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Hekooooooo everyone! I swear this winter is getting to me. It seems like we get slammed with snowstorms every other day. I woke up yesterday to this

I edited it on my phone and Instagram stories.


And yes I am still in Kentucky. I go back to Cleveland on Saturday. I will be so glad to be back and to get back to my routine. I have given up on my eating Pale and working ut until I am back in my apartment and I can control what I eat, and there is a damn gym on the next block. I suck so hard at exercising at home.

I found out that there is A Color Story Lightroom presets and Photoshop Actions as they have on their app for the iPhone! (Dunno if it is on Android). I want all of them cause I love their app and edit all my phone photos with it. I had to restrain myself and only get this one cause I got other stuff I have to pay for and I am trying to be all adult and stick to my budget, and that one is the one I use the most. Being all adulty sucks at times.

I NEED to stop looking at some celebrities Instagrams because I got itchy fingers despite me attempting to be all adult-like. For example, I was looking at the Skinny Confidential Instagram stories, and she had a link to a laptop bed table thingie in pink, and I was all like I WANT…MUST I followed the link and well…

Yeah….BUT it was worth the 14 dollars cause it is PERFECT. I have always had a problem with getting my laptop the perfect hight when I am sitting on the couch or my La-z-boy recliner. I usually use pillows, but that still was not comfty after an hour or so. That is why I usually sit at my desk but with this thing, it is the perfect hight, and I have been working from my bed all weekend. In fact, I am sitting here typing this up in my bed. I consider this money well spent.


I ordered my energy pills, and because I am in da hillz and therefore I am stuck in 1999, they won’t deliver them until Monday. In Cleveland, they have Sunday Delivery. I am all like grrrrr, but there is nothing I can do so I will just have to accept it.


I am at the tail end of the first draft to give a writing project to the editor.I am hoping to send it off tomorrow. This writing business makes me feel like I am in an endless Grad School class.  I write the editor rips it to shreds I edit then blah blah on and on it goes until the book hits the shelves. On a serious note, I am happy and thrilled that I get to do what I love for a living. I know so many of my Deaf friends are in jobs they hate or don’t like just to scrape by, but I get to live my passion and dreams. Still, these deadlines make me want to pull my hair out.


That project is why I am not getting a ton of reading done. I am hyper focused on it, so my reading has dropped off significantly Ohhh speaking of reading I got the book tracker from Sarah’s Book Shelves and I am in love with it. It has a ton a feature and is helping me see where there are gaps in my reading. I found out that I tend to read all white people, so I am going to make a couches effort to read non-white people to broaden my reading.


I took my blog seriously in January and tried to post every day and be consistent with it and all of that and I looked at my stats, and my blog has grown. I am not one of those people that obsess over stats well maybe just a little, but overall I am not all like ohhhhhh I got this many page views. I have to admit it WAS nice to see that all my hard work was paying off.


This week I am going to try time blocking. I notice that I get way distracted. Like I will be writing then I will get the urge to check Instagram or something. I got a subscription to Freedom internet blocker, so I am gonna write from 1-5 pm which is my most creative time, and I am gonna block the internets on my phone and computer and just WRITE. I will set aside time to take pics for Instagram, and I need to take a look at what all I have to do and set up a time block for them. I am hoping this makes me more efficient.


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