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Posted July 30, 2017 by Hillary in Book Reviews / 4 Comments

I can’t believe that July is almost over! It is like half the year went by with out me. I want a do over. Since that is impossible, i am determined to make the last half of this year count. I got PLANS y’all. I will be telling you on August 1st ha ha

It has been sunny here thank God. All that rain was starting to get on my nerves. It will be winter soon enough here, so I want it to stay pretty weather for as long as possible. I even went out on the balcony to work this week. It has been cooler than usual though which makes me afraid that winter is gonna come early and it will be brutal.

I have been slacking off on the exercise. I told myself that I was gonna start again on the first and that way I can have a fresh start with a new month. I love how my brain works sometimes.

I must have hit it big in the book blogging world with out even knowing it. I got two unsolicited review copies in the mail this week. This is the first time EVAR that I got unsolicited copies. They are from Penguin Random house too. They are How To Change a Life and I can’t seem to find the other one. Will have to look for it.

I am still working on reading Tools of Titans. It has been hard to focus this week. The cat stole my ADHD meds and I just yesterday found them behind the recliner. It is a good thing he is cute. That kitten is a trip. Now that I have my ADHD meds back I am hoping I can make a dent in my reading and blogging this week.

I am REALLY sad about Coke Zero going off the market. I have decided to look at it as the Universe helping me stick with my Paleo Diet come Aug 1st. I don’t like any other diet pop expect Coke Zero, and I can’t have regular soda cause it makes me nauseated, so water it is. Sighhh it must be the end times.

Oh, Guess what mark your calendars for Aug 11 because I will be doing a take over of One Woman shop on Instagram! I am nervous and excited both!

I have been playing with Canva for Work, and I am in love! Now I too can have pretty blog graphics!

I have been listening to a LOT of podcasts. I have finally realized that I will never be “caught up” cause I could only really understand them in the past couple months and some people have YEARS of podcast episodes, so I am just listening to them as they come up on my iPhone. I am starting to have my favorites which I will tell about in a later post. If you have any podcasts recs leave them in the comments!



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4 responses to “Sunday Post/Salon

  1. Enjoy your reading, and that balcony time sounds very good. Which reminds me that I must clear the leaves off of my patio (the gardeners blow them onto my patio every week, no matter how much I complain).

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Wait what I didn’t know that they’re stopping with Coke Zero, I just thought they’re renewing the recipe or something like that o.O I need to exercise…I’m just so lazyy…

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Damn Sam! Today is the 12th so I missed your one woman show. Should’ve marked my calendar as you said.

    Here you say you’re paleo but in a more recent post you mention vegan. Can you be vegan and paleo?

    I’m going in to cook up some salmon for me & da mama.

    • Hillary

      you actually can!! I was shocked also but there are paleo vegans… I really dnt like meat all that much so i try and eat clean with a vegan diet

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