I was in the contagious phase and stuck in my apartment. I worked on a client project most of the day.


3-My three-year-old Kindle is refusing to connect vis Bluetooth to my implants. I have no idea why. I  have tried various methods, but it seems as if the Bluetooth thingie is shot on the Kindle. Maybe I should ask for another Kindle for Christmas.


4-I did not go to the gym last week. I seem to be dragging my ass in the front. HOWEVER, i did eat better so maybe focus on one thing at a time? I did get my apartment habitable in the Unfuck Your Habitat method. I highly recommend you read that book. It is in my language and not the syrupy sweet language of Fly Lady which I hate. I am sad that the Unfuck Your Habitat app won’t work on iOS 11, but I read on the website they are working to fix that.


5-My cat pissed on my library bag cause I wouldn’t feed his fat furry ass around the clock like I used to. He is seven months and already weighed 9 pounds. I read that Thieves Household Cleaner could be used to wash stuff in the washing machine, so I stuck my bag and some Hives in the washer and guessed what it worked! So Yay I still have my big ass library bag!

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One response to “Sunday Post 10-22-2017

  1. Oh. My. God. That Thursday of yours. Sounds awful!!! And all the rest… Wow. Sounds like you had a really tough week, sorry about that! I hope it is better this week, at least. Go buy some books or something! You need a pick me up it sounds like!