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It has been cold and rainy here last week. At first, I thought I must have slept through September then a friend told me that the hurricane in Texas was making it cold that it should warm up later on. I hope so. I have not even started to get ready for the 8 months long Cleveland winter yet. I need to get some Vitimen D3 and some Fish oil and start taking them. I usually start in October but this year I am going to start early. I was also thinking of getting a happy light. I have heard that they can help beat Seasonal Depression. Actually, I don’t get depressed until AFTER the holidays as the Holidays are my most favorite time of the year. Come to January however it all down hill from there until June.

I only read one book this week and that was Impossible Views of the World. I am not too sure what I think of it at this point. I will have to ponder on it before I post my review.  Up next the Preist Kings of Gor then I am not sure. I am gonna aim for three books this week.  I just need to get myself back into a routine.

I have a new obsession! Young Living essential oils. A friend sent me some samples and they smelled so good and they tasted really good. Do not worry I made sure they wouldn’t kill me for putting some lemon in water and drinking it. That was one of the best water I have had in my LIFE. I am gonna order me a starter kit and be one of those annoying people that push oils on other people. #Kiddingnotkidding at the very least my apartment will smell amazing and I will be able to order water in a restaurant and use lemon or something to flavor it and that will be worth the money alone.

I need to start back on Habiticia. I used it last year to track my habits and it worked really well. I put some rewards down that would really motivate me to do stuff. In high school, I hate a sort of behavioral issues and to get me to behave in a socially acceptable manner a therapist came up with a reward system and it worked like a charm ever since when ever I wanted or needed to get something done I would always bribe myself. it has always worked to kick my motivation into high gear.


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  1. Jenea

    i hope you meet your reading goal for the week. 🙂 I haven’t used essential oil all that much, but I know they smell good. Have a great week.

    Jenea’s Book Obsession’s Sunday Post