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It seems that winter is here for reals here in Cleveland. I usually get up and go to the Gym at around 5 am this past week has been FREEZING. I seem have gone on a natural health kick this past month. At first, it was just working out. Then I started using essential oils then this past weekend I went and Paloized my whole Kitchen. I know why too so many people close to me this year have gotten cancer and I am terrified. I feel as if I am losing control and I also will soon come down with the dreaded C word. Actually I started working out cause my shrink told me that excessive helps depression and anxiety then I learned that 4 different friends in this past month had gotten cancer and 2 family members and I guess I feel that I can control what I eat and put on my body and stuff then I FEEL as If I have SOME measure of control. That is what my therapist told me anyway. BUUT I am doing healthy things so no one is complaining although my mom might when I get to her house in mid-Dec and start cleaning everything with Thieves and replacing all her stuff with nontoxic stuff from Young Living and throwing out all the protected food. Ok, I will leave her diet coke stash alone. The rest though no promises.


I OD on holiday treats already and made myself sick. I have a massive writing project due for a client in Jan, and I  can’t afford to be ill, so I was like that is it, Hilary, you gonna eat Paleo and you are gonna feel good, and you are gonna WRITE like a mofo. I found a recipe and grocery story list maker Plan2Eat. I like it so far. I have been going through Pinterest looking up recipes and putting them into plan2eat


I broke down and got another subscription to Scribed and I downloaded Reading People and whatever font they had it on at first really messed up the words. I of course didn’t know this and was wondering if maybe someone down the line had seriously messed up and formatted it wrong. I got to play with the different settings on Scribed and much to my relief I found that once I switched it to a different font the words all look normal now. Which is good cause I was gonna be mad if I paid and the words were all messed up like that.


My November Book of The month came on Friday! Yay! It was tough to pick just one. Typically I would fill up my box, but I am on a budget for the holidays. The book I chose was

Also like five holds from the library came in last week.I have started semi Hibernating, so I will have plenty time to read. The fact that it gets dark at five now is confusing my kitten. He thinks because it is dark it must be sleepy time and tries to get me to go to sleep with him. Ha, I can’t wait till it starts getting dark at three. He will be soooooo confused then.


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